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Some of the good oral hygiene practices include rinsing the mouth after having meals and brushing teeth twice in a day. The problem of tooth infection can be resolved with the help of home remedies. Fresh aloe vera gel can be rubbed on the affected area to cure the problem of tooth infection.
An individual having tooth infection may experience pain while chewing, brushing or rinsing.
If desired results are not obtained within a reasonable period of time with the use of these remedies, it is advisable to consult a specialist. A teaspoon of vinegar or baking soda can also be added to the salt water to make it more effective.

Gargling or rinsing the mouth with warm water containing the extract of guava leaves and salt can cure tooth infection. A mixture of garlic oil and clove oil can be directly applied on the affected tooth to deal with the problems resulting from tooth infection.Another option is to apply a mixture of garlic juice and rock salt on the affected area. Aloe vera toothpaste can also be used to treat the problems (such as tooth pain) resulting from tooth infection. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. One of the major causes is excessive foot perspiration, which provides a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.

You can also rub non-scented antiperspirant directly onto your feet in the same manner you would your underarms. Applying clove oil on the affected area can provide immediate relief from tooth pain. A paste of clove and peppermint can be rubbed directly on the affected tooth to obtain quick results.
Chewing wheatgrass can provide relief from the various problems associated with tooth infection.

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