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A Smelly Washer combo kit that will allow you to naturally conquer that funky, musty, moldy smell that can sometimes form in your washing machine and on damp towels. This economical laundry kit provides you both with both a canister of Smelly Washer and Smelly Towel …PLUS free shipping within the US. Cases of smelly washers are a common household problem.  But, how do you fix a smelly washing machine? This washing machine cleaner is 100% all natural and derived from citrus based ingredients. Smelly Washer Cleaner has no harsh chemicals, but is an amazing cleaner that puts and to that funky, musty, moldy washing machine smell. The musty smell in your washer can easily be treated with Smelly Washer.  Each bargain priced bottle affords 24 washer treatments. You can rub vanilla extract on your feet with the help of a cotton swab 2 to 3 times on a daily basis to treat the problem of smelly feet. You can apply a mixture created with the use of eucalyptus and lavender oil on your feet to reduce the odour resulting from smelly feet.A mixture created with rosemary and tea tree oil can also be applied on the smelly feet. You can use a mixture of turnip and radish juice for washing your feet on a frequent basis to reduce the problem of smelly feet.

It is interesting to note that tea can also be used as a home remedy for curing smelly feet. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Gran's Remedy Original For Smelly Feet & Footwear Powder works by eliminating the bacteria that causes smelly feet and footwear. Sprinkle a spoonful of powder in each shoe daily for seven consecutive days or until the powder is used up.
Potassium Aluminium Sulphate, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Undecylenate, Talc, Manuka Oil, Kawakawa Oil.
A smelly washer home remedy can be be found in the all natural product Smelly Washer Cleaner.
Smelly Washer Cleaner is odorless and organic.  This recipe for cleaning a washer is also considered septic system safe.
Treating your stinky washer yourself, will save you time and money in dealing with appliance repair bills.
You can also soak your feet in warm water containing vanilla extract for 20 to 30 minutes to reduce the smell.

Direct application of this solution (after straining) on the feet on a frequent basis can provide excellent results. You can also create a paste with the use of baking soda powder and vinegar.Applying this paste on the feet area on a daily basis can reduce the odour resulting from smelly feet within a short span of time. Placing feet in this solution for a period of 15 to 20 minutes can help in reducing the problem of smelly feet.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Any other footwear that you wear intermittently, such as sports shoes, should be treated each time they are worn untill the powder is used up. You can also soak your feet in warm water containing epsom salt for atleast 30 to 45 minutes to treat smelly feet.
Common causes of smelly feet include poor feet hygiene, inadequate air ventilation and so on.

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