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When the cavities surrounding the nasal passage get infected and swollen by virus, bacteria and fungi, this condition is called sinusitis or sinus infection. The very first step you should take to cure sinus infection is elimination of foods like milk, cheese or wheat from your diet that encourage mucus formation. Grapefruit seed extract contain anti bacterial, antifungal and anti inflammatory properties and effectively kills bacteria and fungi in the sinus cavity. A powerful compound known as curcumin contained in turmeric can clear the sinus passage and heal the sinus cavity. Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties which can heal the nasal inflammation and cure infection. Cleansing the nasal passage using water or saline solution with the help of neti-pot is an effective natural remedy for getting relief from sinus infection.
Some other steps you should take to cure sinus infection include application of warm compress several times a day on the face, drinking plenty of fluids and water to moisturize mucous membranes and wash them out of the sinus. Sinus headache, which mainly results due to blocked sinus cavities, is one of the most irritating conditions.
Before you pop down a pill anticipating a quick relief, try some home remedies which come free of cost and side effects.
Mix cinnamon powder with water and sandalwood paste and apply it on your forehead for quick relief from sinus headache. Right from the day you get infected with cold, make it a habit to drink warm soup with pepper added to it. To relieve blocked sinus, place alternate hot and cold compresses using a towel on the sinus area. One effective way to prevent your nasal lining from getting infected is by drinking plenty of water.
Using Neti Pot is one effective way to clean the nasal congestion, thereby the sinus headache. Lemon balm is a herb that contains properties to fight against fungus, bacteria and germs, responsible for sinusitis. Mango promotes the development of epithelium which helps in the prevention of sinus infection.
The eyes, cheeks, nose, forehead and sometimes, even the jaw can be burdened with pressure due to inflammation, or congestion of the sinus cavities, hence, the name 'sinus pressure'.
Sinus is a form of extreme infection and in simple words are spaces in between the forehead, cheeks, nasal bones and eyes filled with air. To know more about the best and natural home remedies that can be used in the treatment of sinusitis, it is best to use this guide below that has some of the best options.
The anti bacterial properties in onions make it one of the perfect products for treatment of sinus.
About 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water with some honey is one of the things you should consume once a day for the next one week for the treatment of sinus and to relieve the symptoms.
The extract of the grapefruit has natural antibiotics quality in them and therefore helps in killing the bacteria and germs in the nasal passage. Take some eucalyptus oil in some warm water and apply this solution on the cheekbones and on the surface of the nose. It is important to maintain the right diet for the treatment of sinus and one that gives you proper nutrients to ensure that the body has the immunity to fight the infection well. Garlic is like a magical remedy for a lot of ailments and disorders and one of these is sinusitis. Thyme is a very common herb which we usually find in all sorts of soups, Italian and other continental and exotic cuisines. Already known as a very essential oil and an extremely vital part of the study of aromatherapy, tea tree oil is also one of the natural remedies for sinus. We are talking over here about simple black cumin seeds which add a lot of flavour especially in Indian cuisine. Another ingredient which is also a very good antioxidant, fenugreek seeds also contains a lot of nutrients including magnesium as well as potassium. Ginger is very well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is also known as one of the sinusitis home remedies.
Yes, you will find it very surprising that the simple cinnamon features in the list of home remedies for sinus as well. Black pepper is already known as a very simple yet very useful ingredient and sinusitis is one such ailment which can be cured with the help of black pepper. More than just a pineapple, the substance in the fruits known as bromelein is very useful as one of the sinusitis home remedies and you should thus have more and more amounts of pineapples. As we have already found out in the above list that rich sources of Vitamin A are good natural remedies for sinus we are now specifically talking about the same. The goodness of zinc has already been proved for a number of other ailments and sinusitis is one among those.
Like when black pepper is added to hot soups the soup becomes very hot and spicy, in the similar food with a little high spice content is also very good for sinus problems. Just like we have already discussed earlier on that mucous is one of the main reasons for sinus infections and symptoms, hot water is a magical remedy. Antibiotics are prescribed most often to treat sinusitis, but researches have shown that using antibiotics too often can cause antibiotic related health problems and may not cure recurring sinus infection. Inhaling grapefruit seed extract after adding few drops in warm water or adding few drops in neti-pot for washing out the sinus can bring relief by killing the fungi and bacteria that are causing infection. Swishing and gargling with extra virgin olive oil, sunflower or sesame oil helps to cure infection by pulling the bacteria out of the sinus.

