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Out of all the fears that moms may have for their children, I think one fear that all us moms go through is the thought of our child(ren) being hurt on drastic levels. There’s nothing worse then hearing a blood curling scream come from your little one or seeing him temporarily disabled because of a mosquito bite.
I tried to make every natural remedy out there to help relieve his bites but at that point, the only thing he would let me put on him for relief was fresh aloe leaf. Sure, we could put natural bug lotion on him but it’s so hard to remember to put it on EVERY single time we went outside (by the way, I love this bug lotion). After too many horrible mosquito bite reactions, I began to research if he was allergic to mosquitoes.
Sure enough, we were playing outside with no signs of mosquitoes and then all of a sudden, I saw them buzzing around. I quickly ran for my lavender essential oil, rubbed a few dabs on him and the results were astonishing. I am no expert in essential oils but I know there are specific kinds of oils that can and cannot be used around children. That being said, here is a great article for reference of which oils can and cannot be used on children.
As soon as I notice that Andrew has been bitten, I grab my lavender EO and dab it on the bite area.
We’ve tried some natural mosquito abatement techniques, including planting native Bayberry bushes around the perimeter of our yard and eating tons of garlic.
Like, it teeter-totters between being really, really serious and just being over sensitive.  The first time I found out how bad Andrew reacted to mosquito bites we had just moved back to Florida (in the middle of July) and we were out doing something. The next morning, I was unpleasantly surprised with a baby in serious pain with a completely swollen leg.
So, for the past 8 months, I have been constantly stressed about Andrew getting a mosquito bite and how it would affect him.

The bite area swells so fast that literally in seconds it goes from non-existent to the size of a half dollar coin.
Sometimes I feel like it’s too good to be true to have found a remedy that is so effective but please believe me when I say, lavender essential oil ROCKS as an effective natural remedy for severe mosquito bites. Essential oils are very strong which means we should be mindful of that fact and not be blindsided by the current hype of using essential oils for everything. The past few times I’ve used lavender EO as a remedy, there have been no blistering or scabbing which is almost unheard of with Andrew! Click here for the clay paste recipe plus some tips for treating mosquito bites that I’ve learned over the years. I mix a couple of drops of lavender and tea tree essential oils with maybe just under half a teaspoon of betonite clay and apply it to the bites I end up with as soon as possible.
You might mix a drop of lavendar in the gelly after trying it alone and see if it enhances the effect.
Holding an ice cube or ice pack on the bite won’t neutralize the venom, but it will numb the area temporarily. Rubbing alcohol can help relieves the itch and swelling, as will baking soda and water – make a paste and apply it to the bites.
I came across this website that described a reaction similar to what Andrew has, as skeeter syndrome. We still need to take precautions and we still need to do a little research ourselves before jumping into making a recipe that may be found online. I’ll add the lavender EO one more time that same day and then for the next following couple days, I dab some on once a day.
I know there is a lot of debate on which oils are best but honestly, I think the majority are great.
My only concern with using lavendar oil on them is that it can act like estrogen in little children.

It’s even worse when it happens on a young child who may not understand how to handle it.
Rubbing soap directly onto the bite may help reduce the itching. Old fashioned brown soap (the kind which also relieves poison ivy) might be the best kind of soap to use when dealing with itchy mosquito bites.
So I just ordered the FDA approved, re-usable drug-free portable Therapik device, which I’ve read works wonders on jellyfish stings, bee stings and fire ant bites too. His bites aren’t as severe as they mention but he certainly hits some of the symptoms a person with skeeter syndrome would have. Just buy what you can afford because it’s much better than reaching for a conventional drug.
I really can’t say it enough how grateful I am to have found this remedy and that it actually WORKS.
Once or twice a day depending on how ugly the bite for a few days really shortened a couple months of healing to a few days. It delivers heat in the specific temperature range necessary to neutralize the venom from over 20,000 different species of insects and sea creatures & is right around 12 bucks on Amazon.
I also wanted to let you know of another remedy that works well and leaves barely any bump. I wish your son didn’t have to go through that but it is nice knowing Andrew is not the only one. I consider Andrew a healthy child but I decided to buy a high quality probiotic to give to him (and us) to help build his gut health therefore, his immunity.

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