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Itchy throat is a common problem faced by many people due to pollution or allergies to dust or an inflammation.
You have to take immediate actions while encountering itchy throat or otherwise it leads to complicated situations. If you consistently have this problem and not able to do your office work peacefully then it is highly recommended that you take a teaspoon of an antibiotic or an anti cough syrup before going to bed. Generally the major reason for itchy throat is dry air.There are thousands of medications for sore and itchy throat.
Have a deep sleep and take complete rest for two days and then you will get rid of sore throat, scratchy throat and itchy throat. I am sure that these very simple home remedies will help you get rid of your itchy and scratchy that problems instantly and in a natural way. Natural Cold and Flu RemediesIt's no wonder these kinds of treatments are popular -- we still have no cure for colds or the flu. Generally tonsillitis is treated with anti biotics but they may cause side effects, especially among children. Dissolve one tea spoon common salt in a glass of hot water and use it for gargle twice a day. November 24, 2014 19 CommentsNatural Remedy Double-Header: Homemade Throat Spray & Cough Drops!
To make your own cough drops you’ll need a couple of supplies, including a medium-sized saucepan, a candy thermometer, and some plastic or silicone molds. Once the honey comes to a boil, lower the heat and cook until it reaches 300 degrees (or the “hard crack” indicator on your candy thermometer) while stirring occasionally. Once it has reached 300 degrees, remove the saucepan from the heat and let it cool for a couple of minutes, then add the essential oils to the pan. Once your molds are full, place them in the fridge for a couple of hours, until the candies have hardened and cooled completely. Making your own cough drops is definitely a labor of love, but it’s definitely worthwhile to be able to know exactly what is going into them! Some of the oils in the Shield blend (cinnamon and rosemary) shouldn’t be used while pregnant, so I would make your own blend with the ones that are okay!
If you have had a cold before, youa€™re probably of how painful and irritating it is especially if you cannot sleep at night. Gargling with salt water is the first thing you should do as soon as you feel some soreness in your throat. While there are those lozenges that contain natural soothing ingredients such as honey, eucalyptus oil and peppermint, there are those that are medicated hence have dextromethorphan as a cough suppressant and benzocaine as an anesthetic.
Turmeric is a long-established remedy that many people use with hot milk to relieve coughs. Crush 5 cloves of peeled garlic then mix with ghee and take with warm water for cough and cold relief.
The itchy throat then leads to cough and sometimes to sore throat. At such times the itchy throat is also followed by symptoms like running nose, itching eyes, difficulty in speaking and difficulty in swallowing food. When you have running nose or itchy throat always avoid drinking cold drinks and ice creams. It is advisable to take medicine which has decongestant such as Allegra-D which will help you reduce the itchiness in throat and within seconds you will feel better.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. While some conventional meds can prevent the flu or shorten how long it lasts, others ease symptoms for a little while. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. Boil them in one glass of water till they’re reduced to half, strain and add one tea spoon honey for sweetening.

