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If you suspect a UTI in your vet, consult your veterinary immediately as delay may be serious and life threatening.
Medical treatment for UTI’s commonly involves the use of antibiotics and antimicrobial drugs.
As you can see in the diagram below, 7 is the center or neutral point in the acid-alkaline scale.
Cats and dogs, being natural carnivores, are designed to have a slightly acidic urine pH, optimally between 6 and 6.5 on the pH scale.
Infection, because the natural bladder defenses are unable to maintain the urine’s correct Ph. So a healthy urine Ph is incredibly important for your pet’s bladder health, not only to prevent infection but also chronic inflammation, crystals and stones. Improving the quality of your pet’s diet is always the best thing you can do to improve well-being and longevity in Cushing disease. If you are still giving your pets any commercial processed pet foods & treats, you are undoubtedly also giving them a dose of chemical additives, artificial colours, flavours, grains, cereals, starch, pasta, rice, soya with every bite. The diet contains no grains, cereals, starch, pasta, rice, soya and cooked food as contained in the pet foods manufactured by pet food companies. If dog has had been on antibiotics, supplementing the diet with Saccharomyces Boulardii, a healthy yeast to correct dysbiosis and then supplementing with a probiotic will help maintain and populate balance of good bacteria in the dog’s system.
While the water that flows through your household pipes may be technically “fit to drink,” it contains enough toxic mineral and metal levels, chemicals like fluoride and chlorines to damage your pet’s health.
Casual antibiotic use promotes the ever growing problem of antibiotic resistance, giving rise to the so called “superbugs”.
Your pet’s immune system works in tandem with all the major organs the body to keep your pet well, and supporting immune health.
Supplements such as Probiotics, Omega 3 deep sea fish oil, Raw Unfiltered Organic Apple cider Vinegar and herbs Slippery Elm, Licorice, Mucosa Compositum and Medicine Tree Dysbiosis Recover and Organo Bowel Digest are some supplements that can assist  in eliminating leaky gut and help your pet’s digestion and immunity to come back to balance again.
We also suggest that you carefully consider the misguided notion that every pet requires annual boosters for vaccines.
Nosodes are homeopathic medicines made from the products of disease, and have a long history of providing great protection against various infectious diseases in dogs.
Long term stress is a significant drain on your dog’s immune system and sense of well-being. Besides the obvious chemicals in bug killers, household cleaning products bleach and solvents, beware of those found in perfumes, air fresheners, scented plug-ins, laundry products and even dryer sheets!
Look for 100% natural cleaning products to clean your floors, pet bedding and even when choosing shampoos and rinses for your pooch, consider the quality of the bath products you use, and choose natural grooming products that skip the toxic ingredients so your pet absorbs fewer toxins through the skin at bath time. Pets that spend time outdoors will undoubtedly encounter chemicals used for pest control, weed killers, fertilizers and more.
Your pet needs exercise as much as you do, and a daily workout has many benefits for your pet’s organs of elimination.
Indoor air pollution can come from household chemicals and it should be well understood that pets are affected by the toxins in cigarette and cigar smoke. Toxic compounds are plentiful in conventional flea and tick products, heart-worm medications. INDICATIONS Inflammation of the kidneys, renal calculi, sharp stinging pains in the kidneys, pains in the sacral region.Peritonitis, metritis, piercing pains in the bladder, inflammation of bladder, burning pains when urinating, yellow urine, turbid. With active berberine containing barberry, Berberis-Homaccord Homeopathic preparation supports kidney function and is used in all kidney and bladder issues.
Dandelion is a diuretic and aids in detoxification and has a beneficial effect on those suffering from cystitis and urinary tract infections.
Marshmallow  considered one of the most useful herbal “demulcents”, Marshmallow’s high mucilage content soothes mucous membrane that line the urinary tract. Uva Ursi Hydroquinone is an antiseptic which veterinary scientists believe gives Uva ursi its powerful ability to fight cat and dog urinary tract infection.
