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Kemeo BV is a supplier of wastewater treatment solutions and equipment for wastewater treatment. Refurbishment of a settler in Belgium, the existing counter current plate pack was exchanged with a cross flow plate pack. The Kemeo engineers offer advise, designs and total solutions in the field of water and wastewater treatment plants. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) can clear up on its own without any antibiotics, but some women would like to ease their symptoms and speed up the healing process. The potassium iodine found in Summer’s Eve medicated douche can help lower vaginal pH. Take advantage of the antioxidants found in vitamins, such as A, C, D, E, and B complex, which have proven beneficial for women with bacterial vaginosis.
Topical applications of vitamin E in the form of prepared creams or powdered capsules can help relieve itching.
Found in pharmacies and health food stores, you may consider using boric acid suppositories to treat BV.
A non-antibiotic oral treatment option for bacterial vaginosis is found in acidophilus powder or capsules. There is actually an attachment for refrigerators and faucets that produces varying levels of alkaline water with the simple push of a button.
If you are sexually active, use latex condoms on a consistent basis to reduce the risk of developing bacterial vaginosis.
A probiotics capsule contains healthy bacteria that can be partially opened and inserted into the vagina. The label has a mostly white background with pink and green letters, it’s a clear bottle with a green childproof top. I know I may have gotten carried away with the details but I know I can be paranoid sometimes when making sure I have the right product….
Was everything everything gone including the smelly discharge or just the physical symptoms? On Wednesday I began taking an acidophilus supplement along with folic acid and I have been normal since.

I am so tired of getting this infection …my doctor said not to use soap can you please email me on what I should do.
Just curious to see if you have to continue using the pills after you have done the first step have you tried going off of them and if so has the smell came back?
As well meaning as they are, doctors are only human and as yet continue to give prescriptions for meds that DO NOT WORK for this nagging and embarrasing condition. I have been given this medication over and over and over and over again and the symptoms always came back. Recently, i developed bv and decided to douche to just to get rid of the smell, not knowing that it would cure the infection. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Our range of products varies from Flotation units, Settlers, Oil-water separators, Biological treatment systems and related supplies. Research suggests that boric acid in the vagina traps ammonia, which is a natural component that infectious bacteria can use as energy.
Some ionizers allow users to enjoy 8 levels or more of varying pH, which some believe can help maintain a healthy pH balance in the body. When using this home treatment for bacterial vaginosis, you can curb the multiplication of unwanted bacteria.
I live in Atlanta, Ga and I got mine from Kroger (grocery store) in it vitamin section…. My gynecologist has always told me douching if ANY kind for ANY reason can permanently screw up your p.H. I have been dealing with it for about 20 years and till have it how much peroxide do you use please help me i dont have a normal life i feel people smell me. This experience makes us an ideal partner for the supply of single treatment units to turnkey water treatment plants worldwide. If you suffer from chronic bacterial vaginosis, you may enjoy relief after following a 14-day regimen centered on boric acid suppositories [1]. When pH levels are above 4.5, the bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis are allowed to thrive.

Over time, the healthy bacteria will grow and reproduce a€“ reestablishing a normal balance of naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina.
Well I was reading it and feeling kinda upset because some of them can cost $12 for one bottle!
I tried antibiotics once and it didn’t fully clear things up and within a few days of being off the antibiotics the pain and everything is back.
I have also heard that Acidophilis works and have purchased a supplement that I will take daily. On Tuesday I used plain yogurt with live Acidophilus and filled a tampon applicator about halfway.
To rid yourself of BV permanently you must douche with peroxide and water, or tea tree oil. I have also purchased plain yogurt containg this ingredient that I will use internally with the assistance of tampon applicators.
Using condoms definitelty cuts down on the recurrence, as men can carry the bacteria on their penis and essentially re-infect you.
And since the antibiotics erik destroy everything if figured I would start the vitamins while on my treatment so I could attempt to build up my good bacteria before the bad ones came back. I’ve had it for four years now and if it hasnt already gone away I think you should tell your mom… I hope this helps, good luck! I must admit I was leery about putting yogurt up there as it just seems odd and unnatural, but I am so glad that I did. She didn’t know what I had or what to do so I went to another doctor recommended by a friend and this lady diagnosed me immediately.
I’ve eaten yeast so long it will take a long time to kill all of it in my system, but the coconut oil is working bc I have also lost 30 lbs.

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