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It’s one thing to be upset over daily life, but PMDD mood swings make you feel like the world is ending, like giving up on yourself and your life, and sometimes even suicidal. If you are like me, then you have already sabotaged your business or career by saying or doing things that are counterproductive.
PMDD mood swings are a life wrecker and are one of the first things that you need to get under control before it ruins your life. Natural home remedies for mood swings, anxiety and depression are all over the Internet and some work in a mild way, other don’t work at all, and others can be mood improving game changers and miracle workers if they are used correctly. To get PMDD (or any PMS mood swings for that matter) under complete control so you feel normal, peaceful, relaxed, and confident (yes you can get to that state of mind naturally) then you must find a holistic approach using a specific combination of natural remedies to support your body back into health.
Anti-depressants don’t do that for your body and that’s why they are not a cure or even an “acceptable PMDD treatment” for most women. My doctor tried to give me anti-depressants at first too, and I had so many bad side effects including nausea, insomnia, diarrhea, jitters, heart palpation’s, and more.
I dug deeper, researching outside my doctor’s recommendation for more natural remedies to treat PMDD with no pills. In the end, I was just malnourished (with many vitamin deficiencies), had a hormonal imbalance and a slightly under-active thyroid with elevated cortisol levels. I knew my body had the ability to natural come back to health; all it needed was some love and support in the right direction.
You see, I already had a pretty healthy diet consisting of organic veggies and fruits, lean hormone free proteins, and a multi-vitamin I had taken for years. I ate a better multi-vitamin and added other specific key nutrients to bring my deficiencies back into balance.
I learned to process my anger differently in my mind and stopped relying on a pill regardless whether it is natural or synthetic.
In the end, you must understand that your body is trying to tell you something when you have any health issue.
One natural home remedy for PMDD will not fix your mood swings, but a healthy lifestyle change WILL!
You must commit to changing your life for the better in all areas to overcome PMDD symptoms, not just take one pill, be cured an walk away hoping for the best but to only find disappointment later down the road when that doesn’t work.
Balancing the female hormones isn’t a single pill you can take to fix the problem, it’s a lifestyle change and long term commitment to bringing your body back into a healthy balance, replenishing nutritional deficiencies, and avoiding toxic environmental elements as a way to naturally treat PMDD symptoms and avoid PMS mood swings altogether.
While there are natural herbs and other home anxiety remedies you can take in pill form that can help the body create a better hormone balance, they won’t do you much good if you are constantly “un-doing” any progress those pills are creating by damaging your body with a toxic lifestyle. You must change the way you eat, change your exercise habits, and lower your stress levels to effectively bring your body hormones back into balance naturally.
This won’t happen overnight either, it’s a LIFETIME commitment to living better, getting better, and loving your body by saying goodbye to habits and food that harm you and hello to habits and food that nourish your health.
If you aren’t ready to truly love yourself and get well through a long term commitment to your health, then your PMDD and PMS symptoms will not naturally subside very quickly if ever. Hormones influence PMDD, PMS, stress and anxiety levels, fertility issues, PCOS, ovarian cysts, and other pregnancy issues.
The first things to understand is that your thyroid health is directly related to your hormone balance and by many doctors standards and other scientific studies, is the primary cause of hormones that are out of balance.
Avoid fluoride by not drinking tap water or using any products like toothpaste with fluoride. Buy spring water or be sure the reverse osmosis filter water in your store is removing the fluoride because not all filters do. If you are new to changing your lifestyle, eating whole foods, and exercise habits to a healthy one, consider researching for a GOOD QUALITY Whole Food multi-vitamin (yes there are bad ones that your system doesn’t absorb well), research detoxing juicing, get in your omegas, and consider swapping all your cooking oils to cold pressed organic coconut oil.