D-mannose, the active ingredient of cranberry juice, is found to promote urinary health without any potential side effects. Ellura is a specific cranberry extract designed to help promote and maintain urinary tract health. Ellura may be used during recurring cystitis and should be taken as soon as possible to flush the bacteria from the urinary tract, in combination with prescribed medications. Indication :T-Relief Pain Reliever Oral Drops may be used as a natural pain reliever, for acute injury, joint pain, back pain, for all acute and chronic inflammation anywhere in the body. Indications : Galium Heel is a homeopathic drug indicated for stimulation for the defense mechanism in chronic illness and viral infections. Our Natural Vitamin C is naturally derived from organic fruit extracts and bioflavonoids including Amla Hawthorn berry & Rosehips. Amla Berry is an excellent source of whole food Vitamin C and naturally occurring bioflavonoids, 12 times more assimilable and creates more potent medicinal effects than synthetic Vitamin C. 5 Mushroom Blend is a full spectrum medicinal mushroom formula designed to support your pets health. Complete with polysaccharides, glycoproteins, and anti-inflammatories for healthier joints and increased mobility, and overall immune system support.
Indications : Natural remedy for Fatigue due to Stress, Anxiety, Nervous Tension, Restlessness, Behavioural Issues, Depression, Grief, Abuse. Used with Cerebrum Compositum for circulation to the brain, memory loss, cognitive decline. Indications : Natural remedy for Anxiety, Nervous Tension, Restlessness, Behavioural Issues, Depression, Grief, Loss of an owner or another animal companion, Neglect issues, Previous Abuse, Fear, Jealousy, Letting Go. Probiotics contains beneficial probiotic strains to help maintain healthy gut micro-flora and supports the health and function of the immune system.
Indications : Maintains healthy mucosa membrane function throughout the body this includes the whole gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anal passage.
A high potency fish oil supplement that may assist with : Reducing joint inflammation associated with arthritis, Down regulating inflammatory mediators, Supporting the cardiovascular system, Supporting brain and nervous system function, Supporting the peripheral vascular system, Supporting the skin and coat, Supporting the body’s requirements for omega 3 fatty acids during pregnancy and lactation, Supporting the body’s requirements for omega 3 fats for brain and visual development, The maintenance or improvement of general well-being. Organo Bowel Digest contains potentised components of the digestive tract as well as other preparations associated with gastrointestinal irritation. Use with Organo Assimilation for times when nutrients are bot being absorbed through the gastric mucosa. Organo adrenostress contains potentised components of the hypothalmic-pituitary adrenal axis as well as other organs associated with the stress response.
Two homeopathically potentised remedies that are valuable in repairing and initiating normal enzyme function for individuals suffering with chronic or degenerative conditions.
Detox Kit combines 3 homeopathic remedies for a complete and natural cleansing of the body.
The products and information give on this website is not intended to substitute veterinary diagnosis and treatment, but to compliment it.
In-fact and most shocking the bulk of veterinary prescribed dry dog and cat foods are a perfect example of foods that cause UTIs – you can see why here. UTIs are often caused when bacteria, fungi or parasites find their way into the bladder or uretha. Left untreated UTI can be a very serious condition which can cause serious and life threatening problems.
As well, the more times a dog and cat is on antibiotic the greater chance of the dog’s, cat’s system acquiring an immunity to antibiotics – a potentially life-threatening situation.
Bath your dog using the following rinse – this will help to flush out bacteria that might otherwise invade your dog’s urinary tract.
Lemon can be used in combination with greet tea and organic apple cider vinegar as a highly effective cleansing and disinfecting rinse. If your dog will not eat the mixture as is, you can mix-in a piece of fatty fish, chicken or meat. University of Georgia researchers found that GSE is an effective antiviral, antifungal and anti-parasitic agent for fighting many viral and bacterial infections, including E.

Vitamin C, Citric  Acid, sterols and multiple additional antioxidants that aid the immune system’s ability to battle infections. Juniper berries are harvested from the coniferous juniper which grows as a bush or medium height tree – a member of the pine family. Bladder spasms are defined as random contractions of the bladder which create the urge to urinate.
You will know right away if you have a bladder infection because you will have symptoms that include the frequent and urgent need to urinate, the inability to urinate a lot when you feel the need to go, burning or pain during urination, bladder spasms, cloudy urine, pain in the lower back, pain in the abdomen, mild fever, and even fatigue.
Nerve damage - Damaged nerves may either send signals to the bladder muscles at the wrong time, or in some cases not even send them at all even though the bladder is full.
