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The quickest way for a parent to get a child's attention is to sit down and look comfortable. How to Get a Credit Card at 17 Years Old How to Apply for a Credit Card With Bad Credit Receiving a brand new credit card can be an exciting time for you while working on building up your credit profile.
Getting the credit card in your hand quickly depends on your credit history and the method you take to apply for the credit card.
There are generally three ways to apply for a credit card: online, by phone and in person at a bank, store or credit union. The entire credit application can be done -- from start to finish -- in less than 20 minutes. The information asked on the application is basic information you would usually know off the top of your head, such as your address, contact information, income and school information if you're applying for a student credit card. Both applying online and by phone require that the credit card be mailed to you after approval.

Even though you're applying in person, you'll still have to wait for your card to arrive in the mail. With chain store credit cards, the retail clerk might provide you with a receipt that allows you to begin using your credit line immediately.
The amount of time it takes to receive an approval -- both online and by phone -- can range from minutes to weeks.
If your credit history isn't exactly what the company is looking for, then your application might need to be reviewed by an underwriter before your application is finally approved or declined.
It's helpful to review the specific credit requirements for the credit card you're applying for before submitting an application. View Article Emotionally Connect to Your Clothes Create balance and growth throughout your wardrobe. View Article Explore Angelina Jolie's Favorite Color See if her signature black pairs well with your personal style.

View Article Stay Fashionably on Trend This Season Explore a range of beautiful hues with the year’s must-have colors. He holds a Bachelor of Science in business management from Western Governors University and is in the process of opening a restaurant business in the state of Nevada. How to Get a Credit Card at 17 Years Old How to Apply for a Credit Card With Bad Credit Quizzes: Test Your Knowledge Smart Shopping: Can You Navigate the Makeup Aisle?

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