Making those changes above will drastically give you a head start in improving your overall health in a big way right now. So far we have learned that balancing the female hormones plays a big role in getting severe PMS relief, including PMDD symptom relief. I didn’t want to do pharmaceutical treatments unless I had to so I started desperately looking up natural PMDD treatments to use at home on my own. I am one of the those woman that goes so crazy in my premenstrual cycle that I have felt absolute rage, unfounded anger to the point that I almost divorced my husband, depression so bad that I started to struggle with the desire to hurt myself, and anxiety levels that I couldn’t control. I did find some mild relief from home herbal remedies because when I quite taking them, things were much worse. After talking with a woman in a compounding pharmacy that had a hormonal imbalance herself after going through pregnancy, she shared several new insights with me that I hadn’t considered.
Not only can unbalanced hormones create stress, depression, and anger, it can also make you fat, prevent weight loss, make your hair fall out, and much more.
Yes, you can learn to eat right to balance your hormones and get rid of those stubborn fat deposits too!
In addition, I was focused on balance progesterone and estrogen, however, there are other hormones to consider balancing like Cortisol (aka the stress hormone), DHEA (which is a sex hormone and yes low sex drive is a symptom of unbalanced hormones), as well as Testosterone! Yes, there are 5 hormones that interact together in the body, all of which must be at healthy balanced levels simultaneously in order for you to get total PMDD symptom relief! To deepen things, there are 3 types of estrogen that must be balanced which are E1 (Estrone), E2 (Estradiol), and E3 (Estriol). Knowing all of the above, I decided it was time for a more in depth approach to a natural PMDD treatment and decided to see a hormonal balance specialist to uncover some new treatments to add to what I am currently using to naturally treat my severe PMS symptoms. Getting some physical blood tests from a qualified natural or homeopathic clinic to understand exactly which hormones are more out of balance for YOU is a good step to understanding exactly which natural treatments will work best for you. I do know that these clinical tests can be very expensive (mine are costing about $3000) for the first visit and for that reason many woman will not opt to get the tests done. If that is the case for you, consider using some “overall” natural treatments that help balance ALL of the hormones mentioned above. The body is a miraculous machine and can balance itself back out, sometimes it just needs a little help from the right nutrients, exercise, and herbals which nature provides. A lot of times when there are premenstrual complaints and symptoms that are more than “normal”, birth control is offered as a potential solution, especially if the menstrual cycle is irregular.
Birth control can help make the cycle more regular and in turn, affect PMS and PMDD symptoms (both positive and negative ways simultaneously).
There are herbal remedies that support the feminine cycle, promote regularity, and ease some of those nagging premenstrual symptoms like anxiety, depression, moodiness, bloating, and headaches.
Some woman have mild symptoms that include bloating and headaches while other suffer from PMDD symptoms like severe depression for over a week before her cycle starts. Below are some natural ways to treat these PMDD and PMS symptoms as a means to help you get started. Prepare ahead of time by supporting your hormonal balance and planning ways to combat the depression before it starts. This will help you get through while the herbs are helping your body with the hormonal balancing.
I stopped my cramping by rubbing a good quality wild yam cream over my ovaries from day 10 to 30 in my cycle. I tried a wild yam cream at age 17 and later in my 30’s to relieve my cramping, it worked both times.
Not only do the mood swings make the women feel uncomfortable and miserable, it also stresses out the entire family as well.
Anti-Depressants are the most common PMDD treatment and while they are successful for some women, not every woman wants to take pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, taking the natural PMDD treatment route doesn’t have the same negative side effects that anti-depressants do.
There are a few and you will have to try some, all, or a specific combination to figure out what works best for you.
Chaste Tree Berry AKA Vitex Berry: Another Herbal remedy known for balancing female hormones. It is best to visit in homeopathic doctor who specializes in remedies because each women is different the strength of each remedy should be tailored to her situation.
Be open minded to playing with different natural remedies to find the best remedy that works for your situation.
PMDD and PMS symptoms can be a horrible experience and the main symptoms most women want to get rid of are the mood swings and depression.
This article is simply how I naturally treated my PMDD mood swings and suicidal depression thoughts.
