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The world is full of talented bloggers who innovate and experiment with all sorts of different home and natural remedies for a number of common ailments.
In this blog post, I’m going to reveal ten of the best home remedies for sore throats as shared by bloggers around the world.
Horehound is usually prepared as a syrup or tea, but Andrea has created this fantastic horehound lozenge recipe that you can make at home to keep sore throats at bay. This soothing drink is perhaps the most traditional sore throat remedy included in this list. Spray this unique blend of essential oils, water, vodka and stevia to the back of your throat to take advantage of the healing properties of the essential oils. Ginger is a very powerful medicinal herb and Stephanie has written a fantastic post sharing some of the incredible benefits and uses of ginger. Some of the essential oils you could mix include tea tree, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus or thyme essential oil. This simple concoction of decaffeinated green tea, honey, lemon and apple cider vinegar devised by Jamie at DIY Home Sweet Home worked for her daughter and herself.
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We have a water ionizer, and have found that gargling with the ionized acidic water relives the pain of a sore throat instantly.
This 32 Bottle Essential Oil Collection contains virtually every essential oil you'll ever need. Little Remedies Sore Throat Pops, 10 CountLittle Remedies Sore Throat Pops provide safe, temporary relief of minor discomfort and protection of irritated areas in a sore throat and sore mouth. Recognized as the most common bacterial infection in throat caused by Group A Streptococcus, strep throat is marked by inflamed lymph nodes, tonsils, and throat. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, strep throat is seen more in children belonging to the age group of 5 to 15 than in adults.
This herb has a long history of usage in Native America for treating a variety of infections. In case of strep throat, the herb is believed to possess the power of inactivating the causal bacteria as well as reversing the inflammation. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), the eucalyptus leaves when used in teas can aid in treating a throat infection. Even the nutrition expert Phyllis Balch endorses the use of eucalyptus for obtaining relief from strep throat.
It is recommended to have fresh garlic instead of cooked one because the former has more active antioxidants than the latter. This herb is known for its anti-inflammatory properties due to which it can alleviate the pain and inflammation due to strep throat. By far the most common cause of a sore throat is a virus like the common cold or mononucleosis. Beyond these two, other frequent causes for a sore throat include smoking, pollution, allergic reactions, and breathing very dry air (of course if you over-use your throat by yelling, screaming, cheering, or even singing that can also cause sore throat symptoms).
The best, and most time-honored way of avoiding a sore throat caused through a virus or bacteria, is simply to wash your hands regularly and not touch your eyes, nose or hands after having come in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces like door knobs or bathroom sink faucets. Return to top of pageThis site is designed for educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice or professional services. Like Us On Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with new blog posts, competitions and fun and games.
It has been found to be incredibly beneficial for respiratory and bronchial illnesses, especially sore throats. Stacy suggests using thieves essential oil since it is a powerful antiviral with lemon or peppermint. It’s not the best tasting sore throat remedy but the three powerful natural ingredients will help to relieve pain and ease away a sore throat.

These lollipops are a great way to take advantage of the healing properties of honey and lemon, yet also provide a tasty treat for your kids. It includes honey and lemon which we’ve already discussed, but also includes mint and cinnamon which make this a tasty, healing remedy.
Steven suggests mixing one part essential oil with 10-20 parts carrier oil – which could include olive, almond or peanut oil. If so, please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest using the buttons below. Please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to our free updates so you don't miss future articles, announcements and competitions. Since 2008 we have been providing cutting edge natural health tips and secrets for beautiful skin, luscious hair, a perfect body and much, much more. With throat irritation reduced, children can rest more comfortably and sleep better at night.
The condition is highly contagious because the causal bacteria can be easily transmitted by coughing, sneezing, or direct touch.
This is because echinacea is rich in various potent compounds, such as antioxidants and polysaccharides. According to the experts, chamomile is rich in analgesic properties that can trigger quick relief from pain in throat and headaches.
He says that this herb has the power to trigger mild antiseptic action for treating coughs, infections, and respiratory disorders. According to UMMC, consuming garlic aids in boosting immunity as well as in healing sore throats because the herb is rich in antioxidants. You can either add a bit of it to warm water for gargling or can consume it through foods you eat. However, you should always take these herbs only after asking your doctor about the possible side effects, if any. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
A sore throat is often accompanied by a headache, stomach ache, the common cold and swollen glands in the neck.Sore throats, while very common, can be painful and uncomfortable.
Antibiotics for sore throat are prescribed too quickly; and have a negative impact on the environment as well as your long-term health and immunity-building. Treatment for sore throat varies depending on the severity of the condition and the cause of the problem. This condition can be treated with antibiotics along with other common sore throat medicine. Drink plenty of fluid, suck on popsicles, use a good humidifier to keep your air space hydrated, gargle regularly with warm, salted water, and take some type of pain reliever.
This homeopathic treatment supports your immune system, encourages a healthy throat and likewise encourages healthy lymphatic system functions. Better still, you can buy worry-free thanks to a one year unconditional money back guarantee. Get More Info on Throat and Tonsil Dr. Horehound acts as an expectorant which helps it loosen and clear away phlegm, while it also stimulates bronchial secretions to break up congestion. Although the doctors recommend an antibiotic course, patients can also try some effective and affordable herbal remedies for relieving the symptoms quickly and speeding up the recovery. These medical ingredients are found in both the upper part as well as in the root of the plant. In order to use this remedy, you need to pour around 30 drops of the tincture in your mouth and allow it to get mixed with the saliva. Apart from combating the infection, the herb may also trigger a temporary numbing effect for relieving pain. Instead of making an appointment with a doctor, you can try some easy, natural remedies that will help alleviate the pain and, depending on the cause, possibly cure the problem.

