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Wisdom tooth can appear at all odd ages and some kind of discomfort and pain has to be expected at this time. Whilst this is a normal phenomenon that all of us have to go through, the pain can be very distressing and irritating as well.
The most sought after and simple remedy for toothache is the use of an ice pack on the area. Salt water can heal the swollen gums and also remove any bacteria that could be harbored there and cause infections. Swish your mouth frequently with this water to keep the pain and germs away and toe gums as well.
Freezing fruits and vegetables and biting and chewing on them are another way to ease the pain and reduce the tingling of the gums.
Garlic is an anti inflammatory agent and is also great for removing bacteria from the mouth. Clove oil is an excellent remedy for numbing the gums and also keeping the pain under control. Pepper powder is another anti bacterial agent that can be used for controlling the pain and swelling of wisdom tooth. The tannic acid in tea bags have anti-inflammatory qualities that can help when you have a swollen gum and pain along with it. Wheatgrass is known to be a natural mouthwash that can kill the bacteria and keep the teeth, gums and mouth clean and free from infections. Onions have many healing properties due to their sulphur content and they also have antibacterial qualities that can keep the mouth clean and free from germs. Bayberry bark and vinegar can be made into a paste and applied on the affected spot for relief from soreness, pain and tingling when you have wisdom teeth. Another wonderful remedy for treating wisdom tooth pain is to use oregano oil and massage the sore gums gently. Pain: Lasting sensitivity and more constant awareness of hot or cold foods without recent dental work. Meaning: The pulp is likely infected, the tooth may be cracked or chipped, or the beginning of gum disease.
Meaning: Dental work can cause pulp inflammation which would be an intense but very short pain. Pain: Lasting or prolonged sensitivity and constant awareness of hot or cold foods after recent dental treatment. Meaning: The cavity may have been too close to pulp and dental treatment did not protect the pulp sufficiently. Pain: Constant and severe pain with pressure, swelling of the gum, and sensitivity to touch. That dental visit was three mobnths ago and my teeth have stopped aching all together, are way less temperature sensitive, and feel generally stronger.
Salt water can be considered as one of the easiest home remedies for reducing wisdom tooth pain. Application of clove oil on the affected area can also help in the treatment of wisdom tooth pain.

An individual can place peppermint leaves on the affected area to obtain relief from wisdom tooth pain. Bayberry powder (2 teaspoons) can be added to half spoon of table vinegar and applied on the affected area to get relief from wisdom tooth pain. An individual can also keep a warm black tea bag on the affected area to reduce pain and swelling resulting from eruption of wisdom tooth.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Many people complain of difficulty in chewing, opening the mouth and general soreness of the gums etc. Several home remedies can be administered to ease the pain and relieve the gums off the discomfort. Ice helps in numbing the sensations and this will give relief from the pain and the discomfort while you are getting a wisdom tooth. Salt can be made into a paste and inserted around and over the sore the gums to keep the pain under control and reduce the swelling as well.
It is a great way to reduce the pain and sensitivity when you have a wisdom tooth erupting. Chew a sugar less variety of gum all throughput the day to increase the blood circulation in these areas and also to reduce the pain and stiffness if the joints and pressure that you feel inside the ears when a wisdom tooth erupts. This has to be heated slightly in a low flame and using a cotton swab, apply a thick coat on the affected gums. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Generally this occurs due to compromised enamel which is allowing material to enter directly into the pulp (the center of your tooth).
This is not meant to be a replacement for dental advice, but to help you understand what you are needing. And learn the only long term organic and effective solution to dental pain - heal your cavities with nutrition as described in Cure Tooth Decay. After following the advice in this book accruately my tooth pain subsided within 24 hours and no longer hurt at all, my teeth also look nicer and my gums no longer bleed and are a nice pink color.
Once you are set free from being a slave to modern foods of commerce author continues to explain how the ancient people ate.
An individual is required to add salt (1 tablespoon) to a cup of warm water and gargle with this water regularly to get relief from the pain.
A thick cucumber slice should be placed around wisdom tooth area for 15 – 20 minutes to get relief from pain. It is important to note that this remedy helps in providing only a temporary relief from pain.
Release the juice every now and then so that the bacteria around the gums will be destroyed and the tingling and pain will be greatly reduced.
This will remove all the slime and plaque buildup around the gums, which can cause pain and sensitivity.
Asafoetida will reduce the soreness considerably and soothe the gums as well, thereby reducing pain and discomfort.

This will destroy the bacteria in the mouth and ease wisdom tooth pain in case the pain has worsened due to bacterial action. This is primarily caused by the process of demineralization - the loss of minerals from your teeth. In addition to the quick home remedies below, I urge you to understand the real cause of tooth pain, and see how you can take long term steps to get your teeth out of pain. The dentist wanted me to have two major root canals immediately and two other teeth filled. The author and publisher provide this information, and the reader accepts it, with the understanding that everything done or tried as a result from reading this book, or website is at his or her own risk. It is illegal to duplicate content off of this website without the permission of the author.
In case it is not possible to chew onion, keeping a small slice of onion near the affected area can also provide relief from wisdom tooth pain.
Another option is to drink a mixture prepared with peppermint leaves, salt and water to cure wisdom tooth pain.
Leave a coat of baking soda after this to control the infection and pain when a wisdom tooth erupts. When I asked him if there was anything I could do with nutrition or supplements to get mu teeth to heal, he said "maybe you could slow the decay down a little bit" but that essentially the answer was no.
What a bargain, The dental work was going to cost well over $4000.00 no wonder dentists don't seem open to this stuff working! The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage or injury caused, or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book or website.
Please consider an online reference to this website to help spread accurate cavity prevention information. While it is always advisable to consult a dentist for all dental issues, different types of home remedies can help an individual in reducing the pain associated with wisdom tooth. The solution is to use both topical treatments as well as internal treatments to change the root cause of loss of minerals from your teeth. When I look at it in the mirror it still has a hole but the tooth feels like it is healing. Sometimes the pain can also actually be gum pain, from gum disease or from other gum problems; just be aware of this.
If you are reading this review I am sure you understnad something is not right in the world. That we are taught to give away our responsibility to "people with authority", and those people cannot even take care of themselves.

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