If you ever feel like the depression has taken you over, that your mood swings are destroying your life, or that you might actually commit suicide, you should seek medical attention immediately. Natural remedies for depression and mood swings can take some time to work because they are not a one-size fits all deal.   You must find the right natural option that works for you personally and also the right dose for you. I favor natural treatments so I decided to try that route before opting for anti-depressants.
I also take a daily multivitamin, meditate, and found more spiritual and positive people to hand around.
I also studied how hormonal imbalances affected the body and tried some natural herbs to balance my hormones including Nature’s Way Change Of Life and Chaste Tree Berry. Turns out our hormones can go wacky with all the toxic pesticides and artificial hormones we accidentally eat in our diet. There are many natural ways to help PMDD but you must learn to do things to put your body back at a high nutritional level, detox all the toxic residues from your body, clean the colon and take supportive natural supplements to help you get rid of the PMDD symptoms while you are learning how to eat and exercise in a healthy way.
Any type of anxiety sucks in life but it makes it twice as challenging when it’s anxiety associated with PMS or PMDD. Many women are on the hunt for a natural way to treat Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder symptoms and getting rid of the anxiety associated with it tops the list.
Natural PMDD treatments can take a while to show significant benefits simply because they are never a one size fits all deal. In the meantime, a quick way to find natural relief from PMDD anxiety is with magnesium and flower essences.
Please note that if these flowers are not used correctly, they will have very little effect.
When used every 20 minutes until symptoms subside, I have seen these two flower essences work wonders in the middle of anxiety attacks and outbreaks of anger and rage. Naturally treating premenstrual symptoms is a process and you must commit to helping yourself get better by doing everything you can to nurture your body and emotions during that time.
If you don’t take the time to learn to get rid of your anxiety, then it can ruin your life. Many times we thing we are too busy to take that bath, see a doctor, or go by the natural remedies at the health food store, but the bottom line is that if you don’t take that time to get well then the anxiety will rob time from your life anyways. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that things will get better on your own over time without your own intervention. When PMS (or PMDD) moodiness kicks in about a week before my period, it’s something that I can feel coming on and feel wearing off. Just like you would go to bed or take natural herbs to help get rid of a cold, you can learn how to use different natural options to help get rid of your PMS and PMDD symptoms.
One of the biggest things I have learned through suffering from negative emotions is that you must learn and take the time out of your day to care for yourself just as you would when you have the flu.

We as women have a tendency to truly ignore our bitchy moods every month because we decide that it’s normal and that we must just live with it because we have periods. The best natural way to get rid of your PMDD symptoms is to care for yourself so well and so deeply that you will not give up on yourself until you find the solutions that work best for you, your body and your life. The best natural PMDD treatment is the one that best fits your individual situation and symptoms.
The first step to finding the best natural PMDD treatment option for you is to do a little research and thoroughly understand your individual problem. I know that when I first heard of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder I thought I was reading about some new problem that they recently discovered in women.
Historically, there has been very little research done to treat PMS and PMDD because nobody has really taken it that seriously.
It has even become a social norm to joke about how woman go through PMS and how men must put up with this problem for eternity. If we as woman truly want to feel better, it’s time to do our homework and fight for a solution. The second step is deciding how many of the symptoms you need to get rid of and find a solution. Symptoms can be treated naturally individually or tackled in a way to treat multiple symptoms at once. Natural PMDD treatments take time and finding a quick solution isn’t necessarily realistic. Finding the right treatment for you happens through experimentation over several weeks to several months. It all boils down to self-awareness, self-monitoring, and self-correcting until you get the results you are after. There are drugs like Sarafem that are recommended to treat PMDD symptoms but lots of women want to know how they can treat PMDD symptoms naturally without drugs. Did you know that the average premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) sufferer “loses” between three to seven years of productive days during her menstruating years due to problematic symptoms like depressions and other mood swings? With that much lost time, it is essential that women find a natural solution that works for them so they can get rid of those pesky PMDD symptoms and get back to enjoying life again. There is a bunch of research that shows that PMDD and PMS symptoms can be completely relieved by taking medications or supplements that make serotonin more available to the brain.
