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Before I introduce you to some of my favorite foot care recipes, here's a fun fact: an average person will have walked 115,000 miles in their lifetime.
It is worth spending some time in preparation of natural, homemade foot care recipes during the winter so the summers can be spent in maintaining wonderful, soft feet instead of trying to repair the damage.
Aloe vera gel has soothing, healing and moisturizing properties when used topically on extremely dry skin, according to Phyllis A. Look no further than your fridge and larder for ingredients to whip up quick and easy remedies.
Prepare a cup of exfoliating cream by mixing a handful of sea salt with half a cup of honey and a few drops of soothing, lavender oil. Cracked heels, medically known as heel fissures, are a very common foot problem typically caused by dry skin. Avocado is an excellent home remedy to treat the dry skin as it is rich in natural oil, which can make the skin soft and smooth all day long. To bring a soft and smooth texture to your skin and remove its dryness, you can try a mixture of castor oil and olive oil. Mix 1 egg with a teaspoon of honey along with ? teaspoon of olive oil, and also add little rosewater. Apply baby lotion as a moisturizer on your skin as it is free from harmful chemicals unlike other moisturizers, which are used by adults.
For dry skin on face, take a teaspoon of fresh milk cream and mix ? teaspoon of powdered turmeric as well as some lemon juice to it.
Cucumber is very good for skin as it is a natural moisturizer, as well as also acts as a skin-lightening agent. Almond oil is an excellent skin-softener and a very good source of Vitamin E, which is an important nutrient for skin care. You’ll need 1 ounce of beeswax, 4 ounce of almond oil, at least 10 drops of Vitamin E oil, a double boiler, and Vanilla essential oil. Put beeswax, Vitamin E oil and almond oil into the double boiler and heat them up, till they melt properly. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 2 teaspoons of milk and apply it on the face and neck.  Let it be for around 20 minutes, and then, rinse it off with tepid water.
Although emphasis here is on the winter months, it is a good idea to continually give your feet some attention.

You only need a couple of minutes to prepare some of them, foot soak or foot scrub recipes for example. The first one is a foot soak, also known as foot bath, which softens the skin making it easier to scrub off dead skin cells. Anything from Athlete's foot, wart and foot corn can affect them but the good thing, these can be treated with natural, safe skin remedies. Heated air indoors during winter, bathing too often and using harsh soaps can contribute to dry skin. Try an oil-based moisturizer, such as baby oil, for extremely dry skin because it lasts longer than other types of moisturizers.
Honey, olive oil, flax seed oil, almond oil, unsalted table butter, sea salt, buckwheat, avocado, lavender oil, two pairs of warm, soft socks and a pumice stone.
Another option is to mix together a cup of buckwheat, one ripe avocado (pureed) and a few drops of lavender oil. No matter, how expensive moisturisers you use, you still can’t get over the problem of dry skin, sometimes.
You need to make a mixture of 5 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of mashed avocado and about 4 tablespoons of honey. You can try lavender, orange or sandalwood soaps, which are not only beneficial to the skin, but are also not harsh to the skin as they are chemical-free. Yoghurt is a great home remedy to treat dry skin as it nicely nourishes the skin while leaving it soft and supple. Aloe vera is an excellent moisturizer while it also keeps the skin free from certain infections due to its healing properties.
Due to its non-greasiness, you can readily apply it over your face if you have extra dry facial skin. This will help in the removal of dry skin cells, thereby leaving your skin soft and smoother than before.
Glycerine is an excellent moisturiser, which locks up the moisture while keeping the skin moisturised for a long time. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that dry skin occurs most frequently on the lower legs, sides of the abdomen and thighs, although the condition may appear anywhere on the body.
Next, generously slather on avocado puree or honey on your feet, and scrub gently with a pumice stone for a few minutes.

Dry skin in winters is normal, but people suffer from this problem due to many other reasons too.
Apply this mixture on your face and body in order to have a soft and glowing skin as it will also help to reduce marks and blemishes from the skin. Papaya is one of the most effective home remedies for the treatment of dry skin as it also helps in eliminating the scars. Now, dampen the skin of your face with a wet tissue and then, apply this mixture while rubbing it in a circular motion. You just need to mix a tablespoon of glycerine, a tablespoon of rose water along with a tablespoon of lime juice and apply it on your body and face. Therefore, instead of relying on those chemical-based cosmetics, it’s better to try these home remedies, which really work in order to treat the dry skin. It will prevent your skin from drying up as the Vitamin A content found in egg yolks will prevent your skin from shedding. If any of the gel remains on your skin after about 20 minutes, however, rinse with warm water.
Finally, pour the mixture into a plastic bottle or jar and keep it at room temperature so that it solidifies. However, consult your doctor if dryness and itching interfere with your sleep--or if home treatment does not improve your condition.
Apply oil generously, trapping moisture in and preventing your skin from drying out too quickly. Do not use sea salt if you have open wounds, however, as you may experience painful burning. Repeat the process once or twice daily, or simply replace your regular moisturizer with aloe gel. For daytime, rub into your feet a generous amount of one part olive oil, one part almond oil, and one part flax seed oil.

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