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Metal Fabrication is a broad term used to describe the cutting, shaping and moulding of any metal material into a finalised product.
According to a study released recently by the National Bureau of Economic Research, 50% of Americans said they absolutely wouldn’t be able to come up with $2000 in the event of a medical emergency.
Now, imagine that someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer or another illness and instead of just $2,000, that friend needs $10,000 or $20,000 to cover the medication co-pays, travel costs, meals, extra daycare for the kids and all the other out-of-pocket expenses associated with getting sick. As a society, we are generous in celebratory moments like the birth of a baby, graduation, or a wedding. Lota Ward, has been fighting a very aggressive and extremely rare form of brain tumor known as a mature teratoma since October 2014.
In the main stock metal components such as metal sheeting, metal bars and metal rods are widely available in a variety of shapes, sizes and dimensions.
As a result a fabricator should be able to produce all sorts of metal products from these standard components.
From sending a simple “Thinking of You” to raising money for out-of-pocket expenses, GiveForward empowers anyone to build a community and take action when it counts.

If anything over the last three years at GiveForward we have witnessed that people truly do want to help, and the act of giving can be a remarkably empowering experience. These are as follows:Design - Once a general idea has been determined on how a product should look in terms of strength, appearance and versatility, a custom metal fabricator can help to determine the best materials to use. They might bring a meal over to the family or send flowers, but they don’t typically send money. In addition Computer Aided Design (CAD) can show the client the end product giving them a detailed 3 dimensional view on just how it will look. Also by inputting relevant data the CAD system can also highlight any possible structural weaknesses, all of which can be scrutinised and corrected before a rivet has been cast or a screw has been turned. Finally custom fabricators can also help with designing specialised production tools.Build process – Once the planning stages are complete, a custom fabricator will take the plans and build the product from scratch.
Choosing the right fabrication method depends very much on the materials used, the design or intended purpose and the geometry. Such methods can include, casting, forging, drawing, punching and extrusion as well as welding, turning, milling or drilling.Assembly and finishing – Finally, once the build process is complete many metal products will need finishing treatments.

It might be that the item being fabricated needs to be made in several parts, then assembled fully upon completion. In addition a piece of equipment may need final adjustments such as deburring, further grinding, screw tightening and stress checking. In some cases, special coatings or treatments may also be needed to prolong the life of the item.A good custom metal fabricator has the ability to fashion almost anything from bespoke heavy industrial machinery through to intricate precision tooling. As a result, to many manufacturers, builders and designers, they’re worth their weight in gold (well, metal anyway!). For this reason many fabricators build long term working relationships with clients and as such are kept extremely busy.At Metro Steel we have years of experience in the field of custom metal fabrication so if you have a an idea of a product that needs fabricating then come and talk to the experts.

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