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Swelling in the nasal passage is common in people who suffer from rhinitis, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, colds and flu. A swollen nasal passage causes difficulty in breathing because of the inflammation of air passages. Besides the major pathogenic infections, sinusitis could also be activated by bone injuries around the nose. When the mucous membranes surrounding the nose become inflamed, this is the onset of rhinitis. Herbal teas come from natural ingredients that provide healing properties to treat a blocked nose passage. To prepare the treatment, you need to add 4 drops of tea tree oil to hot boiled water and use the mixture for steaming on a daily basis.
To reduce the nasal swelling, use eucalyptus oil which has properties to open up the mucus membranes.
Make a solution for the steam by adding 4 drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water, lean over the steam and breathe. If your symptoms persist, it is advisable to consult a doctor for further diagnosis and proper treatment. After diagnosing the type of condition youa€™re suffering from, the doctor could prescribe antibiotics, nasal allergy medication, decongestant sprays or steroids as solutions. In order to avoid getting sinus reactions, always check if you have any allergic reactions like rhinitis.

A head cold or a common cold is accompanied by headaches, runny nose, thin mucus and a heavy head.
Hot ginger tea is a good solution so is boiling garlic and drinking it with a spoon of sugar added to it.
If you have a blocked nose; then use eucalyptus oil on your chest, forehead and nose in order to get rid of the stuffiness in the nose.
When it involves an acute medical condition it could be as a result of the production of mucus in abnormally large amounts. This could be an allergic or non-allergic condition characterized by a running nose that is itchy. Although nasal sprays are meant to provide relief from a stuffy nose, their overuse is bound cause a reaction. The aromatherapy oils will act as antibacterial treatment against any bacterial infections.
In case of a rebound nasal congestion, the doctor may suggest that the patient stops using nasal decongestant sprays or drugs which could be the cause of the condition. Have warm baths and in order to get relief from the body aches that you will suffer from as a result of the congestion in your head. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Often caused by environmental factors, the condition is activated by allergies to dust, pollen, chemical fumes, and other allergy causing substances.

The sprays, which constrict the blood vessels in the nose lining should not be used frequently because they contain drugs that can cause swelling of the nose. You will find simple easy steps that are safe to use at home for fast relief from the symptoms. You could use one of the home remedies that we will discuss as an aid to cure the condition. Sniffing the mucus leads to the mucus getting logged into the body and begins to collect in the head.
Add cinnamon powder to spoon off honey to get rid of the cold; it also helps to clear sinuses. These also serve as a protective cover for lungs against harmful bacteria, viruses and allergens. For some people, it comes about due to consumption of food items that they are allergic to. These include; naphazoline, xylometazoline, phenylephrine, and oxymetazoline drugs among others. Remember that in most cases the cold needs to run its path and using home remedies will help to get rid of the cold efficiently and prevent congestion later.

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