Serotonin production and availability in the body are influenced by a lot of things including dietary factors and hormones. So how do you boost serotonin levels to support a good mood and treat PMDD symptoms naturally?
Physical Exercise: Exercise increases the firing rates of serotonin neurons and can decrease anxiety, reduce stress, and improve mood leaving you more able to cope with negative symptoms. 5-HTTP: This is an amino acid essential to the production of serotonin and is known as a natural anti-depressant. Essential Fatty Acids: These are essential in nourishing the brain as well as many other health benefits for the body. Inositol: This can help in the reduction of depression and anxiety and again assists those brain neurotransmitters which affect serotonin levels.
Using one of these or a combination of the above can be experimented with to see what works best for your and your situation. Most of use women can deal with the cramping pain, back pain, and headaches, but the mood swings (especially when dealing with anxiety and depression) are a killer! The intensity of PMDD mood swings in unbearable for most women who suffer from it and their families. You may have attacked your husband verbally (or even physically) and left him feel bewildered while you feel entirely angry and out of control.
Something as simple as a wrong dose for your body can cause an herb that would have worked beautifully for you to NOT work at all.
I learned that there is no ONE natural remedy for PMDD mood swings that will fix the entire problem. Sought the help of natural practitioners and used medical doctors for specific blood work and test results to find out what was going on.
All these are interconnected so when one gets out of balance, it’s a domino effect making the rest of the problems happen. Balancing your hormones is also one of the best natural anxiety remedies, out of whack hormones and mood swings create UN-manageable stress in your body and life.
Balancing your hormones naturally can quite possible get rid of all those problems in one “swoop”. Did you know that doctors purposefully use fluoride to basically “kill” the thyroid in patients with a very over-active thyroid (hyperthyroidism)? Also, get a shower filter so toxic chemicals like fluoride and chlorine don’t absorb through your skin.
Many animals are raised and fed synthetic hormones that help them gain weight quickly for profit.
In fact, eliminating milk altogether and replacing it with almond milk or flax milk with help your hormones balance even faster.
There are several home remedies and other natural herbal treatments that benefit the delicate hormonal balance in the body but every woman is different and it’s hard to know exactly what herbs will work best. I did try several herbs that had a long history of improving PMS symptoms like Chaste Berry, Vitex Berry, Don Qui, Black Cohosh and many others. However, when I resumed taking them, I felt better, but still had PMS symptoms that were not historically normal for me and will still hard to live with. Even though it can help, most women would prefer a more natural solution or at least a more permanent solution than taking birth control the rest of their lives.
So you need to understand which symptoms you have, what is the highest priority to work on, and then support the mind and body depending on those individual needs.
You need to learn to relax and know when your moodiness is validated, or just that time of the month.
Once you are in the depression, you are less likely to want to help yourself with natural treatments.
Think of things that make you happy with ease like listening to music, reading a good book, and so on. I mostly reach for an OTC pain reliever like Ibuprofen; however, just not getting the period pain AT ALL is wonderful.
Wild Yam cream is known for supporting estrogen functions and getting rid of those PMS complaints while assisting the body in fighting hot flashes, mood swings, hypertension, dry skin, menstrual cramps and other hormonal-related Menopause, Perimenopause and PMS issues.
Most of us women can take some Tylenol or something similar for the pain and cramps, but the mood swings aren’t as easily cured.
Friends seem to know to stay away from you during the pre-menstruation time which even deepens the sense of depression, hopelessness, and loss.
Most creams are applied between day 14 and 27 of your period.   The natural progesterone in these creams has some people loudly testifying that it has helped their anxiety, mood swings, depression, menopause symptoms, hair loss, and many other PMS complaints associated with a hormonal imbalance. There are many pre made homeopathic blends at your local health food store, consulting their experienced personal for advice regarding a blend that specifically targets PMS or PMDD symptoms may be an alternative if you can’t afford to see a practitioner.
