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Avoid unnecessary contact with people who are suffering from a cold or the flu.  If it’s a family member be careful not to share eating utensils or drink from the same glass and wash hands often to stay away from germs. A diet rich in Vitamin A works as a great membrane conditioner as it helps to strengthen the mucous membranes in the throat as well as the nose.  Foods that contain rich sources of Vitamin A are milk, carrots, egg yolk, tomatoes, leafy vegetables etc. This can be done by mixing ? teaspoon of salt and ? teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of warm water.  Fill up a syringe with this solution and drop the mixture up in the nose. Since allergies are a common cause for sinusitis it makes sense to know about our allergy triggers and try our best to avoid them as far as possible.

In medical parlance antibiotics and in some severe cases surgery is the only solution available for sinusitis.  However studies have proved that about 60 to 90% people have not found any resolution to the symptoms using antibiotics. Going to the doctor is the first thing that comes to our mind whenever there is an ailment.  However in cases like sinusitis barring an initial check up visiting a doctor should be the last resort because sinusitis is a disease that goes out of hand only when we do not manage our system properly. Silver sinus natural sinus remedy, Get relief from your sinus infection with a proven sinus infection treatment. Sinus infection care, ( click visit prod­uct home­page ) (web­site cur­rently ) prod­uct overview: sinus infec­tion cure sinus relief pro­gram writ­ten .

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