Native Remedies offers the following herbal products to assist with the natural treatment for Bladder Spasms. The herbal remedies have such a high success rate that they are backed by a 1 year money back guarantee!
Conditions such as Cystitis, renal calculus and urinary stones may develop as a result of a alkaline urinary ph.
A healthy pH level for most dogs is pH 6 to 6.5 if the dog is on a species appropriate diet. Common problem with this however is that the bacteria may develop resistance to the antibiotic. So let’s talk briefly about how you can help maintain optimal urinary and bladder health in your pet, simply by paying attention to diet. Urine is sterile when kept at the appropriate 6 to 6.5 Ph, but when it creeps up toward the alkaline side the urine loses it’s natural defenses becomes more hospitable environment for infection to occur.
You pet can end up with chronic inflammation of the bladder, a painful condition that can lead to bleeding and secondary infection.
When a urine Ph becomes alkaline, minerals can settle out of the urine and form crystals, which are microscopic, sharp particles that irritate and inflame the bladder. If your dog is on a diet that truly and fully supports a strong immune system and good overall health your dog’s chance of acquiring any type of chronic disease dramatically decreases. Commercial food and treats have plenty of these toxic indigestible ingredients, along with poor quality proteins and fillers that tax your pet’s digestion and increase the toxic load on their bodies. BARF diet is all about feeding dogs properly and returning them to their evolutionary diet the way our dogs and cats have eaten for millions of years for health, happiness and longevity.
Live-cultured natural yogurt as part of your dog’s daily food can also help to offset the side-effects of antibiotic therapy. Natural air dried meats, raw bones, fruit and vegetable pieces treats are far healthier for your dog then baked biscuits and treats that have low quality processed ingredients with artificial flavours and preservatives in it. Your dog’s health may be placed in further jeopardy as many commercial prescription foods are actually not health supporting. Some choices of natural antibiotics include Manuka Honey, Colloidal Silver, Organic cold pressed unrefined Coconut oil, oil of Oregano, fresh Ginger and fresh Garlic in your dogs food. This keeps your pet’s liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin healthy so they can do their detoxification work and quickly scope out any invading or overgrowth of organisms in control.Immune-modulating herbs include Astragalus and 5 Mushroom Blend while Withania an adaptogen brings harmony and balance to all the bodily system, alleviates stress and anxiety  Remedies such as Herbal Natural Vitamin C can help to modulate the immune system, and bring some balance and order in your pet’s body. A healthy digestive system keeps toxins moving through before they can damage the intestinal walls and be reabsorbed.
Stopping vaccinations will help stop the insult on the immune system and boost it naturally.
Dr Christopher Day, a British homeopathic veterinarian, has reported on the effectiveness of nosodes in kennel cough outbreaks in dogs, as well as use on other species. Adaptogen herbs such as Withania and Rhodiola Rosea are great for nourishing the adrenals and supporting thyroid function and helping your pet cope with stress . These are laden with chemicals typically and are known to depress the immune system and cause or worsen respiratory conditions like asthma and cause chemical sensitivities, allergies and skin problems in your pet.
If your dog likes to munch on grass or other plants, keep a close eye on them when you are walking near neighbours’ yards and in public places like parks, where use of chemicals is common. Exercise improves the movement of waste materials through the digestive tract, and thereby reduces the toxic effects of a sluggish bowel. Toxins in the air also come from gaseous chemicals emanating from new synthetic household items like flooring, carpeting, and furniture. These chemicals are poisons and will further poison and lower the immune system in your dog. Assists in treatment of disorders of the kidney including haematuria with dull kidney pains, acute or chronic nephritis, kidney stones, bladder infections and frequent urination with burning in urethra. It acts as a urinary tract antiseptic where it can be used to sooth inflammation, cystitis and to treat infections. Uva ursi contains astringent tannins which help shrink mucus membranes in the urethra and reduce inflammation.
The contents of each capsule is equivalent to the juice of 70g of fresh cranberry fruit, and is standardised to provide the recommended dose of 36mg* of bioactive proanthocyanidins (PACs) in each capsule. By helping to maintain a clean urinary tract, Ellura may help to reduce the frequency of recurrent cystitis. These organic fruits deliver a potent synergistic concentrate of Vitamin C, just as nature intended. Rose hips also contain vitamins A, B-3, D and E as well as bioflavonoids, citric acid, flavonoids, fructose, malic acid, tannins and zinc.
