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Right now, Destiny players are frantically trying to gear up with all of the new Queen’s Wrath equipment. In Iron Banner matches, your gear is incredibly important, and a player decked out in legendaries and exotics is going to ruin your day if you’re walking in there with blues and greens. If you want to be involved in this limited time event (and grab some of the event-exclusive gear), here are 9 ways to get your Guardian in Iron Banner shape.
Additionally, if you get very lucky with your Queen’s Kill Order drops, you might even score a legendary sniper rifle, which can fill your secondary weapon slot if you need it to. Now that you have at least a helmet and chest armor, it’s time to find gauntlets, leg armor, and weapons. As a quick refresher, buying Vanguard and Crucible equipment requires you to have a certain reputation level.
Unlocking items with faction reputation levels is great because both Vanguard and Crucible activities can count towards it, effectively doubling how quickly you get to level 3.
Exotic Auto Rifles should be a priority (more on this later) if you don’t have an Exotic weapon yet. Making sure you aren’t carrying any blue or green items is your priority, but it should go without saying that if you have an option, make sure you pick the one that fits your PvP playing style the best. Between the Queen’s Wrath, Tower vendors, faction vendors, and Xur, you should have no problem getting all of your equipment slots filled with purple and yellow. Obtaining the items is just the beginning though, to make them effective pieces of your arsenal, you have to level them up. If you’re really desperate, dismantling Legendary or Exotic items can also give you these (energy from weapons, shards from armor). Finding enough Ascendant material to fully upgrade your gear is going to be tricky, so hopefully you have some saved up already. The Iron Banner is all about finding every little advantage that you can, so if you’re really looking to top the competition, I highly recommend you do so with an Auto Rifle. Tokyo Marui P90 Red DotIntroductionAs far as space aged, future, dare I say goofy looking weapons go, the P90?s got the market cornered. On the underside of the upper frame the switch that controls the red dot?s brightness is easily accessible.
Issues with highcapsThis loved or hated gun still stirs up heavy feelings in those that encounter it but with more and more replica companies making versions it seems that this PTW will soon become one of the more mainstream weapons in airsoft.And overall, from my experience I can see why this gun is becoming more popular. The fights in here are largely the same as the earlier area, except now a weaker version of the Bandit mid-boss can show up in random battles. Gehrich seems to be some sort of stereotypical Frenchmen head attached to Hero Yui’s body.
Luckily Dart and company arrive to protect Haschel from threats suitable for a 12 year old. Meru is surprisingly forgiving towards someone that she just met knocking her out cold and leaving her in a bandit infeste4d area.
Battle goes on business as usual for a few rounds with Albert stabbing away, Dart slashing, Hashchel punching. Fortunately for all of us Haschel kills Mappi and we can move on with our lives and the murdering his rogue student. He takes this opportunity to perform an aerial chorus line dance on Gehrich’s skull for a healthy 200 damage. Research shows the quickest way to a man’s heart is not, in fact, through his stomach.
On October 7 though, that will come to an end, making room for the official introduction of the Iron Banner, a one-week Crucible event that will let Guardians compete in PvP using all of the abilities and stats of their gear. This guide assumes you are level 20+, and have maxed out at least one subclass (preferably the one you like using in PvP). Luckily, the Queen’s Wrath event has made it painfully easy to obtain a few legendary items, specially, your helmet and chest armor. The most reliable way to do this is to spend Vanguard and Crucible marks with the various vendors. If you’ve been playing the end-game for a little while now, you likely already have enough Crucible or Vanguard marks to buy one or two items. Even better, faction vendors’ inventories never change, so you know exactly what you can purchase beforehand. Otherwise, plan on visiting Xur to fill out the one or two equipment slots that you don’t have a Legendary for. The difference between a weapon or armor piece you just acquired and one that you maxed out is huge.

You might be tempted to wait and see if you can get random drops or Engrams to get those last pieces of Legendary gear, but doing so will mean you have less time to upgrade once you find them. Whatever you have equipped when you turn one in will get a hefty XP boost, even if you didn’t use it to complete the bounty. These are the known ways of finding them: completing Public Events with a Gold Rating, Legendary Engrams, Loot Chests, and random drops for the daily and weekly story missions and strikes, Vault of Glass, and Crucible matches.
