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Instead of going after expensive treatment methods, there are some very simple home treatments that can be used for treating the dryness and flakiness of the scalp.
Coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer and anti viral agent and hence good for treating dry and flaky scalp. Olive oil is known for its moisturizing properties and also helps in retaining the moisture on the scalp.
Lemon juice is a natural exfoliant and helps in removing dry and flaky skin from the scalp. Lemon will help in removing the dead skin cells that plague the scalp and cause problems like clogging of pores and hair fall as well. Apple cider vinegar is anti-inflammatory in nature and is also great for restoring the pH balance of the scalp, which is another reason for using this as an excellent treatment for dry, flaky scalp. With constant application, apple cider vinegar will remove the pH imbalance in the scalp and also the dead and accumulated cells as well. Aloe is a naturally occurring moisturizing agent and also helps in treating fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp that can make the scalp dry and scaly.
Yoghurt and egg white is a popular remedy that is used for treating hair and scalp problems. Avocados are high in fat and can help in moisturizing the skin and scalp and preventing the hair from turning brittle and dry.
Avocado treatment has to be continued for several days together so that the dead skin cells will be removed and the scalp will become clean and well nourished. No7 beautiful skin melting gel cleanser normal dry, No7 beautiful skin melting gel cleanser normal dry skin 150ml.
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Exfoliate skin skinceuticals renew overnight dry., Exfoliate skin with skinceuticals renew overnight dry. Answer:  Sheila it Sounds like you’ve tried just about everything for your Pomeranians skin! Not only do I rub some on my Pomeranians skin in the winter or when they have a dry coat, I also use it on their paws and a tiny bit on their nose. Good information, except you didn’t say how to apply the oil to the skin, what part of the body do you apply it. With my experience with Coconut Oil, you have to be careful on how much you put on or it will get everywhere and their coats will get oily and it is just a mess.
I am not sure how to go about putting coconut oil on my pomeranian pup’s skin when he has a triple coat of fur.
I have a Pomeranian who often gets dry skin, the Vet said it is a skin infection that my Pom gets. I have a 3 year old parti-pom, the poor thing has been suffering for 2 years now from a skin condition that causes her to scratch herself raw and pull out her hair in chunks as well as have this awful smell.
About Pommy MommyAt Pommy Mommy our mission is to be the best resource on information regarding your Pomeranian and being the best Pommy Parent blog. One of the biggest disadvantages of dry scalp is that it tends to loose moisture very frequently and turns excessively dry to ultimately become flaky and itchy. Well known for its medicinal properties, the apple cider vinegar is also very effective for treating dry and flaky scalp.
Apple cider vinegar maintains the normal moisture level of the scalp, thereby reducing the formation of flaky dandruffs.You can even apply apple cider vinegar regularly for 3-4 days to completely get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp. Olive oil helps to banish the problem of dry and flaky scalp by nourishing the scalp from within and by lifting up its moisture level. Fenugreek seeds are considered as one of the best home remedies for treating dry and flaky scalp.

