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Our natural Sinus Oil has been designed to help relieve congestion, reduce painful sinus swelling and eliminate the headaches associated with chronic sinus & nasal problems. Its unique formula offers exceptional relief for most sinus disorders, including upper respiratory conditions, colds and sinusitis. Usage- The bottle has a insert in the top meaning the oil comes out in single drops; simply place a few drops in the palm of hand and using a finger smear 1 teardrop under each eye along the sinus tract (down each side of the nose). Chronic sinusitis - an infection that lasts for more than 3 weeks and can continue indefinitely if not treated. In 1897, an Englishman named Charles Stevens went to South Africa hoping to find a cure for his tuberculosis - a deadly lung disease. But with the introduction of synthetic drugs, Steven’s remedy became forgotten in Western medicine - until its recent re-discovery by European scientists. What the African tribal healer gave Charles was an extract from the roots of Pelargonium sidoides - a plant unique to South Africa. Our formula contains the purest Pelargonium sidoides extract combined with an array of natural immune system boosters and anti-inflammatory agents. If you went to a doctor with your sinus problem, there's a 90% chance you got a prescription for antibiotics. It’s a fact that this abuse of antibiotics causes bacteria to adapt and develop resistance.
A British study at the University of Southampton showed that antibiotics and steroid nasal sprays have very little effect on curing sinus infections.
Over 75% of Americans are turning to herbal supplements and alternative care, often because they feel let down by conventional medicine, a new government survey says. The good news: you can get better naturally without harmful antibiotics or chemical drugs that only mask symptoms. Sinuvil™ is a safe, natural, holistic product that goes to work on the source of the problem and not just the symptoms. Sinuvil is recommended for patients with acute sinus infection as well as for patients with recurring chronic sinus infections. Sinuvil contains Mullein herbal extract together with natural amino acid called N-Acetylcysteine that thins out mucus. Instead of just masking your symptoms as over-the-counter drugs do, our natural and safe formula stimulates your immune system and activates your natural killer cells.
Sinuvil™ is the only product in the market that contains the proprietary extract of African herb Pelargonium - clinically proven to treat sinus infections.
Sinuvil contains natural and safe, but very powerful flavonoid blend of Quercetin and Bromelain. Sinuvil is an all-natural non-prescription remedy formulated especially for people with chronic or acute sinusitis. While other natural products are based on traditional use of herbs and folklore, Sinuvil is formulated based on modern scientific research.
The key ingredient - the amazing pelargonium plant – was proven to prevent viruses and bacteria from attaching to the cells.
Sinuvil is a safe, natural, holistic product that goes to work on the source of the problem and not just the symptoms. Order now and receive this eBook INSTANTLY by email, so that you can start using the advice and START FEELING BETTER TODAY! My sinus infections are so bad, and require such powerful drugs, I couldn't believe that such a simple remedy report could be a solution.
As you may already know chronic sinusitis is a serious condition that can devastate your quality of life if it isn’t stopped fast . Inside this small electronic instantly downloadable report is the guaranteed solution that will change your life in 24 hours or less . According to pharmacists, if you suffer from a mild to acute sinus infection your only choice is to take Over-The-Counter (OTC) or prescriptive medications, and supposedly everything will be all right. In the next few minutes you’ll finally have everything you need to get on with your life.
Now you can stop wasting precious time and endless dollars from looking in the wrong place for a sinus remedy report that really works. Imagine stopping your sinus pain permanently and without any negative side effects at all.
Imagine having a natural, gentle fast acting home remedy to soothe your headache pain and blow your sinus worries away for good.
As you read this report you will begin to relax knowing this is exactly what you ordered, everything you need . The "24-Hour Natural Sinus Cure" report is 99% successful in reversing the infection process because it gets behind the root cause of your sinus pain and inflammation-FAST! Historically Mankind Trusted In Natural Cures Long Before Big Pharma Made A Business Out Of Treating Symptoms. Remedies have historically been passed down from educated, caring people like mid-wives, mothers, herbalists and self-taught homeopathic practitioners. Sometimes remedies are passed down through the generations in the form of verbal folk medicine, sometimes in ancient medical scrolls or in dust covered holistic manuals.
