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Increased attention to environmental protection may cause increasing use of UV disinfection systems instead of chlorination in more than 70% of waste water treatment plants in domestic market.
NEOTEC UV exports Chamber type uv disinfection system, Medium pressure uv disinfection system, low pressure uv disinfection system, open channel uv disinfection system, UV water sterilizer, UV lamp, Medium pressure lamp, Quartz Sleeve, UV Ballast for Ballast water treatment to many countries in the the world.
In order to destruct pathogenic microorganisms which exist even after several steps of treatment processes, UV water sterilizer has been suggested as the solution of Waste water treatment and Drinking water treatment.
UV Systems, for water from tanks, lakes, rural dams, ponds, rivers and creeks, DI water, Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems, UV Water Treatment Systems with Water Filter combinations, Tank Water UV Systems, Tank Water UV Treatment Systems, pool water, domestic, commercial, industrial – UV Systems. Our German made UV Systems underwent hundreds of hours of vigorous testing by a government accredited authority.
Our UV Water Treatment Systems are made for domestic, commercial & industrial application to suit all water conditions and flow rate requirements.
With a well stocked warehouse, experienced staff and efficient supply system we can deliver UV Systems, UV Lamps & replacement parts quickly and securely anywhere in Australia, NZ and the South Pacific Region. With Decades of experience we ensure that your UV System is correctly sized to deliver the UV dose required to make your water safe to use, whether it be in, residential, commercial or industrial applications. UV Systems with Water Filter Combinations, for tank water, bore water, rainwater, domestic, residential, whole house, commercial, industrial, for Australian Conditions.
KEEPING WATER FIT FOR LIVE – Sixty per cent of the Australian population depend partially or fully on private tank water. Water treatment without the use of toxic chemicals is vital to keep our water suitable for life. UV Drinking Water Purification Systems are an effective and economical means of water disinfection and water sterilization, by eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses and other microbes from drinking water, regardless of its source.
Expensive software is applied in the precision engineering and manufacture of our UV systems. When you purchase a UV System from us, you can be assured that the size of your UV system has been calculated using all factors involved which are necessary for an affective UV dose, such as the quality of your water, exposure time, UV transmittance and intensity. Water sourced from rainwater tanks, bores, private dams, rivers, creeks, lakes, may look clear but have a high content of organic chemicals and suspended particles not visible to the eye, which would affect UVT.
By sending us a water sample of 50 ml, we conduct a free test of your water’s UV Transmittance (UVT). We stock an extensive range of UV Replacement Lamps and UV Spare Parts to suit most brands and sizes of UV systems.

APT Aqua Pure offers the best value for money of any ultraviolet systems available in the Australian market. With an extensive stocking list and efficient delivery system, we can deliver UV systems, UV Replacement Lamps and UV Spare Parts quickly and securely anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Region. Our UV systems are correctly sized for the correct UV dosage and exposure time of the water to be treated. To ensure that the water is very clean and free of particulate matter and dissolved organics that can shield microbes from the UV radiation, we recommend that filtration is part of your Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems.
UV SYSTEMS WITH WATER FILTER COMBINATIONS – all-in-one whole house water filtration systems with UV treatment. APT AQUA PURE WHOLE HOUSE UV WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS are characterised by a high degree of efficiency. Operators of business and facilities supplying water from private sources have a responsibility to ensure that their water complies with Australian Drinking Water Standards.
UV Systems may be installed with automatic Water Softenes, Carbon Filters and Sediment Filters.
We guarantee an effective disinfection of your water and full compliance of equipment with all regulatory requirements. UV light sterilizers are an excellent device for drinking water treatment systems, often they are even essential. The body of the product is made of stainless steel, the inner liner is made of quartz, a material permeable to UV rays, and it includes a Philips light blub.
UV rays sterilizers can be installed in all positions, even though some may be more effective than others. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. UV Ozone Generator (Water Treatment)UV Ozone Generator (Water Treatment)   UV-HO SERIES ozone generates use ambient air feed gas, without air feed pre-treat system (air dryer, oxygen concentration).
As a leading manufacturer of the UV disinfection system for waste water treatment, NEOTEC UV has experience of numerous applications in UV disinfection field, and now we are stepping forward to the global market to compete with predominating UV disinfection system manufacturers over the world.
A large amount of money was invested in order to comply with Australian safety standards and plumbing regulations, including State Governments water quality standards. Rivers and Creeks are open to contamination by animals and studies have shown that most rain water tanks contain a significant degree of microbes.

Microbial growth due to contaminated water or ingredients can cause discolouration, off flavours and shortened shelf-life. In the Australian outback, hundreds of thousands of people have mainly bore water as their supply. The water’s clarity is not an effective indicator, because both solid and dissolved material can absorb UV light.
We take great care ensuring that your UV system will provide safe water and reliable operation. We can supply UV Systems for backwash type water filters and water softeners to suit most industrial and municipal installations.
It is a product designed for home consumption, specifically designed as part of a last level microflitration system. We can provide 6 and 8mm metal fittings UV lights (please specficy in purchase order), as we understand that in time plastic can crystallize and become fragile if exposed to UV rays.
Water flow enters from the bottom and exits from the top if the sterilizer is in an upright position. The quartz inner jacket may form a cloudy layer that reduces the effectiveness of the UV rays.
Our unique and convenient distribution system is one of our efforts to satisfy our customers. Tank Water and Municipal tap water can become contaminated by cryptosporidium, giardia E.Coli, staphylococcus, legionella and many other harmful micro organisms. The threat of contamination is further increased as manufacturers respond to demands for less chemical additives and preservatives.
For example: iron and calcium in water are not visible to the human eye but absorb UV light and have a negative impact on UVT. UV light sterilizers can eliminate the totality of microorganisms present in the water with no alteration of the organoleptic characteristics. This is to avoid the formation of bubbles that can decrease the effectiveness of the sterilizer and increase the deposition of lime stone on the quartz sheath walls.

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