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Listerine is a well know mouthwash product that is very good in killing mouth germs but can be used to cure feet related problems like toenail fungus, making feet skin soft and smooth, treating warts, corns, calluses and cracked heels as well. Adding some of vinegar is considered fast and excellent remedy to cure toenail fungus as vinegar has acidic effects in which fungi infection cannot thrive more.
Applying mixture of Listerine mouthwash and white vinegar directly on toenail is also done by people than just doing soaking treatment. PinPointe FootLaser – the first clinically proven laser device for the temporary increase of clear nail in patients with onychomycosis, or nail fungus. The first clinically proven laser device for the temporary increase of clear nail in patients with onychomycosis, or nail fungus. Nail fungus is an embarrassing chronic condition that impacts your quality of life and can lead to serious health problems for those with diabetes or immune disorders.
The treatment of nail infection is difficult because the infection is under and inside of the nail, which makes it hard for other treatments to reach and destroy the infection. This patented laser is specially designed to shine through your toenail and destroy the specific pathogens embedded in and under your nail causing the infection. Because this treatment is considered aesthetic, health insurance plans do not cover this treatment. The cost of the treatment ranges from $600 to $1200 depending on number of infected toenails. Our Podiatrists are trained and certified foot and ankle physicians that treat all foot disorders. Our physicians are trained surgeons skilled in the correction of all foot abnormalities such as bunions, hammertoes, heel pain and neuromas. Our physicians spend quality time with our patients in order to diagnose each foot disorder. The following sections explain how this fungus is exactly caused, followed by detailed information about the various effective home remedies for the same. The indicants of this condition vary depending upon the type of fungus that affects the nails.
Many a time, the affected nails tend to part from the nail bed, and this condition is termed as onycholysis. At the onset of the fungal infection, if the condition is not treated on time, it can endure for a longer period of time. The moment you notice any of the symptoms, you can follow certain home remedies that will prove very effective in reducing the spread of the fungus.
VinegarFill a basin with warm water and vinegar in equal proportions (any vinegar will do, but apple cider vinegar has proven to be most effective). Do this twice daily, morning and just before going to bed (three times if possible), for maximum effect, until the fungus is gone. The uses of these oils are many, and they are a natural and powerful fungicide and antiseptic.
Grapefruit Seed ExtractMix a little portion of this extract with water or glycerin, and apply on the cuticle and underneath the front part of the nail.
Using Marjoram and Olive oilMix two drops of marjoram essential oil with a spoonful of olive oil. Marjoram has antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal properties, which have the potential to cure the nail infection. If you have not worn those sandals of yours for long because of a toenail fungus, try out these home remedies. Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is purely for informative purposes, and should not be treated as a replacement for professional medical advice.