And yet for all it?s worth this PDW has serious divided sentiments in many airsofters and gun users.
Several other types of ammunition were developed for this weapon, including tracer, subsonic ball and soft-core training ball.?I got an opportunity to fire on of these a few years ago and I can say it was an absolute pleasure. To me this is somewhat no use, I?ve never used the lighter of the two settings, as I find it to be too dull to really see even at night. I?ve read of complaints due to loudness but personally I?ve never had this issue (I?m used to shooting real weapons that are quite a bit louder).Starting off, let?s discuss the magazines. About 100 feet, 110 feet absolute max (I haven?t used my laser range finder yet but I?m 90% sure that 100 feet is about what you?ll get for max effective). More and more players are flocking to more CQB, indoor type events, MOUT sites are on the rise, and few weapons so perfectly mold themselves to CQB type fights. I know how it is; I don't like it when I'm browsing a site and I accidentally trigger an awful flash ad where a big, freakish iPhone starts singing at me. Please, if you enjoy the site, consider adding us to your AdBlock whitelist—it really does make a difference. If you aren’t in this boat, the Iron Banner is unfortunately not for you this time around.
Helmets are usually the most expensive armor purchase, luckily the Queen of the Reef already provided you with one! Since he is the only vendor that accepts Strange Coins, don’t be stingy and use this opportunity to make sure you have one Exotic weapon, and one piece of Exotic armor.
Simply run a Google search for a farming run of whatever you need (ie: Relic Item farming run). I suppose some might find this useful and something worth having but for me it?s just another feature.As far as sighting in the red dot you make use a two part tool system, a hex wrench and a weird plastic key that both come with the gun. That's why here on the Let's Play Archive we'll only ever serve up nice banners that behave properly. You’ll find plenty of videos showing the most efficient ways to gather that material.
Hence the TM P90's bullpup configuration lends it to have internal barrel longer than a TM MP5 and just a tad shorter than a TM M4 with the overall length of the whole gun to be as long as a folded, sliding stock TM MP5. The integral sight (it is not a red dot) is a bit strange to use but the irons are actually pretty easy to use. It didn?t take much time to sight it in and thus far (and I use my P90 a lot) I haven?t found my sighting to come lose yet.On the topic of sights, as mentioned there is a type of ?iron sight? present. While the lowcaps look and feed perfectly fine, even I?ve had issues with high caps over the years. Preferred engagement range shouldn?t exceed 50 feet making this ideal for CQB.ROF is decent, more than enough that a good pull should send out enough plastic to hit a target. Standard pistols and submachine guns chambered for pistol rounds were proved ineffective against enemy soldiers, wearing body armor; Therefore FN designers first developed a new round with enhanced penetration, initially known as SS90. As far as damage is concerned I shot an old PSGT flack vest with it and it gutted it side to side (although I believe a 9mm would do the same) to that piece of junk) but be that as it may I feel that the real gun is defiantly something worth looking at. Located on the top of the frame there?s a ?sight? on each side of the red dot consisting of an open rear sight and a ?post? in front.
In short, because of the horizontal design of the magazines, there?s a spring mounted press the pushes the bb?s into the feed mechanism. To achieve necessary high penetration while keeping recoil impulse low, FN used a small-bore approach, creating a round that looked much like the scaled down 5,56NATO round. But then on to the toy.First ImpressionsI got this a few years ago as a Christmas present (an unexpected on at that) and first impressions were a wow escaping my lips. Surprisingly I tend to use these more than the red dot for reaction shots, choosing to use the red dot for more accurate, careful shots.Looking over the gun one may notice a key thing, despite having a working cocking level, there is no visible way to adjust the hop up.
