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Produced Water may contain high concentrations of suspended solids, organic compounds and heavy metals, which require reduction to very low levels before discharge to a water course.
Our Produced Water Treatment systems enable plants to function reliably, even with wide ranging variations in feed quality. Conventional pre-treatment, such as corrugated plate separation, hydrocyclones, air flotation or sand filtration is used to remove the bulk of the oil and suspended solids. The oil and suspended solid free water is treated using membrane Nanofiltration, which removes the bulk of heavy metals and organic compounds. Trace organics and heavy metals in the Nanofiltration permeate are removed by Activated Carbon absorbers and selective Ion-Exchange resin.
Ultrafiltration reject is recycled to the front end of the process and the concentrated oil is reclaimed on site.
Over 25 years experience in the design and installation of Produced Water Treatment systems. Unique design philosophy combining conventional treatment stages supplemented by membrane treatments. For more information regarding our Produced Water Treatment systems contact our specialists today. Best Waterworks Ltd in Sherwood Park is your best source for water treatment, water filtration, and reverse osmosis products and services. Copper silver ionization water purification chemical alternative to salt chlorine generator. KDF 55 is a municipal water treatment media used for removing chlorine from water, up to 99%.

Our river water treatment systems are ideal for the treatment of non-hygienic water that is murky, has a muddy sediment and reveals an unacceptable odour and taste, as is often the case with water coming from rivers, dams, canals, boreholes, etc. Chlorine tablets are supplied in containers of 10 tablets each (only 1 tablet and 100 ml of sudfloc will treat about 10 000 liter of water). The maintenance cost for domestic purposes amounts to approximately R10.00 per week for the chemicals.
It is advisable to give the water in the reservoir or tank at least one hour’s rest before use. A combination of a silica sand filter and an activated carbon filter is installed on the outlet of the reservoir or tank in the pipeline that supplies the end user with water. The activated carbon filter not only improves clarity, but also removes undesirable odour and taste from the water, as well as excess chlorine.
Standard filters have 40mm delivery pipes and supply 9 000 litres per hour at a pressure of 1 Bar.
Where a large volume of water is required, filters can be adapted up to the required volume, while banks of filters are also supplied for large volumes. Chlorine tablets to purifying drinking water are not the same type as those used in swimming pools. At least 1 Bar of water pressure is required to obtain sufficient backwash on filters, otherwise a pressure pump needs to be installed ahead of the filter. Our river water treatment systems can be used successfully by farmers, small towns, industries and mines. Our Produced Water Treatment systems utilise the conventional separation processes for the removal of bulk contaminants, followed by state of the art membrane separation and absorption processes to achieve very low levels of contaminants in the treated effluent (Figure 1).

The Ultrafiltration membranes utilise a modified polyacrylonitrile chemistry, which has been developed to be extremely oleo phobic and thus resistant to free-oil fouling. Nanofiltration provides negligible resistance to the passage of monovalent ions such as chlorides, so it is able to operate on high salinity waters where the inefficient productivity of Reverse Osmosis would render it uneconomical.
The pre-treatment by Nanofiltration significantly increases the bed life of these two media. Call us direct on 01494 526 155 or fill out our online enquiry form and we'll get back to you.
The quest for the disinfectant replacement of chlorine resulted in several possible candidates. Systems of this nature are excellent at removing organic and bacterial contamination, iron and manganese and many have already been installed for clients all over South Africa, as well as in Lesotho, the Kongo and Angola. Where the reservoir or tank is not high enough to render adequate pressure to backwash efficiently, a pressure booster pump can be installed before the filters to give the proper backwash results. The degree of treatment is designed to meet client specified limits such that the treated water is suitable for re-use on site or discharge to water course. Average costs and comments from CostHelper’s team of professional journalists and community of users. Cryptosporidium parvum, which is resistant to chlorine concentrations typically used in water treatment, is recognized as a significant waterborne pathogen.

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