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Add 3-4 finely minced garlic pods in a cup of coconut oil and place it over a medium flame. Add two grams of cumin seeds and two grams of fenugreek seeds to a pan filled with 100ml of water. Sinus infection is something that exists among thousands and thousands of people all around the globe. Where this natural item is concerned, you can be assured that it has innumerable benefits for your body. You just have to fill in a tub with warm water and take the steam by covering your head with a clean towel. Hot beverages like tea and coffee as well as green or herbal tea is something that you should increase in the daily diet. Along with this you should drink 8-10 glasses of water as well as fresh juices to keep the body hydrated. Ear congestion causes temporary block in the inner ear and causes heavy pressure, temporary ear pain and loss of ability to hear. Exercising with simple yoga forms might help to solve the problems associated with congestion.
Place hydrogen peroxide in the ear to clear congestion which causes plugged ear and add few ear drops and wait to fizzle out. Place a few drops of grain alcohol with plugged ear and dry up with canal, which gets into canal functioning.
Put wet towel inside the microwave for 30 seconds and place the towel in the clogged ear to loosen mucus and this helps to clear congestion. However, chewing 2-3 fresh garlic pods daily in the morning on an empty stomach not only helps in dealing with sinusitis but also combats other allergies as well.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. So, using both these ingredients to prepare a decoction is a great way to ease the symptoms of sinus infections. Researches show that half of the affected aren’t even aware about suffering from the problem. However, it would be a relief for you to know that it’s not a serious health hazard and can be easily prevented as well as cured.
One of the many benefits apple cider vinegar provides is to cure sinus infection.The easy way out is to concentrate 3-4 teaspoons of good quality vinegar in a glass of water and drink it. This should be done for at least 10-15 minutes for good results.Steam can also be taken by taking a warm water shower or bath. The easy way to make maximum use of olive oil is to take some of it in your palms and massage the facial and nasal area with it for a while.This will open up the nasal passage and help you blow your nose properly. It gives immediate comfort by opening up the nose as well as easing the stressful nerves thus reducing headaches.

This remedy is very simple as this can be done just from your home, without any much problem. Grab away the tissue and blow the nose few times for expelling mucus from the body and breaking up congestion in the ears. Ear congestion can be triggered with dry air and this will run with humidifier for getting thick mucus and inducing on drainage.
Additionally, at night you can use two pillows for sleeping and this position might encourage the mucus drainage to help in congestion. Crush two or three garlic pods in a pestle or mortar along with a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of salt.
Turn off the flame and start inhaling the vapors by covering your head and the bowl with a towel. When the lining of the sinuses gets inflamed or infected, then it leads to an infection known as sinusitis.
Along with instant relief from running nose it will give you visible recovery signs in a matter of a week. Not only does it immediately open up the blocked nasal passages but also gives you relief from headaches and pain.
A few home remedies might provide relief for congestion and there are prescribed medications which might reduce the symptoms. You should never overdue the hobbies, which might be prolonged sitting and writing with embroidering. Following this remedy for 2-3 days can help you getting rid of the problem like ear congestion. Garlic, an amazing food not only helps deal with conditions such as cold, flu since ages but also helps in keeping several other infections at bay. Massage your forehead, neck, chest, and nose using garlic oil to get relieved from sinus infections. A sinus infection is often accompanied by a severe headache which becomes worse whenever you move your head. This is an easy and quick remedy which helps opening up the stuffed nostrils which are blocked due to inflammation. Consume this decoction two or three times every day to stay away from the symptoms such as cold, cough etc. Home remedies are not only completely safe but extremely effective if you pick the right ones.
This helps the Eustachian tube to block open and hence give relieve the problem of ear congestion.
A compound found in garlic is known as allicin contains antiviral, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial compounds.

Consume this warm soup twice every day to get relieved from the infection caused by sinusitis.
While there are many antibiotics which help address this issue, there are several natural ways to get rid of the inflammation and fluid buildup. Consuming this decoction regularly can help improve your immune health, thus protecting you from sinus infections. Before you visit your nearest doctor, you may try any of the following remedy from your home. Now squeeze out the water from the towel and apply the towel on your ear congestion area to relieve the pain. Also, the other compounds found in this immune-boosting superfood also help in healing several other illnesses. A compound known as Curcumin in turmeric has therapeutic effects and when combined along with garlic, it acts as a potent remedy helpful in dealing with sinus infections. Turmeric helps inhibit inflammation whereas garlic’s antibacterial properties provide relief from the sinus infections. Tomato has anti-inflammatory properties as well as vitamin A which are beneficial in healing the mucous membrane that is prone to damage due to sinus infections. Consuming it could help boost your immune system, thus protecting you from cold as well as sinus infections. This treatment helps clear your blocked nostrils and is an amazing remedy to keep sinus infections at bay. In fact, the compound allicin gets activated when it is minced, crushed, or finely chopped. The innate compounds and allicin found in garlic may help in easing the symptoms associated with sinus infections whereas the steam could help clear congestion and mucus as well. These tiny seeds are packed with anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial compounds. Following this remedy regularly can help ease the symptoms associated with sinus infections. So, using it for your sinus infections is a great way to get relieved from the symptoms associated with this condition. The other compounds found in cumin seeds help soothe the inflamed muscles and boosts your immune system so that it combats infections. Also, cumin seeds help reduce mucus formation as well as swelling and hence it is used as an effective remedy for addressing sinus infections.

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