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In the City of Langley there are three ponds that have a combination of either ecological, recreational, or engineering significance: Brydon Lagoon, Langley Seniors Resource Centre Pond, and Sendall Gardens Ponds.
At last night’s Parks and Environment Advisory Committee, we heard about the history of the ponds and some of the issues surrounding them. The Langley Seniors Resource Centre Pond started its life has a storm water retention pond that is now important as part of the park system and for wildlife habitat. Over the coming months, the City will be consulting with its citizen on the management strategy. Here you can find presentations, reports, photos, video, and other documents relating to transportation in the South Fraser region of Southern BC and beyond. I am a Langley City Councillor, and advocate for creating sustainable and accessible communities. Sustainability to me means building a community that will meet the needs of all who choose to live, work, or establish a business in their community today and into the future. The a€?Water Poda€? is designed as a self-contained water treatment system that can be deployed anywhere in the world. Once the Water Pod is offloaded, it is "plug 'n play!" Simply connect it to electrical and water sources and fresh water is on the way.
Connect the power source into our panel, connect to the water inlet and outlet ports and follow our documented startup procedure to have the system up and making potable water within a few hours of arrival at your site. The shell is a tough steel container that can be shipped via ship, rail or truck to any geographical location. Our team of certified pump and water treatment specialists works closely with you to ensure that each system is designed to your individual requirements and complete satisfaction.
PreplumbedPiping can be completed with a variety of approved materials such as: stainless steel, pvc, copper and pex.

All materials meet CSA and NSF standardsAll pumps, water treatment and electrical is CSA and NSF-61 approved. FLOW & PRESSURE TESTED BEFORE SHIPPINGBefore leaving our office every system is pressure tested for any leaks and quality performance. INSULATED CONTAINERContainers can be insulated to a number of R values; all units come with electric baseboard heating units to prevent freezing of pipes or an optional diesel heater. ADDITIONAL OPTIONSFlooring, emergency eyewash station, ventilation, workstation, sink, remote monitoring and more! Thanks to the special filtration system designed by Water Pump Engineers and Filtration Specialists the EDS Water Pod can accept water from a variety of sources! The City of Salmon Arm Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC) incorporated enhanced biological nutrient treatment, removing phosphorus and ammonia from effluent without adding chemicals.
Treatment at the Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC) incorporated enhanced biological nutrient treatment removing phosphorus and ammonia from effluent without chemical addition. We also implemented remote access of the plant’s PLC via a dial-up modem to enable Opus DaytonKnight to provide support, monitoring and troubleshooting of the plant’s process from our own premises.
Opus DaytonKnight is a leading infrastructure consultancy in the areas of water, wastewater and environmental engineering. Over the years, these ponds have been filling up with silt and there has been calls by many in the community to have the City take an active role in managing them. Because of silt buildup, it is no longer an effective storm water retention pond which may have other negative effects on the Nicomekl Floodplain.
The consultants working on the management strategy report had a hard time referring to one of the ponds as a pond as it is more of an enlargement of the creek that flows through the park. It means building a community where small businesses can succeed, which provides services for all members of the community, and that protects the environment.

Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd., has developed the a€?Water Poda€? product to deliver potable water for your crew at any location. We offer fast delivery and the shell meets all international shipping requirements for shipboard transport.
This facility also included an Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digester (ATAD) for stabilizing municipal sludges.
Incorporating AD33 technology, the Plus Series systems are the first carbon-block based products to achieve an NSF 53 certification for arsenic removal. In early March, the City started the process of developing a management strategy for these ponds and is working on a report which will be delivered to Council later this year. Because of its original purpose and the buildup of silt, its use as a storm water retention pond and wildlife habitat are diminishing. It also means working hard to ensure that the services which a city provides remain affordable. We offer competitive prices, full range of products and a commitment of quality and customer service.
They remove a wide range of contaminants, including arsenic, lead VOC's pesticides, cryptosporidium, guardia and chlorine.

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