Political and financial pressure almost destroyed our alternative, naturalpathic and homeopathic inheritance. If you or someone you love has a persistent, chronic sinus infection, medical guidance is highly recommended . Bottom-line, nothing is more important than finding a healthy solution for your sinus misery and pain right now.
These days Americans are discovering how to save time and money by turning to natural remedies for fast and effective genuine care .
Whether you suffer from painful sinus congestion, constant sneezing, or just an irritated itchy nose, we have a natural remedy report for you that is GUARANTEED to work without the expense and risks of Over-The-Counter or prescriptive drugs. All disease can be traced back to under-nutrition and the best way to counteract a sinus infection, no matter how persistent it is, is to .
Some of the most notorious foods that trigger allergies are common foods like peanuts, corn, and wheat or dairy products for starters.
If you’ve covered all of these steps you may want to try exercising to help move any stagnant lymph fluid to detoxify your immune system. Truth is chronic sinusitis has become epidemic in hundreds of cities and even rural areas are being affected. The EPA Indoor Environments Division claims indoor air pollution consistently ranks among the top 5 environmental risks to public health. Indoor levels of air pollutants can be 2-5 times higher, and occasionally 100 times higher, than outdoor levels.
According to The world health report in 2002 indoor air pollution was responsible for 2.7% of the global burden of disease.
There is consistent evidence that exposure to indoor air pollution can lead to acute lower respiratory infections in children under five, painful sinusitis and even chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
The studies have shown that plant-filled rooms have 50 to 60% less airborne microbes than similar rooms without plants. Since the beginning of the industrial age man has introduced more than 65,000 new chemical toxins into the environment.
Higher levels of industrial pollution are creeping in on more and more American homes through our air and water every day. Your body’s natural immune response is to identify any foreign contaminant by making a duplicate called an antigen.
The inert aluminum particles spread by the jets is not openly considered a human health hazard yet.
Further, a 1993 Harvard study has identified particles with a diameter of less than 10 micrometers (microns) as a threat to public health. It is not uncommon to see adults who have never had a history of allergies, sinusitis or asthma rushing into hospitals all around the country, gasping to breathe. The vast majority of chronic infections involve deadly bacteria, viruses and fungi found to be living and breeding in the upper atmosphere. Lab tests of rainwater falling through the chemical clouds measured amounts of aluminum particles seven times higher than federal health safety limits. Bottom line, your chronic sinusitis is NOT a drug deficiency or just a seasonal fluke and you’re not the only one suffering this way . There has never been a more important time to search out a natural way to reinforce and protect your immune system. One of the major causes of sinusitis causing headaches and infections is an increasing pollutant called ozone. Once toxins and foreign material contaminate your sinus pathways hypersensitivity leads to inflammation, which if persistent can lead to loss of sinus function.
Like any disease process, unless reversed can lead to permanent damage of the entire sinus cavity. Long before these lesions and ulcerations become hardened the patient will experience severe intractable headaches and visual disturbances. Chances are unless you’re in the furniture business, the leather or textile industry the tumor risks are pretty low.
If you have migraines and visual distortions accompanied by chronic sinusitis see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist (ENT) immediately.
Drugs may serve to hide the pain and discomfort of a sinus infection, but if your body fails to heal itself, your delay can only advance the disease process further.
The home remedy report presented here addresses the need to replenish specific nutrients, to balance pH and support detoxification. The home remedy report linked to this page provides a guaranteed means for you to get your life back to normal again . I have thoroughly researched everything contained in this report and find it is not only The Best Recipe For Chronic Sinusitis I Have Ever Found .
In fact chances are pretty good that you will find all the ingredients for the remedies in the report during your next trip to your local grocery store, for less than a 12 pack of Coke or Pepsi. I’ve seen similar treatments, remedies and cures, but I've gone the extra mile with my remedy report to provide all you need to turn your life around . So Click Here for the latest and lowest price, then instantly download your 24-Hour Home Sinus Remedy Report now, and take a deep breath again and again.
This is an honest, fair and risk-free offer, in return for helping you cure your own sinus infections, we can continue to support advertising and research efforts like the one you're reading now . Today, I have slashed the price of the Barton Publishing amazing library of natural cures in half. My 24-Hour home sinus infection remedy report comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, 12 Month money-back guarantee.
If my remedy doesn't work for you, all you need to do is send me an email within the next 12 months and I'll promptly refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked!