A mixture of equal proportions of Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis), Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Maitake (Grifola frondosa), Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) and Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor).
In traditional Chinese medicine these mushrooms are frequently used for the immune-boosting properties.
No known medicinal interactions, may be combined with other natural or conventional therapies.
Probiotics are beneficial in all stages of disease including acute and chronic inflammation, bacterial infections, following antibiotic use, in resolving gut dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome.
The primary benefit of probiotics and prebiotics appears to be helping to maintain a healthy digestive system and therefore immune system as 80% of your dogs immunity is located in the gut. The remedy is indicated for patients under long term stress who need to be nourished back to health. Unprocessed real meat makes urine slightly acidic thus creating an environment that is not friendly for  overgrowth of bacteria. As female dogs and cats have shorter urethras they are more vulnerable to infection via surface contaminates. An excellent alternative to commercially made pet shampoos which can be full of toxins and carcinogens. If the infection does not clear-up in the space of a day or two get your dog to a veterinarian.
If the infection does not clear-up in the space of a day or two get your dog, cat to a veterinarian.
Juniper berries are safe for most dogs and cats when used in moderation as directed below.  My German shepherd x Siberian Husky ‘Sarah’ likes juniper berries so much that she picks them herself – I keep an eye on her to ensure she does not consume too many! A UTI happens when bacteria enters the urinary tract via the urethra, and then moves up into the bladder. Sending random signals to the bladder can cause spasms and lead to frequent urges to urinate. Native Remedies is a long time trusted source of natural treatment options for common conditions, based in Florida USA. Buy with complete confidence knowing that a safe natural product can assist sufferers of Bladder Spasms.
Repeated antibiotic use may also lower your pet’s immune system rendering them more susceptible to other health issues. Without any doubt the root cause of most illness is inappropriate ingredients in dog food and overall diet.
70% of vitamins and minerals are lost in the cooking water for dogs that are mainly fed home cooked meals plus cooked meats and fats are one of the causes of pancreatitis attacks.

Wholistic Pet Food BARF dog food is tailored made for your dog and consists of raw whole foods similar to those eaten by the dogs’ wild ancestors. These foods were never intended to be eaten by dogs which prevents your dog from ever recovering completely. In fact many Vets prescribed ‘anti-allergen’, ‘limited ingredient’ diets contain toxins that are known allergy triggers. Water filtration units are readily available and you don’t have to spend a lot to get a good one. Other good choices include Grape seed extract, Olive leaf extract, Oregon Grape Seed Extract and Echinacea are your best natural antibiotics from Mother Nature.
As 80% of your pet’s immune system is located in the gut, a sluggish bowel, may suggest that the microbe balance may be out of balance. If you have to vaccine make sure your Vet runs a titer test a simple blood test to check for circulating antibodies for particular vaccines as most times puppy vaccines provide lifetime immunity. Reduce or stop chemical use in your garden, there are many alternatives available such as sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth powder and garlic oil which kills bugs and pests naturally outdoors. Exercise also improves circulation of blood and lymph fluid, your pet’s two primary means of moving micro-toxins and cellular debris through the body for elimination. If you have new household items that are giving off that tell-tale “new” smell, be sure to keep these areas of the house well-ventilated, keep pets off and out of these areas and consider using window fans or leaving windows open for some fresh air while the items are exuding high levels of chemical residues. If you have been giving these traditional preventative remedies to your dog this could be one of the many reasons their immune system has been compromised. It also contains polysaccharides, constituents that assist the body’s normal immune response to fight off bacteria and viruses. It is considered a specific remedy in cases of inflammation or benign enlargement of the prostate gland and is also used to quicken the removal of kidney stones. The vitamin C content in Rosehip are said to contain 10 to 50 times as much of this nutrient as in a normal orange.
The Bach Flower Remedies are able to help our Animals when they have negative emotions just as they help us when we are emotionally out of balance. Provides symptomatic relief of nonspecific dyspepsia, medically diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome and may help with allergy relief.
Combine with Organo Liver Gall and Hepeel when live symptoms accompany problems with the digestive system and Nux Vomica Homaccord to assist detoxification.