I found that magnesium combined with B6 did help but didn’t take away all the moodiness and depression; however, it did shorten the duration of the premenstrual symptoms I had. Be sure you are getting a GOOD source of calcium that is easily digestible and well absorbed by the body (you would be surprised how many aren’t absorbed). There are natural ways to help treat PMDD mood swings and depression however it must be done very carefully since depression and other mood disorders can be life threatening. It is by no means to replace your doctor’s advice as I am not a physician and cannot give you a guaranteed PMDD cure. Thoughts of suicide are something most of us experience at one point in time in all of our lives, however there is a breaking point and that breaking point should never be played with, not even naturally. I think I can deal with the cramping, but the mood swings were wrecking my relationships and my life. I had tried anti-depressants before (not for PMDD reasons) and they made me gain a lot of weight and lose interest in the fun things in my life.
They helped when I was in the middle of feeling crappy, but they never prevented it from happening and I wanted a more permanent solution. There is a lot of argument as to whether GABA works because it won’t pass the blood brain barrier, but I tried it and It seems to work for me.
If you have ever taken birth control, then your hormones can be out of balance because of that as well.
Learning how to get rid of PMDD anxiety can be such a blessing and it helps a women feel more able to cope with premenstrual symptoms in a more balanced way. In fact, when anybody’s hormones are out of balance (including males) then it can cause an extreme level of emotional stress and anxiety in the body. Every woman is different and has different severity of symptoms to deal with on a monthly basis. Again, since everyone has very different levels of stress, then the dose will vary greatly.
Stop looking for a one time fix all solution and commit to nurturing your body while making some permanent lifestyle changes to lower your stress levels like dietary changes and exercise.
Take the time to learn to get rid of your PMDD anxiety and you will heal your life in magical ways. As if I was drugged by poisoness thoughts and a vague sense that I am going to have a bad day no matter what. I can always tell that I am headed down hill not only because of how I feel but because of my thoughts. The reason you want to pay attention to what your thinking is so that you can understand your “ PMDD cues” and recognize how irrational those thoughts are.
PMDD is a physical problem and hormonal imbalances can make you feel so awful that it’s not something to joke about or right off because it’s a normal occurrence for women.
Your physical body requires maintenance and love to be healthy, caring for yourself the week before menstruation is part of a women’s physical needs.
Reducing these problematic female symptoms down to a social norm helps our society take the PMDD disorder less seriously. We have a right to feel better and there is no reason that we should suffer because we have menstrual cycles.
If you are not getting the relief you need, then adjusting the dose or trying a different remedy is the next step. There have been several reports that woman have benefited and completely alleviated their symptoms by changing their diets, adding exercise, and ingesting natural supplements of different kinds. Pharmaceutical drugs are not every woman’s choice and there are natural options for PMDD and PMS.
Vitamin B works best when combined with magnesium as a premenstrual natural treatment for PMDD.   Women who took B6 and magnesium together have reported lower levels of anxiety.
There are mixed studies arguing whether or not Essential Fatty Acids alleviate PMDD symptoms but since they are so beneficial to the body in many other ways it is worth a try to see if it might work for you. Not every woman has the same severity of PMDD symptoms and therefore not one natural treatment will work the same for every woman.

Water makes up about 70 percent of body mass and it accounts for the majority of the organs, muscles and blood.
In addition, these symptoms of PMDD and PMS anxiety and depression are often treated with anti-depressants which mask the symptoms but don’t solve the underlying problem.
Yah, but if you don’t have hyperthyroidism, the fluoride could be causing hypothyroidism (an under active thyroid) in your and causing a hormone imbalance. Anyways, when I started looking for ways to treat PMDD symptoms, I learned that anti-depressants and other pharmaceutical drugs were a common treatment plan. I also found that my PMS symptoms STILL didn’t completely go away with just a couple herbal remedies.