This in turn promotes production of oil from the sebaceous glands, which is necessary to keep the scalp moisturised. Yogurt being a natural moisturizer helps to maintain the normal moisture level of the scalp by retaining the moisture and by preventing its loss.
Although pure coconut oil is a bit expensive and difficult to get, it is definitely worth all the efforts and the best thing about it is that it has a long shelf life. Dry and flaky skin on the scalp is a problem that is encountered by many of us during the dry winter months. Once the scalp is adequately moisturized, you can repeat the treatment 2-3 times a week to maintain the effect.
When you apply lemon juice on the scalp, make sure that you massage the head with your finger tips. The treatment is gentle enough to be done every day unless you develop some kind of irritation in your scalp.
For treating the dryness of the scalp, take freshly acquired aloe from the aloe plant and apply on the scalp. Leave it on for a few hours before rinsing it off.
Egg contains several proteins and nutrients that are hair healthy and hence excellent for strengthening the scalp and hair follicles. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. If it’s a condition that can be managed at home you can try using an organic unrefined coconut oil. However if you take a small amount and put it in a dish and heat it in the microwave or on the stove for just a few SECONDS it will take on a liquid form.
However, I have found if you give it to them in their food, it goes where it needs to and does what it is suppose to within their bodies. I have had allergy tests done and have her on atopica as well as anti-fungal shampoo and conditioner.
I would take her off of all grains and give her a probiotic daily in a Tablespoon or so of organic yogurt with active cultures. We want to provide the very best in Pomeranian specific breed knowledge, behavioral training techniques, Pomeranian Diet and Grooming with an emphasis on educating the public as well as would be Pomeranian parents on the value of rescue. This problem can be better dealt with natural home remedies rather than settling down for chemical-infused medications. It not only moisturizes the scalp but also removes the pile of flaky dead cells from the scalp.
Spray the concoction all over your scalp and massage it lightly for 5-6 minutes so that the concoction can get completely absorbed into your scalp.
Regular application of olive oil not only helps to banish the problem of excessive dryness but also prevents the scalp’s tendency of becoming over dry. As a result, olive oil gradually cures the problem of dry, itchy and flaky scalp. It does not have any notable side effects and as a result can be applied even thrice a week to get good results. Apart from solving the problem of dryness, fenugreek seeds are also very soothing, which help manage the issue of itchiness. They not only help treat specific hair problems but also aid in improving the overall texture of hair. To apply yogurt and egg, break and beat the egg and then mix it with the yogurt. Combine the two thoroughly and then apply the paste all over your scalp and hair.
Warm coconut oil when applied regularly on scalp can help banish the problem of flakiness and excessive dryness. To apply coconut oil, take the required amounts of oil in a microwave safe bowl and then microwave it for a few minutes until a little warm but not too hot. Massage the oil over your scalp for a few minutes so that the scalp can completely soak up the oil. Many factors like dandruff, infections, and lack of moisture can be blamed for dry and flaky scalp. Coconut oil massage will also remove the dryness and brittleness of the hair and encourage hair growth.

A better option would be to mix lemon juice with some olive oil as well so that the scalp will also be well moisturized in the process.
Take Two tablespoons each of bean curd and honey and add four tablespoons of lemon juice to this. Aloe Vera is also a cooling agent and helps in removing heat from the head, which too can cause dry and flaky scalp and also lead to hair fall. This can be applied on the scalp after a shower and left on to prevent dryness and also accumulation of dead skin, which will make the scalp dry and flaky. Yoghurt is a natural moisturizer and helps in removing dirt and dead skin cells accumulated on the scalp.
Apply on the scalp and hair and allow the pulp to get absorbed into the scalp by leaving it for an hour. You can purchase this at your local grocery store if they have an organic section, or you will find this at Whole Foods for around $8-$9.00. Now his skin has turned black and has small patches of hair and it’s only towards his butt, tail area!! I give him a short hair cut every second month, and his fur no longer falls out and he doesn’t itch. She also has Alopecia X in which we deal with multiple skin issues, the fish pills help prompte healthy growth and moisture. Apple cider vinegar works by destroying the fungus and bacteria that reside in the scalp and give rise to itchy, flaky scalp. Fenugreek seeds solve the problem of dry and itchy scalp by opening up the pores of the skin. Apply this paste twice or thrice a week and then keep it on for 30-40 minutes before rinsing. Yogurt works by moisturizing the scalp to prevent the formation of the flakes while egg gently cleanses the scalp of any dead cells and flake debris. Massage with a circular and firm motion so that the coconut oil gets absorbed into the scalp and moisturizes and nourishes the dry and flaky scalp.
Apple cider vinegar can also be applied without dilution if your skin is not over sensitive.
The infusion can be used on the scalp and hair as a rinse for controlling dryness and flakiness of the scalp. The usually dosage is 20mg per pound, so a 5 pound pom would get 100mg, a 10 pound 200 and so on.
Follow with your regular shampoo and conditioner and then repeat the treatment for 2 more days to get best results. Let the oil get soaked for 1 hour and then rinse with your normal shampoo to see the change in your scalp’s condition. Again, the treatment has to be continued for several days until all the flakiness subsides. I am wondering why you are suggesting using refined coconut oil for your Poms when alot of the nutrients and enzymes are destroyed in the refining process?
If they have very dry skin, like my pom the vet recommended that she get a higher dose of 500mg. Continue the massage 2-3 times a week to retain the moisture and also prevent further flaking of the scalp.

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