As such sometimes bb?s jam or get caught well enough that none feed into the system and you need to fix the feed problem. There?s multiple ways to shoot this weapon, some normal, some strange.There?s the open forward grip, which is how I naturally grab the P90, with the forward hand just cradling the weapon and your shooting hand actually doing the moving. I?ve found the quickest solution is to shake the gun pretty hard, once, up and down, kinda in the way you would cock a pump action shot gun with one hand.Anyway as far as shooting goes this is a cqb dream.

It must be noted that 5,6x30 MARS round was in a sense a direct predecessor to 5,7x28 FN SS90 round, although the latter featured slightly lighter and faster bullet. I?d wanted one for awhile and I was pleasantly surprised when I got it.Picking it up it was even better. Personally I find it incredibly comfortable to grip and you more or less point your body at the target and it should hit square in the chest. There are a lot of options out there, look at the entire upgrade path of an item before buying it, and make sure it fits what you’re best at. Solid plastic construction as always found on Tokyo Marui guns and the integral red dot was just something I found cool the first time I got to hold it.The box it came in itself is quite a piece of work.
The reddot has only 2 brightness settings, but is viewablw in full daylight.It has a good rate of fire due to the EG1000 motor.
A foam cutout covered by felt or some kind of cloth with little pictures and other items, classic to Tokyo Marui presentation, makes this gun new in the box a pleasant and professional sight to behold. The high-capacity magazine also was made from semi-translucent polymer, and holds 50 rounds in two rows. I?ve owned two of these airsoft guns over the years and I can say they?re a great break from the norm for many reasons.
To made loaded weapon as compact as possible, FN designers followed the idea of American designer Hall, and placed the magazine above the barrels, with cartridges stored in horizontal position with bullets pointing to the left.
Very few batteries fit in this gun, and most are only 8.4v?s and usually a low milliampaged.
While Hall system employed a rotary feed unit, operated by the bolt, to put new cartridge in line with the barrel, FN designers incorporated a stationary helical ramp into each magazine, which rotates cartridge for 90 degrees prior to placing it into feed lips. Second, I can?t even think of CQB without a P90 in the picture, and finally they get a stare from whoever sees them, even now with many new P90?s on the field. Complete ambidexterity was achieved by using ambidextrous controls (including dual charging handles and dual back-up open sights), and bottom ejection. Finally, simplicity of aiming was achieved by use of integral reflex type collimating sight and integral laser aiming module (LAM). Having seen a P90 in person I can say the Marui is, as usual for Tokyo Marui, very loyal to the original.
Since this is of the RD version I think it falls into the more ?classic? P90 look (Stargate-esq) and to be honest this is another time where I feel you could lay this one down next to a real steel and be hard pressed to spot many differences.
The faux screw heads on the left side of the body are a nice touch as is the ejection port on the underside. There is an airsoft alternative but it detracts the image of the P90 so much, I would'nt touch it with a barge pole nor wish it upon any of my enemies!!-Too Small: as I'm a short person, I find the gun to be a perfect fit for myself. Similarly the fake bullets in the standard type magazine with a round already mid turn into the gun adds a great realism effect.
An example of this is your typical M4 rifle which has over one billion accessories and add-ons to itself which not required for the gun to function as a gun. I?m not exactly sure on the thickness but I can tell you from the feel of the P90?s body it should be well thick enough to take a decent beating, much more than a responsible player should ever dish out. The lower receiver?s plastic is textured and offers just enough roughness to feel like your hand won?t slip yet its smooth enough to still feel great.
On the upper receiver the plastic is very smooth but I will note it doesn?t have the same ?feel? that the lower receiver?s plastic has. Shortly put it feels a little more brittle, especially the leading edges where the rear site slits are. I?ve read numerous times that this slits can snap off and while this didn?t happen to either of mine I can certainly see and feel that enough pressure will surely snap them off. As far as I can tell the only external metal parts are the flashider and what little ?outer barrel? there is and the Red Dot device itself. Moving on the little eye candy pieces, trades are fairly limited on this gun, which if I remember right is true for the real steel as well. I?ve read from some that this is more of a nuisance than a blessing but I personally love it.Once it?s been sighted in (I only ranged it out to about fifty feet) it?s pretty much dead accurate and pretty useful.

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