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Getting enough rest is the best thing you can do to stop the soaring infection that caused your sore throat in the first place. 26 easy home remedies fever blisters - home remedies, Facebook pinterest fever blisters (or cold sores) comments off on 26 easy home remedies for fever blisters. This will help reduce the pain as you seek alternative treatment – pain killers such as aspirin and ibuprofen only relieve the pain and don’t treat the underlying problem. And because some sore throats come by due to bacteria and virus infection, it makes sense that you need to take enough vitamin C to recover faster. The smell from your mouth may be awful but if that’s all it takes to have a smooth throat, it’s absolutely OK to use garlic.

If symptoms persist, kindly seek medical advice to avoid further infections that may lead to even more serious complications. There are 20+ simple remedies that you can apply to ease the irritation of a typical sore throat. In general you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep your body strong enough so it fights off the infection before things get out of control. Some vitamin C rich foods include lemons, oranges, passion fruits, pineapples and strawberry. So avoid eating or drinking anything immediately after taking it – Best used just before bed-time.

Repeat the whole process 3 times a day with intervals of about 6 hours in between sessions. Garlic has been used since time immemorial to benefit upper respiratory tract infections making it a priceless treatment for sore throats. Extreme cases may be accompanied with swollen tonsils, frequent headaches and discharge of mucus.

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