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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Women and men can get yeast infections with the same reasons and causes, but the symptoms may be a little different.
Men and women can suffer from several types of candidiasis: oral candidiasis, oropharyngeal candidiasis, or thrush, Vaginal yeast infection (in women), penile yeast infection (in men), invasive candidiasis (blood infection), but the following yeast infections in women and men are common. For women: About 75% of women will suffer from at least one yeast infection in their lifetime. Thousands of women and men in 157 countries worldwide get rid of their Candida yeast infections permanently! This certain fungus may grow on the top layer of the skin on your feet that may later on spread to the palms of the hands, groin area and other parts of the body if not treated correctly.
This fungus loves areas of the body that give off warmth and are always moist.Athletes foot is the most common fungal infection there is because it spreads quickly and without notice. This type of fungal infection are very contagious and could be spread from one person to another or walking on and touching objects that have been contaminated with this fungus. Vaginal yeast infections come from sexual contact, but not considered as a sexually transmitted infection.

The duration of athletes foot may last for a couple weeks or months to years depending on how the person treats this skin condition. That is the reason why there are home remedies for athletes foot available for all those who have this problem. It’s not only safe and effective but it could also help lessen the unpleasant symptoms of this infection.Natural Remedies for Athletes FootBetadine (povidone-iodine). To kill that nasty fungus that cases athletes foot, fill a basin with a quart of warm water and add in two spoonfuls of betadine.
Since apple cider vinegar is acidic in natural, this is a great natural remedy for athletes foot because it could kill the fungus causing the infection. All you have to do is dilute a cup of this apply cider vinegar in an equal amount of water so that you can use it as a wash for the affected area of the skin. For more severe cases, you can try undiluted apple cider vinegar for a stronger treatment.Organic ginger.
This is a helpful herbal remedy for athletes footsince ginger is a strong anti-fungal agent. Once it’s cooled, apply it at least twice daily to your clean feet.Sesame and raw virgin coconut oil.

This type of oil also has anti-fungal components and could be used as treatment for athletes foot.
Before putting on socks in the morning, try sprinkling a small amount of organic corn starch or baking soda on your toes. The smell might be a little uncomfortable to the nose but it will definitely help treat athletes foot.Cotton socks. One of the simplest and helpful natural remedies for athletes foot is using cotton socks on dried feet. Cotton allows the passage of air throughout the material so that sweat won’t be trapped inside. Expose your feet from time to time in fresh air if possible.Athletes foot doesn’t have to be difficult to treat especially with the proper tips for getting rid of it.
But if your anxious and curious to find out more about this condition and other safe and successful treatments to get rid of any yeast infection, then click on the image link below and read away!

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