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With few other options, it’s much more desirable to come in for one or two laser treatments (which boast impressive cure rates) and be done with the icky fungus once and for all.
Laser toenail fungus removal is a rapidly growing market for quick, easy foot fungus relief. Amazon is one of the largest online shopping marketplaces, and is also home to many reviews. Laser toenail treatment may be the next frontier in treating onychomycosis, but better studies must be developed. Going to a foot clinic may not be feasible for every patient suffering from toenail fungus. Comedian Margaret Cho wonders: Could toenail fungus take over the entire foot, turning it into a gnarled hoof? Unfortunately, there are many other Americans who suffer from recurrent bouts of toenail fungus that seem to never go away. Black toenail fungus is more common than most people realize, and quite often there are usually further physical changes in the toenails that take place at the same time.
Generally in most cases the infection starts off as a yellowy white spot under the nail which quickly spreads from the tip of the nail deeper into the nail bed. Basically black toenail fungus can effect people of all ages and sexes that includes both the young and old alike.
Walkers, athletes and people physically active in sports do tend to suffer to a greater degree from toenail fungus. Having a black toenail fungus condition which effects one or more nails can be rather embarassing for the patient and can cause some inhibitions particularly when bathing. There are a number of home remedies that people have used through the ages to treat black toenail fungus albeit the results can be somewhat variable. The majority of home remedies for toenail infections involve soaking the feet in a solution of warm water into which is added some of natures finest oils including jojoba oil, tea tree oil, lavender, olive oil and vitamin E oil. Another natural remedy for toenail fungus which is commonly talked about about is the application of Vicks Vapour rub. The main thing to state here is the fact that once you have a black toenail infection there is not a fast cure.

For myself ZetaClear anti fungal treatment had the edge it worked very effectively in clearing the condition. This entry was posted in Black Toenail Fungus and tagged best black toenail treatment, black toenail, black toenail fungus, black toenail treatment, effectice black toenail treatment, fungal nail, fungal nail infection treatment, fungus treatment, nail trauma, toenail fungus, toenail fungus treatment, zetaclear, zetaclear nail fungus cure, zetaclear review on February 12, 2014 by admin. In fact, it’s so hard to get rid of that some people go to the extreme and have a nail removed! Since treatment has been notoriously time-consuming, ineffective, frustrating, and even dangerous, many people have simply learned to live with their unsightly fungal nails — choosing to paint over them, rather than cure them. Of course, if you want an official diagnosis, the average cost of visiting a podiatrist generally ranges from $50 to $100. The black toenail once the fungal infection takes hold becomes brittle, distorted and thickened in appearance. This is predominantly due to the fact that their feet are subject to being in tight fitting shoes for extended periods of time.
However there are available a selection of top rated black toenail fungus treatments which may be able to help in clearing up the fungal infection. Obviously the biggest attraction to home remedies is the lack of side effects which may become an issue with some of the oral antifungal medications. These natural oils are known to contain to a high level of antiseptic and antifungal properties which make them an ideal choice.
Use a small amount of the rub and gently massage into the affected nail generally this method works best when the fungal infection is in its very infantile stage. Furthermore, you have to apply these treatments each day for six to 12 months to see any effect at all. We’ll examine a few things about each type of laser treatment, but they all work in much the same way and lack any negative side effects. While we sell the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer for the exact same price directly through our website, you may be curious about what consumer reviewers have to say about the pathogen-killing device.
Laser toenail treatment manufacturers like Pinpointe, Cutera, Q-Clear, Noveon, and Aerolase promise to eliminate nail fungus without requiring a lengthy course of treatment or a lot of patient compliance.
More research is needed to determine whether light-based treatments will be the next generation of toenail fungus treatments, but a review published in the December 24th edition of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine indicates that there is hope for onychomycosis sufferers.

We’re naturally skeptical of these claims because toenail fungus is notoriously difficult and expensive to treat, but in some cases there is some scientific basis behind these folk remedies. Yet, there is a smaller subset of elite products that are recommended by podiatrists for toenail fungus removal.
Plus you’ll need to find a podiatrist who is accepting new patients and finagle your work schedule to make an appointment. Let’s take a look at what causes a black toenail fungus in the first place and then discuss some treatments that are available. Because fungus germinates in warm moist conditions if one tends to suffer from sweaty feet this can be a contributary factor and the dead skin provides an ideal nucleus for growth. Because of the constant repeated movement and pressures exerted on the nails and nail beds localized traumas can develop this coupled with the warm dark conditions provides optimal conditions for fungal infections. But with that being said there are some treatments that give superior results as compared to others and I speak from personal experience. Or you could see your doctor and get a prescription for oral terbinafine…but there are risks to the liver, so you will have to attend appointments for frequent monitoring over the course of three months. If you decide to give a foot laser a shot, be sure to invest in the SteriShoe ultraviolet shoe sanitizer to kill residual fungus in your footwear and avoid a recurrence.
All you do is show up to the laser clinic, submit to a 30-minute treatment, and take a few precautions at home to prevent recurrence. The condition can become very painful but there is a effective treatment for black toenail fungus, but please bear in mind that the condition does generally reoccur at some stage.
Two treatments that I have used for black toenail fungus are Funginix and ZetaClear both are becoming very popular due  to to their success rate in dealing with the fungal infection at source and irradicating the condition. In that way, lasers are much more preferable to oral and topical treatments that must be administered daily for months on end. Eric Weinstein of Broward Foot Care is one of our product advocates who proposes a three-step process to cure toenail fungus fast.

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