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Bacteria are the leading cause of the 48 million cases of food poisoning reported each year in the US.  Of the many bacteria that cause food poisoning most food poisoning is caused by a handful. The following is a list of bacteria that cause food poisoning from the US Food & Drug Administration.
Campylobacter : Carried in foods of animal origins such as raw meat and unpasteurized milk as well as contaminated water.
Cure the cause and symptoms of food poisoning and enteritisDefinitionFood poisoning refers to a set of syndromes that occur because of harmful substances ingested food. The Norwalk virus is also known as NLV (Norwalk-like viruses), Noroviruses or caliciviruses (they belong to the caliciviridae virus family).
Illnesses caused by the noroviruses are stomach flu, viral gastroenteritis, acute gastroenteritis, non-bacterial gastroenteritis, food poisoning, and calicivirus infection.
There are no preventative treatments, vaccines, or antiviral medication for the Norwalk virus.
Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Effect of vitamin E supplementation on vitamin K status in adults with normal coagulation status -- Booth et al. Also carried on lizards, reptiles, and turtles.  Cooking meat thoroughly, purchasing only dairy products made with pasteurized milk, and washing hands after handling reptiles and raw meat products will kill the bacteria. Cooking meat thoroughly, purchasing only dairy products made with pasteurized milk, and washing hands prior to food preparation and after handling raw meat products will kill the bacteria. Can survive even after being refrigerated.               Washing hands thoroughly prior to food preparation, as well as avoiding raw foods and washing fruits and vegetables helps to lower the risk of infection.
For enteritis, so it is related to the intake of most food, apart from it is difficult to distinguish from food poisoning.

Even though most adults have serum and local gastrointestinal tract antibiotics against the Norwalk virus they are not protective, but instead it may increase and represent risk factors and are marker for the illness. Food poisoning, depending on the cause, bacterial food poisoning cause symptoms by toxins produced by infection and bacteria by the bacteria themselves, natural toxins food poisoning caused by animal or plant toxins existing in nature, cause symptoms by artificial chemicals it can be seen as divided into chemical food poisoning. This includes making sure the preparation areas are clean before using, washing all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before you eat them, and completely cooking your food and serving it while it’s still hot.
Do this by first cleaning the toilet with hot, soapy water then use a bleach-based household cleaner to disinfect it. Natural poison food poisoning has animal food poisoning, such as vegetable food poisoning and puffer fish, such as poisonous mushrooms, as is typical cause that causes the chemical resistance food poisoning, mercury, heavy metals such as cadmium is typical.As one of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus is widely distributed in nature, not only food poisoning, purulent skin, otitis media, because bacteria that cause suppurative disease such as cystitis, to the next of Salmonella food poisoning and Vibrio parahaemolyticus food poisoning in South Korea is a causative organism of many food poisoning occur.
Food poisoning occur case by other staphylococci caused the Staphylococcus aureus food poisoning to produce a yellow dye among several dozen species of staphylococci, not until now.Relatively heat to Staphylococcus aureus is a strong bacteria, you die when heated at 80 ? 30 minutes, the chapter has been produced by the Staphylococcus aureus toxin (Enterotoxin) will not be destroyed even by heating at 100 ? 30 minutes .
Mucosal hands, nose, or had food contaminated by bacteria in wounds, enough to cause the appropriate temperature and infections bacteria grow from the moisture such as in summer, if the number increases, it will cause food poisoning . At this time, there is a feature that although symptoms from ingesting contaminated food after 2-4 hours appeared suddenly get better soon.Salmonella column weak, because it is killed sufficiently low temperature even sterilization (heated for 30 minutes at 62 ~ 65 ?), if there is no secondary pollution in cooking food, food poisoning caused by Salmonella does not occur.
However, not all causes food of salmonella poisoning unheated foods, but cooked food which is heated also may cause, it can not insufficient heating is from cross-contamination of cooked foods.
Salmonella, as well as low temperature and frozen state, most often occurs from June to September also strongly in the dry state, it is it is a low frequency of occurrence in the winter.Especially recently dog, only pet and green turtles, such as cat has been attracting attention as an important source of contamination of Salmonella, in the case of a home that keep such animals as pets, special care of children is required. The cause food is meat and quail eggs, turbulence such as eggs most, to only the food is ingested widely been variously cooked actual food poisoning occurs case, be limited to a particular food not, it is diverse.The types of Vibrio bacteria, there is a Vibrio cholerae Vibrio para f Mori Genetics (Vibrio parahaemolyticus).
Causative bacteria that cause these Vibrio food poisoning is a Vibrio para f Mori caustics, famous cholera that Vibrio cholerae is the causative bacterium that causes one kind of legal infectious diseases.Vibrio parahaemolyticus, which are distributed in a relatively close to the sea and tidal flats from the land by slowing the activity in actively proliferating one low temperature in an environment where the water temperature exceeds 20 ?, it is impossible to little growth in the 5 ? below .
Well which can occur when you eat more and more seafood and seafood in the summer, or ingested food, causing severe diarrhea with abdominal pain after 12 to 24 hours.Natural habitat of V.

Did you ingest contaminated food, but usually symptoms appear after 18 to 24 hours, for short within 6 hours, the longer symptoms appear after the 5th, when a generation of cholera is expected, it is sufficient it is necessary to follow-up. The most characteristic symptoms of cholera, sudden to excessive Murusorusa it is not accompanied by abdominal pain, without also be especially diarrhea, such as the rice of the abrasive juice, try suspected cholera when it comes to repeat.Pathogenic E.
It is like the main source of contamination is small boiled meat and contaminated milk of pathogenic E.
Botulinum spores are widely distributed in the soil, so as detected at the bottom of seas and lakes agricultural, food and all the ingredients such as seafood it can be seen also been contaminated with spores of the fungus .
One botulism food poisoning is an important reason on food hygiene, spores of these bacteria produced a strong heat resistance, because not long Kuruyodo sterilization. Once symptoms develop, amblyopia, diplopia (things seem to double) is displayed, or eyelid drooping down, sometimes the pupil is enlarged. The bacteria, when there is air, because it is the growing anaerobic bacteria that can not be, and cooking in order to create a large number of meals at a time, the internal air is discharged, a state there is no air, the food Even again cooled, since the inside air tends to grow the Welch bacteria become lean environment, to cause food poisoning by rapidly proliferating.Characteristic symptoms of Welch bacteria food poisoning, diarrhea and abdominal pain, 8 to 16 hours after a meal, it is common for diarrhea in the form, such as water is started at an average of about 12 hours. While richer living been developed hygiene concept is, according to previously made it less to ingest the food in the upper as in recent years, not the bacteria in the digestive tract inflammation, viral gastroenteritis is far more specific gravity Although accounted for, especially gastroenteritis caused by norovirus, often about recent occupy all of the digestive tract inflammation 50%.Primarily, but are infected through the water of drinking water and swimming pool, can be via direct contact infection between human and human, infectious strong, show a collective development aspects. Accordingly, symptomatic treatment, such as the supply of sap is the direction of the main treatment, for a small portion, the use of antibiotics is considered.
Temperature of 60 C at 4 C, since the growth of the likely temperature interval of bacteria that cause food poisoning, hot food, cold food is stored at 60 C or more to manage by refrigerated at 4 C or less.

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