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Dandruff is the commonly-given name to the shedding of skin from the scalp that grows out of control. Dandruff is simply when this natural process of skin shedding increases to the point where it leaves flakes of dead skin on the shoulders and collars of clothing. The name dandruff first appeared in the English language in 1545; the first part comes from an obscure source, while the second comes from an East Anglian dialect. The most obvious symptom of dandruff is white flakes suddenly appearing on the shoulders and collar without warning. A good way to check for dandruff is to discover if the skin on the top of the head is greasy or not.
There are many reasons why the skin on the scalp can suddenly shift gears and start shedding profusely.
There is a certain fungus, actually a type of yeast, present on the scalp that normally helps get rid of dead skin cells. Dandruff, for all of its confusing causes, does show definable patterns of occurrence in the population at large.
Age: Dandruff most commonly occurs upon reaching puberty and continues throughout adult life. Hygiene: Not showering or bathing regularly enough results in a build-up of oils on the scalp. Diet: Poor nutritional and dietary habits result in dandruff because of a lack of nutrients. To prevent dandruff from occurring, it is necessary to take care of oneself, in both the hygienic and health senses of the phrase. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years. This website was very helpful because i needed the backgroung of dandruff for a school project because we are learning about diseases!
Stomach (gastric) cancer oftentimes feels akin to mild gastroenteritis when the person becomes symptomatic.
Hence, commonly stomach cancer remains undiagnosed till it has the chance to grow uninhibitedly and cause multiple symptoms.
Vagueness of symptoms which mimic numerous other lesser grave ailments coupled with gradual increase in symptoms is the chief reason for this condition being often spotted during the advanced staging. Mostly, preliminary stage of stomach cancer doesn’t cause symptoms, but with the growth of the malignant tumor several symptoms are commonly experienced. Due to location of the abdomen a person with initial staging of stomach cancer firstly reports symptoms pertaining to this area. Pyrosis wherein acid is regurgitated into esophagus can occur after meal consumption or randomly sans any warning.
Shedding pounds sans dieting might be just the thing that scores of people are craving for. A symptom of gastric cancer which oftentimes tends to be overlooked for lengthy spans of time is an accretion of fluid in the cavity within the abdomen (or space amid spine and stomach wall). In some stage, gastric cancer could reveal itself via bleeding such as rectal bleeding which is often microscopic and can only be substantiated through a fecal occult blood test.
Early signs of stomach cancer might include difficulty or pain felt when attempting to swallow or ingest something. Blood loss via stools or vomiting that are caused by stomach cancer can make the person anemic. Several researchers state that gastric cancer patients have a greater likelihood of developing blood clots. Subscribe to trending hairstyles and we'll let you know when we have new hairstyles articles posted to the site!
What’s more, many healthcare professionals refer to seborrheic dermatitis as the cause of dandruff, instead of a specific kind of dandruff.
Today, it is used to refer specifically to dead skin cells appearing on the head and shoulders of an individual. Scratching the itchy areas often causes a stream of dead skin cells to fall from those areas. This condition is particularly serious because it means that the skin on the scalp is probably infected. If the skin is greasy, it means that the skin is suffering from a particular form of dandruff.