If, for any reason, you are not totally thrilled with your sinus remedy report, you will receive every penny back, with no-catches, no-hassles and no-questions asked, within 12-MONTHS!
Were proud of our success and we are blessed to have an opportunity like this one, to help you and your loved ones live a happier, healthier drug-free and sinusitis free life. The remedy report you are about to experience is a combination of natural medicine that goes back 5,000 years.

Some of it comes from ancient India’s Ayurvedic texts and some of it was used and trusted by western physicians for over a century. Combined with modern convenience you're going to find it easy and cheap to finally solve your sinus pain and frustration .
Our hidden connection with food is the most effective weapon against degenerative diseases.
This new science that will change the way we understand the meaning of health and wellness.
This new science of biology isn’t an invention in the ordinary sense, rather it is the renaissance of ancient wisdom, lost over the course of time. The report you are about to instantly download will help you naturally kill germs and bacteria on contact, dissolving mucous and providing drug-free relief using invigorating natural plant nutrients and minerals. This healing remedy report comes with an easy to mix recipe especially formulated and scientifically balanced to clean and moisturize your nasal passages. Some people have reported other benefits of This 24-Hour Home Sinus Remedy by using it as a soothing gargle, oral rinse or throat spray.
All you need is a firm belief in natural principles, a proven road map and a willingness to change your life for goodness sake .
You have two directions you can go; up the ladder of health and wellness or down the ladder .
The Westernized diet and medicine is part of a culture that will take a long time to turn around or transform. Without your sincere drive to have your life back you would never climb out, but people like you are climbing up and out every day . There are so many facts I can share with you, but nothing matters without a commitment from you.
Expect it to get better, because it can and it will as long as you stop climbing down the ladder of health and wellness and start looking up. Too often persons on getting a cold or sinus infection rush to the drug store and buy pills and nose sprays.  It is easy to get hooked on some of the nose sprays and then you need a doctor to get you unhooked! Even worse is that the husband, for example, didn’t finish a previous antibiotic prescription. As this report says, if you feel a cold coming on, go to bed and rest and drink plenty of good fluids.
For those of you who are still curious about what the 100% guaranteed 24-Hour Home Sinus Remedy is all about I’ve added this section just for you .
The Allergy Relief Guide provides specific natural remedies to treat, cure, and prevent allergies. I just started today, and a few hours (approx 4) I have noticed that I can breathe a little easier out of my nose which I have not been able to do before.
She has recently started having [an at home cure] as a preventative and olive leaf and it seems to be working. In less than 1 hour my nose stopped running clear fluid and I my sense of smell was accentuated. Taking [remedy] loosens up the mucus build up in my sinus cavities and whenever I feel I'm having a sinus headache, I drop a little [remedy revealed in report] under my tongue and somehow it works for me. I felt relief almost within the hour - I stopped coughing at night during sleep but in the morning still sneeze few times with slight running nose, but dries up within 30 mins.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.
There are however various symptoms which will help determine if you are suffering from just a sinus infection or a chronic sinus infection. Post Nasal Drip also called PND occurs when the sinuses begin to produces excess mucus that over time accumulate in you nose and throat one of the possible culprits of this is chronic sinus infections.
Many people that suffer from chronic sinus infections also suffer from chronic sinus headaches.
They allow us to balance our big-brained heads on our relatively meager necks so we can walk upright on two feet. Having had chronic sinus inflammation, congestion and infections for many, many years, I can attest to their often making me feel like that rhino – feeling like my head was too heavy to hold up. The purpose of this post is to share a nifty suggestion for resolving sinusitis or a sinus infection – naturally, without the antibiotics doctors usually prescribe.
Since most sinus infections are caused by viruses, not bacteria, taking antibiotics to treat them is unwise.
Mix ingredients together carefully with a spoon or shake nasal spray bottle after screwing on the lid. Neti Pot Method: While standing over a sink or in the shower, insert the nozzle of the neti pot into one nostril, and make sure there is a good seal between the nozzle and your nostril. Spray Bottle Method: Insert the nozzle of the spray bottle into one nostril while covering the other nostril. When finished, wash out the neti pot or spray bottle with warm water and soap and allow to dry before using again. Now here’s the most amazing part – at bedtime, I emptied the contents of a probiotics capsule into the neti-pot and proceeded to pour the warm water, salt, baking soda and probiotic mixture into my nasal passages. Keeping your immune system balanced and strong so you don’t develop sinusitis or an acute sinus infection is clearly the way to go. Probiotics recommended by Chris Kresser, a practitioner of functional and integrative medicine and a licensed acupuncturist.
