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Whether a scheduled outage or an emergency need, your operations need guaranteed water quality and quantity.
GE's mobile water treatment solutions fall into four system categories: resin, membrane, filtration, and other water treatment. See how GE helped an Italian power station avoid discharge of dirty condensate and remain within discharge limits while also gaining from the residual heat in the reclaimed condensate. For more information, including technical papers, case studies, and product specs, explore the mobile water resource page in the Document Library.
We build the most advanced customizable Reverse Osmosis water purification and filtration systems for industrial and municipal use. Our water purification systems are designed by the best engineers using the best materials to use less energy.

Complying with environmental regulations and handling various influent waters, GE’s fleet of trailer-based systems can meet your scheduled, temporary, or emergency water needs. Sedimentation- Over time, the now-larger particles become heavy enough to settle to the bottom of a basin from which sediment is removed.
Filtration- The water is then filtered through layers of fine, granulated materials — either sand, or sand and coal, depending on the treatment plant.
Disinfection- To protect against any bacteria, viruses and other microbes that might remain, disinfectant is added before the water flows into underground reservoirs throughout the distribution system and into your home or business. Corrosion control- pH is maintained by adding alkaline substances to reduce corrosion in the distribution system and the plumbing in your home or business. Even in the middle of the night, GE can deploy mobile water treatment systems within 2 hours (plus travel time).

They generate 200 million gallon of purified water every day for more than 3,000 company worldwide in over 200 countries. Denver Water carefully monitors the amount of disinfectant added to maintain quality of the water at the farthest reaches of the system. Our engineers design & build customized water treatment & purification systems including water softeners, waste water treatment, sewage treatment, RO water filtration, UV water purification, reverse osmosis plants, brackish & tap water reverse osmosis systems, sea water reverse osmosis systems, nanofiltration systems, ultrafiltration systems, RO cleaning skids, cartridge filters housing, deionizers, containerized equipment, electrodeionization units, UV sterilizers, and chemical dosing.

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