Many people suffer allergic reactions to certain hair products like shampoos, conditioners, etc.
These patterns can be used to identify risk factors associated with the appearance of dandruff.
Current research focuses on the hypothesis that male hormones play a role in regulating the skin cycle, which could explain why men have dandruff more than women.
Eating healthy and on a regular basis is the best way to take care of the nutritional side of the equation. Shampooing on a regular basis, for example every three or four days, helps prevent oil build-up and keeps the skin on the scalp moisturized. For some reason, dandruff does not appear as much in the summer as it does during the winter.
The sly malevolent tumor that arises from the mucosa of the stomach wall then slowly augments symptom severity which is frequently ignored by individuals who experience them.
It can be especially baffling since antacid usage relieves such pains when the issue is actually of grave origin. But it is actually a matter of concern when one has shed around five percent of one’s usual bodily weight in the span of 6 months or lesser without resorting to any exercise or diet regime. Often this is mistaken to be mild increase in weight which then further builds up with passage of time.
Typically the person experiences difficulty or pain while passing hard, arid, lump-like feces (constipation) or passing three or more watery stools a day or longer (diarrhea). The marked deficit of red blood corpuscles in blood results in paleness and sense of exhaustion that prolongs for days on end. In case one experiences pain or edema in a leg, or abrupt pain in the chest along with breathlessness then it is indicative of blood clot formation in either lungs or legs which necessitates prompt medical attention. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
For this reason, an entire industry has grown up around making and selling products in order to stop dandruff.
These are actually two types of dandruff, which are characterized by inflammation of the scalp and an oily skin surface, respectively. These flakes can range in size from the size of the head of a pin to the size of a very small button. If the scalp is swollen and itchy, this indicates the presence of infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses or even fungi. This creates increased bodily cycles, which means that skin all over the body is shed at an increased rate. Please keep in mind that these factors do not necessarily count as causes, but many of them do double as causes under certain circumstances. Consequently, the fungus rapidly grows, which irritates the scalp and results in inflammation, itching and massive shedding as the scalp attempts to control the fungus from spreading any further. The scalp actually needs certain types of fats in order to properly lubricate the hair on the head as well as shed dead skin effectively. People are also more likely to get dandruff if they are recovering from stressful conditions like heart attacks and strokes.
Washing one’s hair frequently and thoroughly is the best way to handle the hygienic side. If the skin has enough water content, even dead skin cells do not dry out, and consequently they do not form into dandruff-like white flakes or clumps. This suggests that getting outside and exposing to sunlight is an excellent way to prevent dandruff from happening. Such sense of fullness is noticed earlier than what one usually experienced while consuming meals. It is nothing irregular to not feel like eating for 1-2 days, however when this feeling prolongs then it must be immediately notified to the physician.
It can be red alert sign of stomach cancer which must be brought to the doctor’s attention. Unfortunately, hair growth slows down as we age due to many factors such as: lack of excising, improper diet, hormonal imbalances, health issues and so forth. Please feel free to contact me with your questions, comments and suggestions or just to say hi :). The flakes can be any color from white to yellow; it is very rare for them to be black, green, etc.

Bacteria and fungi are present on the head through natural processes anyway, but through some conditions they can grow out of control, resulting in the skin trying to fight them off.
Many individuals misinterpret dandruff is happening due to a dry scalp, but such is not the case. Once this happens, to eliminate what the skin sees as toxic materials, it will increase the renewal rate of producing and discarding skin cells. Risk factors are best used to identify likelihoods that dandruff will appear in a certain individual. A diet lacking in well-balanced meals deprives the body of nutrients it needs, and consequently the scalp. There are other ways to prevent dandruff, as well that do not necessarily involve either diet or hygiene, but nonetheless play a huge role in stopping dandruff before it starts.
Avoiding exposure to chemical-based hair products is the best way to keep allergic reactions from occurring on the scalp. In particular, this could mean that vitamin D, which is produced by the skin when it comes into contact with sunlight, plays a vital role in preventing dandruff from occurring. The most common causes are the yeast fungus growing out of control and allergic reactions to hair care products. Since dandruff is not properly characterized as a disease, treating dandruff is actually left best to at-home remedies.
An irregular general swelling or increase in abdominal size after a meal is characteristic of post-meal abdominal bloating. Onion juice is rich in sulphur, which increases the production of collagen tissue, which helps the re-growth of hair. Under normal conditions, the fungus works in tandem with the skin to destroy dead, discarded tissue. Stress combined with either of the two causes already mentioned can produce great quantities of skin cells, which could go a long way towards explaining the mystery surrounding dandruff’s appearance in people. For example, patients suffering from AIDS are eighty-five percent more likely to get dandruff then the general population. It is also important to avoid medicated shampoos as this may accidentally aggravate the scalp and make the dandruff worse, not better. Happiness is the best antidote to stress, since stress can be defined as a certain intensity of events that one is not happy about.
When the skin perceives that there are no more chemical elements left, the rate of renewal is decreased back to normal levels. The fungus may itself by irritated by the allergic reactions some people have to hair care products, as noted above. The risk factors for all types of dandruff, averaging out all irregularities due to lifestyles, habits, hygiene, etc. Stress depresses the body, which is why so many people look frazzled after living under stressful conditions for too long. If it looks as if something were growing on it, chances are that’s probably the fungus. If none of them seem to be working, see a dermatologist and try to discover what the problem is. Home remedies for healthy hair growth: below is a diagram of the stages our hair strands go through. Stress can result in hair starting to fall out, as well, which does not help an already poor scalp condition. On the other hand, if the scalp is red and even bleeding from some areas, it’s inflamed, which could also mean that the fungus is the culprit, but more likely means the patient is suffering an allergic reaction to something. Cayenne Pepper Cayenne pepper has been proven to stimulate hair growth and prevent thinning of hair.
Garlic Garlic stops hair shedding of hair and boosts the regeneration of new hair as well as promotes blood circulation to the scalp.

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