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Nail fungus is a common infection and many people suffer from the fungus without doing anything about it.
Vinegar has acidic properties that help inhibit the growth of certain types of fungi and bacteria. Oregano essential oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that make it very effective in treating nail fungus. However, rinse the area well using a mild soap and warm water after soaking it in bleach mixture. Like oregano essential oil, tea tree essential oil too has anti-fungal properties which make the oil very effective in treatment of various infections. Since tea tree is an essential oil it needs to be mixed with any carrier oil for application.
Since ancient times garlic is being used for treating various fungal, bacterial and viral infections. Pregnancy is a blessing and a joyful time, but sometimes trying to deal with infections can be an absolute nightmare.  There are so many things that you can and cannot do, so it can easily get confusing when you want to treat something like a toenail fungal infection during pregnancy.
People with weakened immune systems or those that have poor circulation to their feet are more likely to get an infection. You have probably had it long before you got pregnant, and you are just now noticing some signs of toenail fungus.
You can treat the fungus while you’re pregnant or nursing, though, but you have to be very careful about what you use.  You should always talk to your doctor or OBGYN before using anything, but you will find that there are a lot of ways that you can treat toenail fungus safely. In this article, we will talk a little about the fungus, and the different symptoms.  We will also talk about the treatments that you can use, as well as other things that you can do to help the infection go away faster. It takes anywhere from a few months to a year to be able to completely kill the fungus.  Depending on the type of treatment that you use, though, you may be able to see improvements in your nail within a few weeks. A lot of the time, though, prescription treatments contain very powerful ingredients that can travel through your bloodstream.  Right now, you don’t want to put anything into your system that could harm the baby. There are natural treatments that you can use that will safely kill the fungus.  There are foot soaks, oils, creams, and nail polishes.

Since it is very potent, tea tree oil should be diluted with another carrier oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil.  These are also essential oils, meaning that they won’t dilute the healing properties. Although it contains only natural ingredients, such as salts and essential oils, it is always advised to ask your doctor before you use anything that soaks into your skin. It may sound like an old wives’ tale, but Vicks Vaporub has been tested in many clinical trials, and it does help to kill toenail fungus.
All that you have to do for it to work is to rub it on the nail a few times a day.  The ingredients in it will kill off nail fungus quickly and effectively, and it couldn’t be easier to use.
An infection with nail fungus may begin as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail. Once treatment is successful, a preventative regimen must be instituted to guard against reinfection. Most commonly, a group of fungi called dermatophytes (such as Candida) is responsible for nail fungal infections.
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However, there are many user testimonials to show that VapoRub is indeed effective in removing fungus from the nail. However, no essential oil should be rubbed directly on the skin as it has very strong acidic properties that can irritate and harm the skin.
Combine 2ml of tea tree oil with 3ml of olive oil and rub this mixture daily on the nail and the surrounding skin for 3 weeks. Listerine mouthwash has anti-fungal and anti-bacteria ingredients that make the mouthwash ideal for curing nail fungus. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Fungus lives under the nail bed and doesn’t show any sign until it gets strong enough to start doing some damage.
Nail fungal infections are caused by microscopic organisms called fungi that do not require sunlight to survive.

Treatments available in hospitals cannot cure the infection completely and often the infection returns. Tea tree essential oil is also used in the treatment of other infections like athlete’s foot, bacterial vaginosis, impetigo etc. Also, these treatments are expensive and take long to show any results.Therefore, many people resort to home remedies as they are cheap and quite effective in curing nail fungus infection. After soaking the feet in vinegar wash it well with plain water and pat it dry or use hair dryer to dry your nail completely. You will see improvement in your condition when the nail loses its discoloration.Some people also like to mix vinegar or ascetic acid in the mouthwash for faster results.
The vinegar treatment should be done daily at least thrice a day, for up to 4 weeks. You will soon see a difference in the color of your nail. The nails will return to their normal and healthy color once you stop the treatment. The positive part of this treatment is that your nail will be fungus free forever. You can even add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to increase the potential of the soak.
Vinegar will not only prevent the fungus from growing but will also remove the existing fungus from the skin.
But remember to do this treatment regularly for the required time or the fungus may grow back.
Dip the infected nail in the soak for 15-20 minutes and then rinse the area with lukewarm water.

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