Knowing the difference will help you relax while you are waiting for the long term fixes to kick in. So balancing the hormones during that time can have a positive effect in reducing the symptoms. Natural Calm brand has both magnesium and calcium in it, all you would need to add at that point is a good source of B6.
When a women feels more emotionally balanced and in control then everyone around her benefits including her spouse, children and other close relationships.
Hormones that are out of balance are usually related to neurotransmitters and serotonin levels that are also out of balance, all things that can cause emotion disturbances like fits of anger, rage, crying, and any type of un-manageable stress.
It takes time to find the right dose and right combinations or herbal remedies and treatments to effectively reduce premenstrual symptoms.
Rescue Remedy and Five Flower Remedy have been successfully used for years to significantly reduce anxiety in humans and animals. It is best to take a couple drops under the tongue every 20 minutes until you feel like you can manage life again. It’s no fun to feel that out of control and there are natural ways to get rid of PMDD symptoms so life feels manageable again. If you haven’t ever paid attention to your thoughts when the anxiety kicks in, start to pay attention. If you devalue the importance of those physical and emotional needs, then you are setting yourself up to have a miserable experience.   Think about it, if you had the flu and decided to go to work and physically exhaust yourself, what would have been the overnight flu bug turns into a 4 day marathon simply because you CHOSE to neglect your own needs. Yes PMDD is not new but the problem has been labeled several different things throughout the years before is gained national recognition as an actual disorder.
Women readily accept that premenstrual problems are normal and must be accepted as part of being a woman. For other woman it’s the painful cramping and for a different woman it might be anxiety and the havoc that causes in close relationships like marriages and children. The benefit of a natural PMDD treatment is that it is a far less toxic option than standard pharmaceutical drugs and natural treatments can promote your body to heal and balance out on its own rather than being dependent on a natural treatment for life.
Simply a 20-30 minute walk or light jog will do the trick in releasing the “feel good” endorphins. This is part of the reason why woman are now asking for a natural remedy for PMDD mood swings. Hypothyroidism is directly related to fatigue, mood swings, in-ability to lose weight, cold sensitivity, constipation, depression, hair loss, dry skin, and more.
In addition, many experts theorize that the obesity epidemic in America is associated with those synthetic hormones in meats. Long Terms fixes are herbs like Chaste Tree Berry, Wild Yam, Don Qui, DIM, and Maca Root – all which promote the wellness of the menstrual cycle and balancing estrogen. I was tired of being out of control and would do just about anything, natural or not, to feel normal again.
Turns out it’s not necessary for me at all and hopefully it won’t be necessary for you either.
Remember exercise is about mood improvement as well so pick something you enjoy, not something that you make yourself do because you think you have to or because you subconsciously hate your body.
When you have excess water weight, it adds inches to your abdomen and other areas of your body so your clothes do not fit comfortably. Things like “I hate life” and “I just want to die” are repetitive thought patterns for most women, especially if you are suffering from depression. To lose the water weight, you have to get the excess water out of the body and there are several ways you can do this quickly and naturally.These remedies work to alleviate water weight associated with many common causes, including premenstrual syndrome (PMS), physically inactivity, pregnancy, excessive salt intake, certain medications and poor diet. If that hormone is designed to make a pig or cow gain weight quickly, would it do the same to you in your body??? A quick fix anxiety remedy to use while you are waiting for your body to naturally heal is Rescue Remedy by Bach. If you frequently experience water weight problems, talk to your doctor to determine the cause.1.
Reduce Your Salt IntakeExcessive salt intake can cause your body to hold onto extra water and the only way to reverse this is the move the extra salt out of the body and work to stop adding so much salt in the first place. Consider using a different spice to add flavor to your food, such as pepper, so that you do not end up with too much water in the body. You would be surprised how many foods contain salt so you must read all nutrition labels and count how many milligrams per day you are getting. Your doctor can help you to determine how much salt you need because the body does require some for optimal function.2.
Eat a Banana a DayBananas help to prevent fluids from building up so that you do not experience excess water weight. The water-fighting abilities of bananas are thanks to this fruit having a high amount of potassium.
