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In-fact and most shocking the bulk of veterinary prescribed dry dog and cat foods are a perfect example of foods that cause UTIs – you can see why here.
UTIs are often caused when bacteria, fungi or parasites find their way into the bladder or uretha.
Left untreated UTI can be a very serious condition which can cause serious and life threatening problems. As well, the more times a dog and cat is on antibiotic the greater chance of the dog’s, cat’s system acquiring an immunity to antibiotics – a potentially life-threatening situation.
Bath your dog using the following rinse – this will help to flush out bacteria that might otherwise invade your dog’s urinary tract. Lemon can be used in combination with greet tea and organic apple cider vinegar as a highly effective cleansing and disinfecting rinse.

If your dog will not eat the mixture as is, you can mix-in a piece of fatty fish, chicken or meat. University of Georgia researchers found that GSE is an effective antiviral, antifungal and anti-parasitic agent for fighting many viral and bacterial infections, including E. Vitamin C, Citric  Acid, sterols and multiple additional antioxidants that aid the immune system’s ability to battle infections. Juniper berries are harvested from the coniferous juniper which grows as a bush or medium height tree – a member of the pine family. Unprocessed real meat makes urine slightly acidic thus creating an environment that is not friendly for  overgrowth of bacteria.
As female dogs and cats have shorter urethras they are more vulnerable to infection via surface contaminates.

An excellent alternative to commercially made pet shampoos which can be full of toxins and carcinogens. If the infection does not clear-up in the space of a day or two get your dog to a veterinarian. If the infection does not clear-up in the space of a day or two get your dog, cat to a veterinarian. Juniper berries are safe for most dogs and cats when used in moderation as directed below.  My German shepherd x Siberian Husky ‘Sarah’ likes juniper berries so much that she picks them herself – I keep an eye on her to ensure she does not consume too many!

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