Klaire Therbiotic Complete is another good choice, but should be avoided if you have SIBO or histamine intolerance. Her entire list of recommendations for Supplements & Superfoods, and many other products, can be found here.
DISCLAIMER:  Nothing on this site or blog is intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
In addition, this solution has also proved particularly popular with frequent air travellers seeking to eradicate painful altitude attacks during air flights. Take another teardrop and rub across the forehead, just above the eyebrows and dab behind ears if required.
Inflammation is your body's way of reacting to irritants; this reaction produces redness, swelling, mucus, and pain.
Since its recent re-discovery, Pelargonium became extremely popular in Europe for treating sinusitis. Unlike common medicines that just mask symptoms, our Sinuvil formula helps your body fight infections.
But in many cases sinus infections are not caused by a bacteria but by a virus, fungi (mold) or other allergen.
This results in a growth of new antibiotic-resistant bacteria that give people life threatening infections.
Because herbal supplements are far safer than conventional medicine, people feel comfortable using it. Sinuvil is for people who seek natural alternatives to antibiotic or chemical drug treatments. Laboratory research shows that Pelargonium prevents viruses and bacteria from sticking to the cells in your respiratory system. It can be taken alone or as an addition to your current treatment with antibiotics or steroid nose sprays. Sinuvil helps your body fight acute and chronic sinusitis, thanks to its soothing herbs that relieve sinus pains naturally. Additionally Sinuvil contains powerful immune system herbal boosters that help your body fight infection.
Sinuvil is for people who seek natural alternatives to antibiotic or chemical drug treatments with harmful side effects.
This no-nonsense e-book offers practical advice on what YOU can do today to feel better instantly. Clinical studies show that it's effective for treating sinusitis, bronchitis ,, strep throat and the common cold .
In which case you will need close medical attention, in case your symptoms get worse or you experience those dreaded side effects.
So if you’re one of millions of people who are tired of false results, isn’t it time you did the right thing? It takes uncommon intelligence, foresight and determination, but the healing results are lasting.
But in the last 30 years as health insurance has become prohibitively expensive millions of people are returning to the natural path of Complementary Alternative Medicine once again.
As you may already know animal dander, pollen dust and mold is the most common of indoor pollutants. And if all these advertised drugs you see on T.V or at your local drug store really did the trick, would you even be here reading this now? In some communities it has become even more of a concern than the flu, affecting children and even animals. Here’s an interesting fact, further studies show certain potted plants can help absorb certain organic chemicals and microbes. Horses in Canada and the US have been affected by increased sulfur emissions causing stillbirths and weak foals with a grey discharge coming from their lungs. Antigens release histamines, which trigger sinus inflammation in an attempt to eradicate the foreign object. If you suffer from recurring or chronic sinusitis infections you need to do more than block the inflammation, you need a powerful remedy. It would be better if you worked with your body to help it rather than introduce more chemicals to complicate things. But according to the New England Journal of Medicine, microscopic particles in the air can kill city dwellers prematurely. Many of these people have upper respiratory complaints, excruciating headaches, sudden nosebleeds and chronic sinusitis. In the next few minutes I will reveal a guaranteed effective and affordable remedy report to stop your sinus pain and frustration once and for all. Men are affected 1.5 times more often than women, and 80% of these tumors occur in people aged 45-85 years.
Because the sinus cavity and tissues are near other vital structures nurturing these tissues using a specific nutritional tonic is paramount. But for those who have depended strictly on generic and prescriptive drugs to hide the symptoms of chronic sinusitis .
The longer a person has ignored the symptoms the longer it will take to reverse the damage.
By supporting detoxification you can reduce hypersensitivity, inflammation and prevent potential cellular damage. I have spent my entire professional career searching for natural alternatives to help my friends and family and even I didn’t know what I discovered from this breakthrough sinus remedy.
Our society is riddled with incomplete and incorrect information being propagated through the media.

