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Made with NTRL Proprietary Herbal Complex - Deeply Nourishing Herbal and Antioxidant Ingredients to infuse your skin with what it needs to be clean of impurities and pore-clogging toxins. No harmful chemicals or sulfates like other face washes - We only use the purest natural ingredients your skin deserves. Made in the USA in an FDA registered high-standards facility using only the finest natural ingredients. The cleaner smells great, doesn't dry my skin and comes in a pump bottle (a big plus for me). I have a lot of problems with face washes leaving a film on my face after I rinse them off. I have to say the cleanser itself looks good, smells good, and feels good on my skin BUT the main reason I gave it 3 stars is because it didn't take off my make up. This product came in a very nice glass like bottle with a pump to make it easier to use and get the right amount to cover your face in one pump.
This cleanser has many benefits its Nourishing and Antioxidant ingredients don't harm your skin and leave it feeling tighter and younger.
I really liked the way you could push out just as much product as you needed without contaminating the rest of the container. I was very excited to try this cleanser, but unfortunately it was very harsh on my sensitive facial skin.

This is a really nice face wash - what I love is that it smells SO nice and it cleans my face really well, but my face is not overly dry when I get out of the shower like with a lot of face washes that I've used.
So i got this product about a week ago seeing that it was completely new i was extremely curious and the fact the weather is changing from hot to extreme cold has left my skin a huge mess!
I had only foundation and powder on and after washing my face I noticed some foundation left on my forehead.
I have fallen in love with this face wash its all I use I have given away all my other washes !! I've read quite a bit about the positive benefits Vitamin C has for the skin, and this cleanser has been my first experience with it. It isn't the first Vitamin C product to hurt my face, although others do not cause a problem -- I have no idea what the difference is between one Vitamin C product or another that is so different. Not even in a good way, so when it came in i was excited to try it not only on myself but a few friends since i had a "Lady's" day party facials ect on one day and just how beautiful peoples skin seemed made me wonder the long term effects of this, will it leave my skin oily, and worse than it started if i stop using it? The vitamin c has started filling in my wrinkles and giving my skin its youthful glow back. Since i am always curious when i hear for men it made me continue and i have to say the results were shocking, i have been using a loofa because of my psoriasis patches that i get of dead skin on my face and now no more, it lathers really well, doesn't leave a residue of oil behind at all, it seems like my face was enjoy it more than i have been by using it myself, and with the vitamin C in it knowing i am allergic to it, i had no bumps breakouts nothing! It leaves skin feeling soft but it give you this dry feeling for the first couple mins after you wash it off but that expected until it fully soaks in.

It didn't dry out my skin, but I could tell that it removes extra oil by the almost squeaky clean feeling of my face afterwards.
I can use it on my chest and hands and it leaves them very soft and healthy looking, so I do have a use for it, even though I can't use it on my face, which is what I had wanted it for.
My skin did not turn red or drier when i stopped using it for a day, Can't beat this price either!
My husband is very oily and I have teenagers (3 of them) who struggle with breakouts and I will certainly encourage them to use this cleanser! The smell is so light it is almost undetectable to the point unless you are really really looking for it you will not find it at all! Not tested on animals, all organic, no oily residue, no breakouts, rinses clean of my skin and leaves it silky soft and smooth what else could i want instead of using 10 different things to wash separate parts of my face i now have it all in one! I like that the ingredients are all natural and safe, not pure chemicals like you find in a pharmacy.

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