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Otherwise, skin tags are just growths that many people simply don’t want on their skins. If you google the topic, you will find that many websites, and most conventional medical doctors, state that skin tags can be genetic, hormone-related, may be caused by clothes or skin rubbing on skin, but are not caused by bacteria or fungi. The most common places for skin tags to develop in all people who have them, according to various medical sites, are the neck, upper chest, under the armpits, under women’s breasts, in the groin, in the anal region and on the back. We can see that these are all places where more germs will gather, even when we do a good job of cleansing and exfoliating our skin in the shower.
Their growth on the upper chest could be explained by the ongoing migration of bacteria from our mouths, eyes and noses, as gravity pulls the microorganisms down when we walk, stand or sit throughout the day. So, exfoliating your skin in the shower daily with a natural sponge or washcloth will help prevent skin tags from getting out of hand; for the face, a good daily exfoliating regime will go a long way toward preventing facial skin tags.
You don’t have to buy any expensive (and usually, chemical-laden) face washes to do this. Changing your bedding and pillow cases often (a coupe of times a week) will also help keep tags from forming on your face and body.
The above regimen, with the cotton ball and diluted alcohol, is also a good way to encourage skin tags on your neck and elsewhere to disappear. You can also use a smaller cotton ball with one of these diluted oils, place ball on the tag and secure it in place with a band-aid. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

I have just come across a new skin cream by chance that’s been developed from a wild-growing plant in the Australian outback. One strong clue that these microorganisms are indeed the culprits is that skin tags tend to appear in parts of the body where bacteria and fungi tend to accumulate at a greater rate than in most other bodily parts. Cover the tags with a clean ball with alcohol, and gently move ball up and down over tag just a tad, to make sure you apply alcohol around the base of the tag. Oils with powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties that can be used for this include: Calendula, Thuja occidentalis, Peppermint, Cinnamon or Oregano. You can leave the treatment on for a few hours, and that will speed up the natural removal of the tag. Aloe vera has the advantage that it is at once an antifungal and antibacterial, but it does not dry or irritate skin and in fact is soothing. Because it is so strong, do as with alcohol above — pour a bit on a cotton ball, run ball under warm water and apply to tags.
You get the All-Purpose Salve, Herbal Chest Rub, Double C Ointment , Talc Free Powder and a bar of Poison Ivy Soap. Made using all food grade products and organically grown herbs, which are largely grown and gathered right off their organic farm. For centuries, the Aborigines have been using this plant to heal and protect their skin from irritation and dryness caused by the harsh climate sun. Because these oils are strong and may irritate skin, a few drops should be mixed with two parts warm water, and applied to tags with a cotton ball as recommended above.

Apply a section of fresh aloe vera stalk over tags you wish to remove, or use aloe vera gel from the store.
Do this daily for a stretch of days (or leave cotton ball on tag with band-aid over it for a few hours on several consecutive nights).
The only time you should worry about a skin tag is when it grows fast, when its colors change or when it bleeds (without having been irritated by clothing, jewelry and so forth). This is clearly because people who carry a lot of excess weight also have many skin folds, where bacteria and fungi do accumulate, and where tags often grow. Next, apply firm, gentle strokes on your nose bridge, tip, sides of the nose, sides of your mouth, forehead, eyebrows, between the eyebrows, cheeks and crease of the chin. If you see one such skin tag on yourself or on your child, you should talk to a doctor right away.
Switch sides of cotton ball mid-way through this process, or even better, peel off a thin layer of cotton, to reveal unused cotton, and use the fresh layer as you exfoliate a new section of your face. If you use fresh aloe vera plant or alcohol-free, chemical-free gel, your skin will not dry out, no matter how long you use it. Follow up procedure with a gentle, rich moisturizer, to prevent facial skin from drying out.

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