In the past couple of weeks it seems as though everyone I know has had a cough or sore throat at some point! There’s ACV (apple cider vinegar), whose acidity is great at killing bacteria and loosening phlegm, and also raw honey, which is very soothing on a sore throat. Gently remove them from the molds and wrap each cough drop in a bit of parchment paper, to keep them from sticking together. But – honey is a better alternative than processed white sugar and artificial sweeteners.
What you need is to learn how to make a few home cough remedies, and youa€™ll be good to go. The worst part comes when your job involves a lot of speaking, but you cannot speak because of the cough.
The salt used helps reduce excess fluid from swelling areas in the throat hence clearing the cough.
The study showed that patients who took throat lozenges every three hours after waking up with a sore throat reduced the chances of getting a cold almost by half. You will also notice that in many homes, children are forced to suck the rock candy to stop a sore throat from progressing into a cough. Although, the manner in which the vaporubs work remains a mystery to date, a study showed that children could feel relieved and even sleep better after applying vaporubs. A study at the Penn State School showed that honey helped in clearing throat soreness and reduced coughing. If you cannot chew the ginger raw, you're allowed to take ginger tea which has the same effect. Apart from using the medicated lozenges, you could get cough suppressants from your nearest chemist. Just carry filtered water with you where ever you go that will prevent aggressiveness of itchy throat and cough.
Many natural remedies can give you short-term relief as well, and a few may help you get better.
It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. You should gargle twice a day to reduce inflammation in tonsils, it also makes swallowing easier. Dissolve one tea spoon honey in half a glass of warm water, add a few drops of lemon juice and sip it slowly after meals.
But don’t let that deter you – the point of a throat spray isn’t for it to taste good, it’s to soothe a sore throat! Don’t crank the heat to get it to heat up faster, because you’ll likely either have a boil-over situation on your hands, or you’ll scorch the honey and it will end up tasting bitter and burnt. My fave throat lozenges are spendy and hard to find and I LOVE making my own stuff especially when I can include my fave EO’s!
We just decided that it would be the best alternative, even with the loss of its raw benefits. So far, I have been able to avoid being sick, however I know that as a teacher I cannot avoid it forever.
Although there are numerous treatment procedures for suppressing coughs, you can easily clear that cough with a few ingredients from the kitchen and over the counter drugs. This is because the lozenges have the ability to overcome the irritation and hence curb the cough. They are effective as they have a better way of hacking down a cough hence bringing relief. It is highly recommended in cooler areas as this will relieve the itchy throat very effectively. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site.

So today I’ve put together a double header of natural remedies for you – a sore throat spray and some great homemade honey cough drops! Tonsillitis can become chronic due to repeated attacks and sometimes tonsils have to be removed by surgical operation. Once the mixture starts to thicken, drain it out in another cup and add 3 tablespoons of honey and lemon juice. Most evidence shows echinacea doesn’t help prevent a cold, but some research found it shortens symptoms by a day or two. They say the mineral stops certain proteins from forming before cold viruses can use them to reproduce.
While zinc doesn’t appear to prevent colds, it may help shorten their length and lessen the severity if you take it within 24 hours of the first symptoms. The FDA says not to use zinc nasal products for colds -- some people say they had a permanent loss of smell.
One study showed that people under extreme physical stress or in cold weather were 50% less likely to get a cold if they took vitamin C. About 2,000 milligrams seems to work best, but this high dose may cause diarrhea and stomach upset. Breathing in the steam relieves congestion, while swallowing the fluid soothes your throat and keeps you hydrated.
Black and green teas have the added bonus of being loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants, which may stave off colds as well. Since you won't want to drink black tea and all that caffeine before bed, make a cup of hot herbal tea.
It does have nutrients, and in food form it can also help spice up your meals when a stuffy nose makes everything taste bland.
You can get a heavy dose from a room humidifier -- or simply sit in the bathroom with the door shut and a hot shower running. Saline DropsDripping or spraying saltwater into your nose can thin out the gunk and help you get rid of it. Use a bulb syringe to squirt the liquid into one nostril while you hold the other one closed.
Research suggests neti pots can ease symptoms like congestion, pressure, and facial pain, particularly in people with ongoing (chronic) sinus troubles.
Menthol OintmentDays of wiping and blowing your nose can leave the skin around your nostrils sore and irritated. A simple remedy is to dab a menthol-infused ointment under (but not in) your nose, or on your chest or throat. Gargle warm water with a teaspoon of salt four times daily to keep a scratchy throat moist. Nasal StripsYou wear these strips of tape on the bridge of your nose to open the nasal passages. The rise in temperature fights colds and the flu by making your body too hot for germs to live. Call your doctor right away if your temp is over 104 F, unless it comes down quickly with treatment.
Children with a fever of less than 102 usually don’t require treatment unless they're uncomfortable.

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