Listerine foot soak is similar to any other soaking treatment like vinegar foot soak, hydrogen peroxide foot soak, Epsom salt foot soak etc. It just takes some months to cure toenail fungus if Listerine foot soak solution is used for 30 minutes daily.
A combination of Listerine and vinegar is said to be perfect home remedy to treat toenail fungus infection.
Safe and effective, this in-??office treatment is pain free, has no harmful side effects, and typically takes only about 30-??minutes to complete. Nail infection can cause permanent deformity of the nail, which can interfere with your being able to wear shoes, walking, sports, and other activities. Treatments such as medicated nail polish or oral medications may be associated with side effects or serious drug interactions.
Unlike other lasers that are used for skin or pain treatments, the PinPointe™ laser is designed and used for only one purpose; to safely destroy molds and bacteria that cause fungus nail infections (Onychomycosis). There is no pain but some patients may experience temporary warmth in the nail during treatment.
In clinical studies there have been no adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities or known side effects. There is a consultation with the doctor to see if you are a candidate for the treatment and that fee can be billed to your insurance. Whether you are suffering from pain, discomfort or an embarrassing condition, we can help you. The doctors, along with our team of nurses and office personnel, strive to achieve the highest quality level of personalized, comprehensive foot care.
Fungal spores thrive on such brushes, which means, you will also get infected if you use anyone else's nail paint brush who has a nail fungal infection. It is caused by tiny organisms, named Tinea unguium (a type of fungus) that infect the fingernails and toenails. This is the reason why many who wear shoes constantly in warmer climates suffer from toenail fungal infections.
Besides, toenails are more prone to getting affected by fungus in comparison to fingernails.
Mentioned below are certain signs and symptoms that will warn you about the onset of onychomycosis. An individual might feel throbbing pain in the fingertips or toes, besides giving out a foul smell. Hence, the moment tiny yellow or white spots are visible under the tip of the nail, visit a podiatrist (a foot doctor) at the earliest. This fungus is contagious, and therefore, the sooner you eliminate it, the better are your chances of a speedy recovery.
Soak the affected toenail in rubbing alcohol for about 20 minutes, twice daily (morning and just before going to bed).
Soak the affected toenail in pure hydrogen peroxide (3%) for 15 to 20 minutes, twice daily (morning and just before going to bed). While some have found that using Vicks on the affected toenail has helped, others have experienced no such benefit. Sometimes all your nails get fungi infection and this is called severe condition of this infection and disease. It is considered that results of Listerine are slow and it takes time in working on feet problems but it is a safe, most reliable and convenient way of treating toenail fungus and other feet problems. White vinegar is preferable consider to treat toenail fungus but any type of vinegar will surely work for removing this infection.

Home remedies such as using bleach, vinegar, mouthwash, or household cleaners to resolve the problem are often tried but, ultimately, fail to resolve it. In the latest clinical study 81% of all patients treated sustained a clear nail improvement at 12 months after a single treatment. As you may know, the oral medications now used to treat toenails must be taken daily for months and carry with them some side effects that can affect the liver, kidneys, and skin. The treatment fee also includes any necessary nail preparation, post treatment counseling and a follow up visit to check your results.
Here are few tips on precautions and causes which can help you in preventing fungus to effect  your nails.Recently I came across a blog post where the admin discussed his personal experience.
This not-so-good habit, besides a few other reasons, goes on to affect around 35 million Americans every year with toenail fungus. Growth of the fungus occurs beneath the nails, making it difficult to reach and cure, at times.
This is because of the ideal conditions present in the toenails for the breeding of fungus, which occurs when the fungus gets under the toenails. Following are some home remedies that use commonly-available ingredients to stop the growth of fungus, and eventually eliminate it. Get out those unused sandals; you will need them to flaunt your wonderful toenails in a very short while from now.
You must avoid skipping the day for taking treatment of Listerine foot soak solution for best results as skipping the day slows the process of healing toenail fungus. In short, you can surely get best results in healing toenail fungus using Listerine foot soak by adding vinegar in this solution. After the one 30-minute treatment, the nail plate should grow out clear in 8-12 months if there is a healthy nail bed.
This laser does not.  Some lasers need to be cooled with a spray because of the heat buildup or they are so low powered, they do not kill fungus. The best results are obtained when the laser treatment is applied to all of the toenails on both feet, even the ones that appear uninfected. This condition is not caused only due to poor hygiene, and can even spread from one individual to another.
Nail fungus spreads fast in your toenails and your nails get thicker, look bad, discolor and have crumbling edges as well. There are no harmful effects of using this soaking solution but you will find this remedy very cost effective and convenient as well. This result is better than the results reported for the oral pill, Lamisil, which you take for three months with some risk of side effects. Toenail fungus is often ignored as there is no pain in this disease for several years than just to gets your nails discolor and spoiled. Although there is not find any scientific evidence or medically approved statement for using Listerine foot soak solution for toenail fungus but most of people find it really works efficiently to cure lots of feet care problems including toenail fungus infection. If the infection is resistant or the nails have not responded with clear growth, the nails may need another laser treatment.

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