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DHT is the abbreviation for dihydrotestosterone and is a primary reason for scalp hair loss. DHT hair loss is quite common and so there are many scalp treatments, shampoos, supplements and hair products available in the market to treat DHT hair loss.
Some Products For Treating DHT Hair Loss Are Rogaine The most effective treatment for DHT hair loss is Minoxidil and Rogaine is the generic name for minoxidil. Rogaine treats DHT scalp hair loss by improving the blood circulation in scalp which stimulates the functioning of follicles. Before applying it, ensure that your scalp is clean and massage the Saw Palmetto thoroughly in your scalp.
Revivogen This is a popular brand of shampoo which has a wide range of DHT treatment products. Nioxin System Cleansers This is a brand of cleansers which has a variety of shampoo for different kinds of hair, which treats DHT scalp hair loss. Dermenodex Scalp Cleansing Shampo This shampoo treats DHT hair loss with multiple scalp actions.
This product also improves blood circulation in your scalp which strengthens follicle growth further preventing hairloss.
Washing hair regularly with a good shampoo is necessary to keep your locks clean, healthy and beautiful. While daily hair loss is quite natural but partial baldness or thinning is a matter of concern.  Depending on the cause and the extent of hair loss, there are specific medical treatments available, but experts say natural treatments can be more beneficial especially when someone is concerned about the health of her hair.

Oil extracts of amla, also known as gooseberry oil, is known to strengthen weak hair and facilitates growth of new hair. To improve hair growth, increase the intake of Vitamin E, vitamin B complex, choline, magnesium and inositol.
The three herbs known for balancing female hormones are chaste tree berry, wild yam and dong quai. Iron deficiency, that crops up during reproductive years in female – leads to anemia or the reduction of red blood cells, a condition that can be associated with hair loss.
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The excess of DHT causes scalp hair loss because DHT does not allow the hair to grow by inhibiting hair follicle.
The Bio-Cleansing shampoo is a product of Revivogen shampoo brand which is being popularly used to treat DHT hair loss.
Nioxin system cleansers have shampoos for fine hair, thin hair, chemically enhanced hair, coarse or dry hair, fine thin hair or fine hair which is not thinning yet. Hair loss is also accompanied by generalized thinning or bald patches at the center of the scalp. These herbs, when combined, make a good formula for harmonizing female hormone and aid in treating hair loss.
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So it is better to have information on some products before you use them to treat DHT hair loss.
You can use this product to treat hair loss and once your hair starts re-growing; your original pattern will be restored. You can apply it over your entire scalp and leave it for half an hour or you can also leave it overnight. Combine Aloe gel and wheat-germ oil (in small quantity) with coconut milk and shampoo your hair.
Focus on whole grains, good fats, protein, organically grown vegetables and fruits to both hair loss and thinning of hair.
Olive oil is excellent and treats dandruff effectively which is another cause of hair loss.
Hair loss due to stress in women can also be regulated with regular exercise, yoga and meditation.

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