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Contact dermatitis would not cause that much harm to your skin if you happen to handle it the correct way. As soon as you realize that you skin has come in contact with some offending substance and there are rashes all over it, the first good thing to do would be to wash off completely the affected area of the skin. Some people have their skin is so much sensitive that instead of rashes, they develop blisters in the form of dermatitis. Whenever a skin gets rashes on it, itching would occur and in most cases, it gets severe if nothing is done.
If the contact dermatitis has not affected a major part of your skin, you can just apply the hydrocortisone cream in prescribed amounts, and get the disease cured, at the home itself.

It is a kind of rash on the skin and caused by coming in contact with some allergic material. But make sure that the disease has affected only a small area of your skin, otherwise, you would need to contact the doctor. Also, do not apply this cream in large amounts as over-use might initiate secondary infections to the skin and it would result in an even worse situation. Other products, which can cure itching during contact dermatitis, are: colloidal oatmeal and diphenhydramine (a type of antihistamine).
Also, if you get to know what the offending substance was, do not expose your skin further to that substance.

These would provide relief from itching for some time and the affected person would feel better.

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