This product contains potentised components of the following organs: Adrenal cortex, adrenal gland, hypothalamus, thyroid, pituitary, kidney, liver and skin. They can also occur to a person of any age including children, pregnant women and the elderly. Nerve damage is often seen in people who have Parkinson's, have had a stroke or surgery around the pelvic area. Click on the products below to be taken to a very well detailed page for each and find further information.
These include painful urination, sudden increase and frequency of urination, fever, blood in the urine, strong odor to the urine, vomiting, drinking water more frequently and urination in inappropriate places. Real meat makes urine slightly acidic thus creating an environment that is not friendly for over-growth of bacteria. These dogs miss out on the important nutrients for growth, repair and healthy immune system function and overall good health. The food is 100% raw and contains such things as muscle meat, raw bones, fat, organ meats, whole eggs, natural yoghurt, pulped vegetables and a small amount of fruit plus healing herbs as Dandelion, Milk thistle, Spirulina, Burdock, Alfalfa, Chlorella, Nettle, Turmeric, ginger, garlic and fresh parsley just as mother nature intended them to eat. BARF dog food is high in good quality proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace-minerals, enzymes and amino acids everything your dog needs to keep a strong immune system.
Treats made in China are highly suspicious containing chemicals and contaminants which are not regulated by law in their country. These diets also tend to be inflammatory as the bulk of the ingredients are carbohydrates – often corn and soy, rice and grains.
It’s well worth the investment – and after all, what’s more valuable than the health of your companion.
Over time that adversely affects the immune system and kidney function causing further damage to these vital systems.
Homeopathic Nosodes are an alternative to conventional vaccines and can be used safely as a preventative or prophylactically during disease. Use bathroom fans to reduce chemical residues from spray-on cosmetic items like hair spray and perfume.
One clinical trial found Uva ursi to also have a preventative effect on recurring urinary tract infection. Engystol is a homeopathic preparation which has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce the duration and severity of symptoms during an acute viral infection and help protect from subsequent infections.
Unlike other “natural” mood enhancers, Nervoheel does not cause liver damage or photosensitivity. Homeopathic preparations of Ignatia and Acid Phos provide emotional support and assist with exhaustion associated with the stress response.
Although it may not be serious in respect to some infections, it can be very uncomfortable and even painful.
If there is an infection within the urethra which is the tube that carries the urine from the bladder out of your body, the infection itself is called urethritis. Did you know that species appropriate diet or BARF diet is also low carbohydrate and low stress diet that your dog requires to eat to get better. A very effective remedy for spasmodic pain is Spascupreel and T-Relief Oral drops are a natural pain killer.
We have the following Dog Nosodes available, Parvovirus, Demodectic Manage, Distemper, Canine Heartworm, Canine Hepatitis, Canine Bordetella, Kennel Cough, Leptospirosis and Australian Paralysis Tick. Again if you have to vaccinate, do not do it until your pet has fully recovered from any illness that they are suffering.
Don’t let a dog’s bad walking behaviour prevent you from giving your pets the exercise they need.
Our natural herbal wormer food mix contains Pumpkin Seed, Clove, Diatomaceous Earth, Thyme, Oregano, Milk Thistle and Slippery Elm Bark.
Another study showed that Uva Ursi can actually help prevent the formation of kidney stones. The specific extract found in Ellura has been evaluated for its efficacy in a number of clinical trials.
It is generally not that difficult to treat though, and in fact, many people that are prone to UTIs can use herbal medicine to prevent them so that they do not even have to go through the pain involved.
When you have an upper tract infection, it can involve the kidneys which are caused by bacteria entering the kidneys through the bloodstream or by going up the bladder by the ureters to the kidneys. High carbohydrate diets such as those found in commercial kibble and tinned foods increase the release of insulin which increases the release of cortisol in your pets body. These foods can also be dangerously low in protein and what protein they do have can be of very questionable quality. It can be easily mixed into food or if your dog is eating commercial diet mixed into something like sardines or yoghurt. This can be a serious medical condition that can be avoided in most cases by good natural health. Small amount of fresh garlic, omega 3 fish oil, grated carrots, pineapple, pomegranate and fennel are all anti-parasitic foods for your dog.
A dog fed a species appropriate or BARF diet has less affinity with parasites then a dog eating mainly commercial kibble and tinned foods.

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