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Image sources: see foot of page Inflammation is a natural reaction of the body to tissue damage and disease and is often a sign that the body is fighting a health issue. While acute inflammation is a signal that the immune system is working as it should, chronic inflammation – or inflammation that persists beyond six months – causes irreversible damage to different organs and is the root cause of several chronic diseases like asthma and arthritis, and even serious conditions like heart disease and lupus. Focus has been placed on a substance isolated from the plant called Gossypin that shows promise in battling different inflammatory conditions.

Although less potent than the drug of choice (pheoylbutazone), it was significantly safer and had no toxic side effects.
Brain tissue damage by ischemia (loss of oxygenated blood flow) is typically caused by inflammation – inflammation that gossypin (extracted from the tropical rose mallow plant) was able to reduce by inhibiting inflammatory mediators in the immune system.
Here is how to tell the difference: 1) True cinnamon is a paler tan brown color (see our pic), as opposed to the more reddish rust-brown of cassia. 2) True cinnamon has a thin, paper-textured bark that forms multiple thin layers when rolled up. 3) True cinnamon is way more fragile, and much more easily crumbled – with the ends often appearing more broken up.

4) True cinnamon has a delicate, sweeter aroma, whereas cassia is more pungent and full bodied.
Another part of the problem is that during the harvesting and drying process, the thicker cassia is more prone to mold and so is typically treated more heavily with pesticides!
If you are using cinnamon, especially for its health benefits, it is very important to get the real stuff.

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