I haven't had a sinus problem for quite some time now but when I did I used the Sinus Report treatment with success. You were looking for a natural solution and I’m telling you today, your search is over . Even though the doctors know that the antibiotics are not indicated for a virus infection, they are busy and it takes one minute to write a prescription for an antibiotic, but it takes 20 -30 minutes to try to convince a patient not to take the unnecessary antibiotic.
I myself learned about sinus therapy from one of the yoga masters, Indra Devi, and my Pulsatile Irrigation method is a direct result of her teaching.
But today I have reduced the price of all my proven remedy reports to make them even more affordable. Barton Publishing understands one has to give in order to receive, so that’s why when you order from this page you will receive these FREE BONUS REPORTS instantly with your download of The Sinus Cure That Works Report.
If you feel lost and confused and you are looking for the right direction and guidance, then you’re ready to follow a proven natural way to live your life again, without fear .
You can invest in your health and wellness now, or you can spend your savings on drugs, therapies and surgeries later . This report is very informative and if her symptoms return, I am sure all the advice that you have given will be put into practice. When a person is suffering from sinus infection, his mucosal lining will become inflamed as though he is suffering from the common cold. Sinus infection(s) are generally classified based on the time span of the problem and the type of inflammation (either infectious or noninfectious). Chronic post nasal drip usually occurs when a person comes in contact with allergens such as pollen, dust mites and dust. Other symptoms that indicate that you are suffering from chronic sinus headache are irritated eyes, facial pressure, congestion and pain in various parts of your body.
In the case of chronic sinus sufferers the consistency of the mucus will mostly be thick and like glue.
These empty spaces in our skulls lighten the weight of our heavy heads so we’re not like the rhinoceros, whose head is so weighty the animal often keeps it resting on the ground. Other symptoms were – having to breathe through my mouth all the time making it hard to eat and sleep well, having a constantly scratchy throat and uneasy stomach from post nasal drip, suffering from sour breath, feeling slightly dizzy from being unable to get enough air, feeling physically depressed from being exhausted all the time. When the balance of beneficial flora to harmful flora is out of balance, problems can develop. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
This product is made with a blend of natural oils reputed to help cleanse blocked sinuses, eradicate sinus pain provide fast relief from blocked sinuses, provide congestion relief, help thin mucous and drain sinuses and promote healing and avoid infection.
This technique should ensure the formula goes directly to the sinuses in order to rapidly clear them. Because Sinuvil helps your sinus cavities drain faster, it effectively relieves pressure and prevents painful headaches. It prevents viruses and bacteria from penetrating cell walls and spreading infection, reducing the production of mucus. It thins out mucus to help your sinus cavities drain faster, effectively relieving pressure and headache. It also contains powerful flavonoids that reduce inflammation and swelling of the sinus lining. Laboratory experiments have shown that it also prevents viruses and bacteria from attaching to the cells, effectively stopping the infection.
Sinuvil is manufactured in FDA certified labs that exceed the highest standards for quality control, safety and ingredient purity. That’s why there is an insurgence of people returning to the time-tested ways of natural remedies and self-healing. Recently there have been reports that were finding toxic oil and pharmaceutical residues in our major city’s drinking water supplies.
I also use a LOT of Cayenne pepper (instead of Black pepper) on my food and right after I eat I can always breathe better. Patients have been brain washed that they must take pills and nose sprays, so they go to another doctor who will prescribe the unnecessary drugs. PND sufferers will constantly feel the need to swallow constantly as they feel a tickling sensation in the back of their throat this is also one of the indications of chronic sinus infections. Pain relievers and decongestants become ineffective overt ime against relieving chronic sinus headache. When I finally figured out how to correct my unbalanced gut bacteria and fix my allergies, that all mercifully stopped. Then allow the contents of the neti pot to enter one nasal opening and rinse through to exit out the other nasal opening. It was quite painful, but as it subsided, I was filled with a peaceful calm, and then retired to bed and had a good night sleep.
A study showed that drinking kefir, a fermented milk drink loaded with healthy probiotics, decreased the levels of pathogenic bacteria in the nasal passages.
It has strong antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties .N-ACETYLCYSTEINE (NAC) is a special form of amino acid cysteine found in egg whites, red pepper or garlic. This report gives me just what I'm looking for - natural remedies - from a trusted source who delivers again and again. The next morning, I awoke and was surprised to find that even as time went on, my head remained pain-free throughout the day.