This mineral has many different duties in the body, one of which is helping to move excess fluids out of the body. You only need to eat one banana a day to reap the benefits and you can choose to eat bananas plain or add them to other foods you are eating, such as oatmeal, smoothies and yogurt. If you are not a fan of bananas, but you still want to take advantage of the benefits of potassium, you can opt to eat a serving of raisins instead. Ice Packs Advertisement If your feet and ankles are swollen, ice packs work wonders to reduce the swelling and return them to their normal size. If you do not have any ice packs at home, you can use a bag of frozen vegetables or make your own ice pack by taking a plastic storage bag or plastic grocery bag, adding 10 to 15 cubes of ice, sealing it, and then resting it on the swollen area. If you have diabetes or another condition that causes issues with circulation, do not use ice unless your doctor says it is okay to do so.4.
Eat Some YogurtAbdominal bloating may be associated with the natural bacteria in your gut being eliminated and replacing these can help to reduce the water weight in the area. Yogurt also works well if you eat a little too much and end up with uncomfortable bloating.
You only need to eat about a cup of plain yogurt and you can add other foods to your yogurt that help to move water out of the body, such as bananas, raisins, cherries and other diuretic foods.5.
Drink More WaterBelieve it or not, one of the best remedies for water weight is actually drinking more water. To flush out the water that has accumulated in your body, you need to add more water so that it encourages urination. When you urinate, you are ridding the body of wastes and excess fluid that you do not need.
One of the best ways to ensure adequate water intake is to carry a quality water bottle around with you throughout the day so that you can take sips frequently.
If you consume a lot of caffeine or if you are very physically active, you may need more water.
The same is true for those with certain medical conditions and those taking certain medications because in some cases, health issues and medications use a lot of water, resulting in you needing to drink more. Your doctor can evaluate your health and help you to determine exactly how much water you need each day for optimal hydration.6. Eat Plenty of Natural DiureticsThere are several foods that work to flush out excess water so you do not have to deal with water weight. Start MovingExercise helps to get water in the body moving so that you can get rid of water retention. You also sweat when you exercise and this helps to eliminate some of the excess water and excess salt from the body.
You want to focus on cardiovascular exercise when you are working to get rid of excess water, but a balanced workout plan is best to stop it from happening in the future.
Combine a mixture of cardiovascular exercise, flexibility training and strength training to improve your overall health and work to prevent further issues with water retention problems.
Ideally, you want to get 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day, or at least most days of the weeks.8. Get More B Vitamins and IronNot only do iron and B vitamins ensure your body functions properly, but they play a role in flushing excess water out of the body. It is best to get these nutrients from your diet, but if you have any known deficiencies, talk to your doctor about taking a supplement so you can be sure that you are getting enough.9. Increase Your Intake of Magnesium and CalciumCalcium and magnesium help to prevent water retention, especially when it is associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
On average, it is recommended that you get about 1,200 milligrams of calcium each day and 200 to 400 milligrams of magnesium.
However, it is best to talk to your doctor first and he or she can help you to determine the right amount of for you. It is important to not get too much of these minerals because too much or too little can cause serious health problems.10.
Prop up Your LegsIf your legs, feet and ankles are swollen, prop them up above the level of the heart to encourage the excess fluid to drain from them. Lower extremity swelling is common after you spend a prolonged amount of time on your feet and walking around. When you get home, take your shoes off, put a couple pillows under your knees and lie back. This helps to drain that excess fluid and return your legs, feet and ankles to their normal size. You can also ask someone to gently massage your legs from the knee down to move the water out.
Just make sure that they are using upward strokes to push the fluid up and out of your legs.You can combine several of these remedies to eliminate water weight. If your water retention is associated with a more serious cause, such as kidney disease or heart disease, you need to consult a doctor.
You can usually use these remedies in addition to medical treatment, but you must get permission from your doctor. For the common causes of water retention, these remedies work well for almost all people and they usually work quickly so you can fit into your jeans without issue.

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