You can use oregano oil for ingesting or inhaling the steam after mixing in boiling water for opening the nasal passage. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The effective way to fight sinus headache is to bring down the inflammation and pressure build-up from the sinus cavity. The anti-inflammatory property of ginger makes it a great medicine for reducing the sinus inflammation. Hydrating your body will protect your nasal tract from becoming dry.When the sinus headache starts, drink enough water.
Foods such as oranges, gooseberry, cauliflower, strawberries, broccoli and lemon are good sources of Vitamin C and eating them would bring down the sinus inflammation to a great extent.
Pour a mix of one teaspoon of salt and half teaspoon of baking soda with 1 pint of lukewarm in the Neti Pot. When sinuses get infected by bacteria or virus, it causes rigorous discomfort accompanied by headaches and a feel of heaviness in head. Sinus infections are common in many individuals and can be well treated with simple and natural home remedies at an inexpensive way. Sinus infection is bacterial by nature and properties present in garlic helps in treating the sinus infection very effectively.
This article gives you some quick tips to manage this annoying symptom with some simple home remedies.
Turn on the shower in your bathroom, keep it as hot as possible and let the room be filled with steam. This will help you to inhale a large amount of steam, which will reduce the sinus pressure.
Although, you can get a kit from your local health store, you can make one of your own at home. Prepare a saline solution as mentioned in the previous step, and fill the neti pot with it. The heat that the cloth would give out, will loosen any blockage and encourage draining in the sinus cavities. Medical experts always vouch for the benefits that a fully ventilated house has, especially for people prone to sinus problems; sinus pressure in this case. However, in the severe ones, wherein, the problem does not show any signs of retreat, you might require the help of over-the-counter medications, or more preferably, a physician's help.
There are a lot of other benefits related to this liquid and is one of the perfect ways to achieve your goals. The neti pot should be filled with the water of one cup and the tip should be placed at the opening of the nostril while standing over the sink. The aromatherapy will help in opening up the nasal passages in the perfect way and give relief from sinus. There is a substance in garlic known as allicin and this is the reason for its typical smell. On the other hand thyme is also a very good expectorant and is very good for curing a number of respiratory problems. Oil of oregano is known to be a natural anti oxident and is one of the home remedies for sinusitis.
Just like you can use it in the form of cosmetics, for sinus you need to pour just a few drops of tea tree oil in steaming water and then cover the head with a towel and take in the steam. You will be happier to know that these black cumin seeds which we consume regularly are also sinusitis home remedies and are also antioxidants. If not totally cured, black pepper can at least help in curing instant causes of sinusitis irritations.
Moreover pine apples are also rich sources of Vitamin C which are very effective in case of sinus infections. It is better that you add more and more amounts of Vitamin A substances and ingredients to your daily diet for the best results. Anything rich in Vitamin C can prove to be magical because of the antioxidant content of these food items. Zinc, though mentioned very few times is an awesome natural remedy for sinus allergies and symptoms. You must be very happy because this looks like an opportunity for you to take in more spicy but you should also keep in mind that spicy food is good in this case because it helps in clearing mucous.
Now if you are bored of consuming hot soups you should definitely try gargling with hot water for a clearer throat and advanced action for sinus problems. When it is very hard to understand how to get rid of this irritation, you can try out these easy and natural home remedies for sinus.
Headache, stuffy nose, fever, cough and congestion, bad breath, fatigue, ear ache, green and yellow discharge from throat or nose are some of the common symptoms of sinus infection.
There are a variety of natural cures that can be helpful in preventing and treating the symptoms and aiding in speedy recovery.
If organic apple cider vinegar is taken regularly when the symptoms like stuffy nose, watery eyes and headache begin to appear, it can prevent sinus infection. You can also add a few drops of oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus or chamomile for better results.These oils have analgesic, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties which help in soothing your mucus lining and makes breathing easy.