Other research indicates probiotics are helpful for reducing congestion and the other symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. When the sinuses become blocked and are filled with mucus, viruses, fungi or bacteria can grow and cause infections. If you are already eating a sensible well-balanced diet, you might need to eliminate any other foods triggering an allergy response.
Especially when you consider the tens or even hundreds of dollars you will save from not having to buy all those OTC and prescriptive drugs anymore.
But your body has its own self-repairing and regenerating processes that you can work with.
Click Right Here For Your Proven 24-Hour Sinus Remedy Report Guaranteed To Help You Get To Where You Want To Be. A few other symptoms are bad breath, coughing as well as crystals that form on the tonsils commonlu known as cryptic tonsils. During the next nine years he successfully treated over 800 patients suffering from sinusitis and respiratory infections and published his medical case studies. Several clinical studies have found that NAC is highly effective against chronic sinusitis and bronchitis .
You can climb the ladder using the 7 natural principles of healing, or rungs of life, or you can continue to depend on being treated by the Westernized medical process. Try to avoid swallowing the water that goes into the nostrils and blow your nose when finished. Subacute and chronic forms of sinus infection usually are the result of incomplete treatment of an acute sinus infection.
Whenever I felt like I was getting a slight ache, I performed the facial massage to my temples and sinuses I had done the day before.
I also used the probiotics in my neti pot a few more times over the next five days, along with my Whole Body Defense from Gaia Herbs, and some grapefruit seed extract (about 5 drops in 6 ounces of water twice a day). Other research showed that it slows down HIV virus replication and is a recommended treatment for AIDS . I really believe those probiotics did some magical trick – although I’m sure some of the other things I did helped as well – because the first time I did it, after the burning came and went, the pain was completely gone and has not returned since. Quercetin has amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial , anti-tumor and anti-allergic effects.
A physician has published a case study involving his observations of chronic sinusitis patients who received a therapeutic dose of quercetin for three months.
Other studies have shown improved respiratory function and lower risk of infections for people who consume plenty of apples (rich in Quercetin).
It not only reduces inflammation of the sinuses and lungs but also compensates for the negative effects of pollution. Mullein leaf has been used in Europe for thousands of years as a remedy for respiratory problems. Mullein flower is approved by the Commission E (the European equivalent of the US FDA) for treatment of cough and congestion. Mullein is an excellent remedy for sinus congestion and sinusitis.REISHI Mushroom is called "the mushroom of immortality" in China and has been used in Oriental Medicine for over 2,000 years. In one study, more the 2000 Chinese with chronic bronchitis took reishi and within two weeks, 90% of them felt better .
Reishi is also recommended for patients with AIDS because it is an excellent immune system booster.PANAX GINSENG is a plant that grows in Asia.
Its main active components are ginsenosides, which have been shown to have a variety of beneficial effects, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer effects. In one study of 75 patients with chronic bronchitis treated with antibiotics or antibiotics plus ginseng, those in the ginseng group recovered faster than the other group.
Another study showed that ginseng may help prevent flu and colds by boosting the immune system . Ginsenosides were also shown to reduce pain without causing drowsiness , making Ginseng beneficial for sinus headaches. Bromelain helps treat sinus infections because of its powerful anti-inflammatory and mucus thinning properties. Another double blind clinical trial found that 85% of patients taking bromelain recovered quickly from respiratory difficulties and inflammation . For many centuries, it has been used as an herbal remedy for sinus headaches, cough, asthma, whooping cough, fever and spasms. A clinical study showed that Butterbur helps improve lung ventilation in patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis and asthma . Another study showed it is also an effective treatment for migraine headaches .WILD CHERRY is native to North America. Native Americans discovered its medicinal qualities particularly for treating respiratory infections. Herbal wild cherry is anti-viral & anti-bacterial and most helpful for sinus, upper respiratory infections, colds & flu.ZINC & SELENIUM are minerals that are abundant in Brazil nuts. Zinc and selenium are vital to the production of the two most powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging enzymes in the body.
A combination of zinc and selenium can shorten and reduce the severity of sinus infections. A study showed that elderly patients who received zinc and selenium had fewer infections than patients who received a placebo .

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