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Consumption of fruits in good amount can help in reducing the problem of burning sensation.
Washing feet with cold water many times a day can help in reducing the burning sensation and can protect the feet from odor and infection.
Though some medical treatment are also available for avoiding sweating and burning sensation of the feet, but the remedies mention here are the simplest and the easiest way to get rid of the problem.
Out of all the people who are exposed to the bacteria, only 15% contract the disease and the rest are able to naturally fight the bacteria and remove the infection. Refined sugars can encourage bacterial action and hence must be completely avoided if you have deadly diseases like tuberculosis.
Though sauces make the food more delicious, they are not a good proposition for frequent use. Just like tea, coffee too is a stimulant and must be avoided completely when you have tuberculosis. Along with all these diet control methods, tuberculosis patients must ensure that the treatment is continued for the entire period without fail. Constipation can upset the otherwise even bowel movement and can affect beyond the physical outcomes. Common Treatments For Constipation Dietary Fiber Diet can play a crucial in the treatment of constipation.  Adding sufficient fiber to your diet can take care of constipation, even prevent it from happening.
Increasing fruits and veggies in your diet can give you more fiber and better ability to deal with constipation. All types of fibers can produce flatulence so you can only alter the degree of gas production but cannot possibly eliminate it totally. Laxatives can be of different types like stimulants, fiber supplements, osmotic and lubricants.
Prescription Medications Sometimes, your doctor may prescribe medicines to treat constipation, especially when lifestyle changes cannot possibly take care of the constipation. Therapies and Procedures There are some other methods to treat constipation which can be implemented when medications (and lifestyle amendments) do not respond. Disimpaction, or breaking impacted stool, is an important part of this manual procedure which can be done by gently inserting a gloved ginger. Biofeedback Constipation may happen due to an underlying pelvic floor disorder wherein the doctor can recommend biofeedback as the treatment. Through biofeedback, you can learn to improve the functionality of your muscles thereby improving the ability to defecate. Enema Enema can also be used as part of treatment of constipation, it is meant to be used occasionally as it can upset the natural fluid and electrolyte composition of the body and can cause damage to the rectum. There are different types of enemas – saline enema, mineral enema, phosphate enema, emollient enema and tap water enema. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!

Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method.
The heating generated on the bottom of the feet generally leads to the burning sensation and is mostly felt when the surrounding temperature is comparatively higher.  The clinical term for sweating of the feet is Planter Hyperhidrosis.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The disease is caused when mycobacterium tuberculosis invades the body and infects the lymph nodes and various organs of the body. Therefore much depends on the immunity of the person which will decide whether he gets tuberculosis or not.While there is nothing much we can do other than to take treatment and wait for complete relief once you get tuberculosis, there are certain diet restrictions that you can follow in order to supplement the treatment methods and facilitate faster healing of the disease through an improved immune system response. This would mean that you have to cut the intake of white sugar, white bread, pies, refined cereals, puddings and other sweets.
Sauces contain sugar and sodium in excess which are both bad for patients suffering from tuberculosis. Fortunately, there are many treatments for constipation and implementing them can help deal with this problem. It is a good idea to implement lifestyle changes even if you are using medications for constipation. Following are some of the most effective and popular treatments for constipation. Prescription medicines like Chloride channel activator and 5-HT-4 agonist are implemented for treatment of constipation.
The other type, 5-HT-4 agonists, mainly increase fluid in the intestine and restrict the colon transit time. This is supplemented with a laxative enema for softening stool and ensuring easy bowel movement.Chronic constipation can be treated with surgical removal of colon (partly). Biofeedback is a training technique which can give better control over the muscles used during bowel movement.
The ano-rectal biofeedback training can teach relaxation and contraction of muscles more normally to relieve constipation. The simplest among all is tap water enema; but all types of enemas should be administered with care. The person suffering from sweating of the feet experiences a difficulty in wearing sandals. Both the sweating of the feet and burning sensation are experienced more during the summer and rainy season of the year.
However if the symptoms are still there, you are advised to consult a doctor for a better treatment. Tuberculosis can lead to life threatening conditions and also death if it is not treated and diagnosed at the right time.Tuberculosis affects people with reduced immunity. Avoiding these foods will help in increasing the efficacy and reducing the time of treatment and also helps in improving the body’s resistance to fight the disease effectively.
Pickles, condiments and processed food contain huge amounts of sodium and should be avoided when you have tuberculosis.

Therefore, avoid sauces as a whole when you are under treatment for tuberculosis and afterwards as well to protect your immunity. All caffeinated products must be avoided during the treatment period and until the disease is completely removed from your body.
Identify what is best for you by having a clear understanding of the cause of constipation. Fiber can bind to water and keep the water within the intestine.It adds volume to the stool and the water softens the stool. You can also consider fiber supplements to cater to your increased need.However, high-fiber diet can have some side effects.
Drink sufficient quantity of water and adopt an exercise regimen after consulting your doctor. Laxatives are used to make the stool loose and can be an important element of constipation treatment. The fiber supplements are usually considered safe but you should always consult a health care expert before taking any.
Enemas should be applied according to the instructions including positioning and full application of the enema.
Burning sensation of the feet can also be reducing by applying paste of henna (mehendi) leaves on the sole of the feet. Instead of sauces that contain sodium and sugar, you can use fruit sauces like cranberry sauce. If you are so particular about having tea, you can go for green tea which is high in antioxidants and is a natural antibacterial.
You may have to adhere to the ‘trial and error’ method to determine which food suits you and which do not. FiberCon, Correctol, Sorbitol and Haley’s M-O are some laxatives which can be used for treating constipation.
Incase you experience severe pain apart from burning sensation and sweating, you should consult a doctor for the diagnosis. Intake of vitamins and other necessary nutrients helps in preventing sweating and burning sensation of the feet. Drink water in more than sufficient amount because a well hydrated body is always a lesser risk of getting burning sensation of the feet.

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