Also, eating spicy food will help in bringing down nasal blockages and thereby your headache. If you cannot drink too much water together, ensure you take a few sips in regular intervals.

If done properly, salt water extracts the infection from nasal cavities.  Regular practice of this remedy helps in the prevention of further infection. This pose helps to increase blood flow towards the face and the throat region which aids in eliminating several diseases of these areas. Avoid dairy products such as cheese and butter, sugar, refined and processed foods during a sinus infection as these foods encourage mucus production that eventually aggravate the congestion of respiratory track.
Allergens such as mold, pollen, dander and dust, adenoids (a collection of lymphatic tissue in the throat behind the uvula), polyps (a small vascular growth on the surface of a mucous membrane) or a deviated septum (abnormal displacement of any wall that separates two chambers [usually in the nasal cavity]) are also included in the list of the causes.
For this, you can use two pillows to be placed under your head or any bedding material as desired.
The aroma of the oil and the hot steam together work more effectively in alleviating sinus pressure.
However, there are quite different types of sinuses that one can experience but the main aim is to look for some treatment procedures that can help in dealing with the crisis. Once this is done, take the water in a mug and inhale the steam from the liquid for best outcomes.
Having about 10 glasses of plain and filtered water, herbal teas and fresh fruit juices without sugar is advisable for meeting this goal. This is one of the best ways to get some relief from sinus and treat the problem gradually. Garlic is known as one of the best sinusitis home remedies and it is also an anti- fungal, anti- bacterial as well as an antibiotic substance.
One of the home remedies for sinus, thyme can either be consumed as tea to relax the respiratory system or included in the daily diet to act as an bacterial ingredient. The best way to consume the oil of oregano is by simply incorporating it in your daily diet like other oils.
The best way to consume them is just by adding them to the daily dishes which are cooked at home and nothing more. These are very good home remedies for sinus and the best way to consume them, is by having soaked fenugreek seeds water early in the morning daily. There are a number of ways of consuming ginger and some of the best ones are firstly by making simple ginger tea, secondly by making juliennes of ginger and adding to your food and otherwise adding ginger powder to any ayurvedic medicine you consume.
Now as remedial ingredients for sinusitis, you can either take cinnamon powder and add in to yor cup of tea or simply crush cinnamon sticks and then boil while making tea.
Vitamin C is very common and is easily found in a number of fruits and vegetables which you can best consume raw.
If inhaling from a vaporizer is difficult, take a hot shower and spray some oil to the walls of your shower cubicle. Examples of foods high is sugar content and needs to be avoided are pasta, white bread, pizza, cakes, commercial preparations and fast food. Eat foods high in betacarotene as it helps the body to produce Vitamin A which acts as anti-infective and sustains mucus membranes. This will not only help relieving the sinus pressure, but other accompanying symptoms such as nasal congestion, if any.
There is definitely a need for professional help and medications when it comes to sinus but then one can always use home remedies to ensure that the treatment process fastens. While on the one hand you can simply crush garlic and consume it on the other hand combining it with honey is a good remedy too. You can best add a lot of black pepper to these soups to make them more tasty and because black pepper is a great remedy for sinus too. The mucus comes out and your blockage will open, eventually relieving you from sinus headache. Apart from trying these simple solutions at home to get rid of sinus headache, eat a balanced diet to keep your immune system strong and healthy. You can also gargle with this water to get relief from sinus inflammation and preventing it from getting infectious. Also avoid taking coffee, tea, chilled drinks, cold drinks, alcohol as these deteriorate the immune system. Foods such as carrots, apricots, mangoes and sweet potatoes are included in this genre.Also increase Vitamin C intake to clean-up the mucus and soothe the airways. Once prepared, simply take a bulb syringe and flush your nasal cavities to get rid of mucus and debris, thereby relieving your sinus pressure to a great extent. The water will run through your nasal passages, and go into the other nostril and may be into the throat too. The neti pot should be filled with the other cup of water and repeated with the other nostril. Thereafter, blow your nose gently to get rid of the water, and repeat with the other nostril. Water helps to keep the respiratory system in a hydrated condition which aids in the softening of the already build-up mucus responsible for the sinus infection. Balanced and healthy diet helps to boost the immune system which is the body’s defense power against any disease or infection.

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