The symptoms for strep are similar to those for a common cold except white spots often appear in the throat, glands may swell and a fever will likely occur.
If you take it as soon as you notice signs of a sore throat, recovery is often quite quick. The basic symptoms of a viral sore throat are scratchiness, difficulty swallowing, and general discomfort. If you start taking it after a sore throat sets in, it takes about 3 days to clear the symptoms from both viral and bacterial infections.
To diagnose whether your sore throat is viral, bacterial, or a secondary infection from other illness, visit your medical doctor; and find out more about what causes a sore throat. Mix one teaspoon of salt and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in one cup of warm water. This cuts phlegm and reduces inflammation, giving you instant relief.Mix one-half teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Little Remedies Sore Throat Pops have the sweetness of real honey-a flavor kids recognize and love.
Add a few drops of garlic oil to one-fourth cup of water and gargle with it once daily.Also try to eat garlic in raw and cooked form.
Seagate Olive Leaf Raspberry Spearmint Throat Spray homeopathic medicine provides safe treatment of mouth and throat ailments. This product is formulated and manufactured utilizing only natural ingredients in accordance with strict FDA pharmaceutical standards to ensure safety and purity. If the herb is not available, you can also buy slippery elm in capsule form from any drug store.
Muncie fast-max liquid gels also help control your cough and relieve nasal and chest congestion by thinning and loosening mucus caught in your airways.
And by night, Muncie fast-max night time cold & flu liquid gels relieve your worst symptoms to help you get to sleep.
The next time you feel that scratchy, itchy, irritated throat that you just KNOW are the beginnings of a wretched sore throat, or strained voice, gargle with Gargle Away for timely results you can count on. Made of a POWERFUL BLEND OF 100% ALL-NATURAL ANTIBACTERIAL, PAIN RELIEVING AND DEEP SOOTHING INGREDIENTS which include: Himalayan Salt, Organic Honey, Licorice Root, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mediterranean Oregano, Lemon, Cayenne Pepper. Sorbitol is a natural ingredient, but deemed unhealthful by many scientific studies and physicians). ABOUT GARGLING: For generations, warm salt-water gargles have been used to relieve sore, scratchy and irritated throats.
Gargle Away® improves on this tradition by adding its proprietary blend of germ fighting, pain relieving and highly soothing ingredients that have been used by ancient healers and mothers for thousands of years - uniting ancient wisdom with modern science - for the most comprehensive throat care available.
Soothing, nourishing and supporting normal vocal care related to overused, inflamed, strained, tired voices. Ideal for speakers, singers, occupations that rely on the voice as their instrument or livelihood. Reason to Love: Slippery elm or Ulmus rubra (Latin for "red elm," so called for its lovely reddish bark) is a beautiful, native North American elm tree. It’s the inner bark of this tree that is actually called "slippery elm" due to its, yes, slippery, smooth, and slimy-in-a-good-way properties.
Combined with licorice and marshmallow root, we think this tea blend is like taking your voice to the spa--because we all need a little comfort sometimes so we can get back to being our best. The chloraseptic total l ounce enge relieves on contra count while its liquid filled center soothes. Chloraseptic l ounce enges come in a variety of great tasting fluid avors including cherry, wild berries, and sugar free cherry.

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