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Conventional wisdom tells us many things that turn out wrong; we are living breathing proof of that in the SCD community. Chris Kresser put together a great series of articles into a free eBook that explains how and why GERD happens. 2: “Instead, I believe the primary causes of IAP (and thus heartburn and GERD) are bacterial overgrowth and mal-digestion of carbohydrates – both of which are caused at least in part by low stomach acid. Now, I encourage you to read the entire eBook so you can be informed about your body and the real reasons for GERD. After prolonged use, coming off PPI’s is tricky, because you have blocked all this gastrin, the hormone that induces acid production in your stomach. Any thoughts appreciated, so far portion control of squashes is about all i can do to keep a lid on burping. Yeah I reacted to the butternut squash too, after I introduced it in the beginning of the diet.
Hi my name is Brian I am 20 years old i have had acid reflux for about a year now it came out of nowhere and have been on ppi’s but they dont cure the cause i am always burping and acid washing up my throat after meals espcially when i go to sleep in the morning my throat feels all burned. I wonder if anyone who developed GERD following gallbladder surgery has had success with this program?
I tried to follow the link for the QuickStart guide and there’s no where to tell you where to email it.
We agree… the trade-off of changing your diet for feeling SO much better is definitely worth it.
Hi Danielle, thanks for posting here…this is obviously a really bad thing for so many people; I wonder, can you tell me if you are still succeeding in your battle please? If HCL causes burning, you likely have some irritation in your gut lining (gastritis or an ulcer) that will need to be addressed before HCL will be able to help you. We encourage your husband to approach the diet as a N=1 experiment – the SCD Diet is safe and healthy and based on real foods, so there is no harm in trying the diet and seeing if it works for him. I dont have heartburn but excessive Gas feels like its stuck in the throat and stomach bloating. Why do you think so many of our family, friends and doctors like to take issue with what we eat? Conventional Wisdom says “Ah, I have too much stomach acid because it burns sooo bad!” Once again, listening to conventional wisdom, including most doctors and ALL pharmaceutical companies, you’d be wrong again.

I think it should be required reading for anyone on the SCD diet, because it explains in very simple terms how and why many people on the typical Standard American Diet (SAD) have acid reflux and how doctors treat the symptoms with medicine handed to them from the evil pharmaceutical empire. Chris breaks it down as this: you need to simultaneously treat both the bacterial overgrowth and the maldigested carbohydrates (from grains and starches) as well as the root cause of low stomach acid. Just start the SCD diet, which reboots the gut flora (kills bad bacteria) and removes any hard to digest carbohydrates (grains and starches) and then supplement with Betaine HCL until the levels of stomach acid secretion are strengthened. My doctor was so sure this would get rid of my horrible acid reflux, fatigue, weakness and anxiety issues.
I was told about a natropathic doctor by a patient at the doctors office I go to and just went this week she has put me on a specific carbohydrate diet yesterday was thanksgiving so i kinda broke the diet but the days before i was feeling alittle better my question is if I follow this diet and allow my stomach to heal will I ever be able to eat a non restricted diet again.
The site talks a lot about taking Betaine HCL with protein containing meals as protein takes a while to digest, but here starches & grains are mentioned as hard to digest as well (I know they are illegal on SCD).
At worst, he learns some new recipes and tries something new – at best, his GERD is relieved. I spent some more time Googling and found this series of articles — it appears to be in the same vein as the ones referenced in the original post. If you buck conventional wisdom, you might actually be headed in the right direction, like using the SCD diet to change the root causes of your symptoms, not taking pills to mask them.
I really feel for you as I too have been suffering from severe digestive issues for last 3 years. My doctor recommended taking Prilosec which helped, but after taking the generic OTC for over two years, if I miss a dose, my reflux is worse than ever. Will this diet heal my Lower esophageal sphincter to a point where it will hold my acid in my stomach. I’ve basically been following a vegan diet with lots of starches due to IBS and constipation. I’ve been to every kind if doctor, orthodox and alternative, I have done water fasts, coloincs, juicing , healers!
A few weeks ago, my partner came across an article that listed all the negative (little advertised) side effects of PPIs like Prilosec, and I stop taking them immediately. This way of eating does make me feel a lot better mentally but frankly the burping & farting are starting to get rather annoying!
Instead I have been using digestive enzymes (Enzymedica Gold mostly), and they have been somewhat helpful.

I’m going to buy Elaine Gottschall’s book, but can you suggest any other scientifically rigorous or compelling resources that I could show him? Any time I asked my doctor about natural alternatives, she just said to cut out garlic, coffee, and lose weight (which are not cure alls for my condition).
And of course, there are side effects to PPI’s which is why I try to stay away from them. On the whole I don’t eat a lot of protein at mealtimes but was wondering whether Betaine would help the starches & grains to digest and move through my system easier as well? But even with those, when I upped the dosage to two capsules per meal, my stomach got so irritated. I will do the low stomach acid test as soon as I can but from the sound of it taking Betaine without a fair amount of protein might give me stomach ache?
I have been using probiotics and cleaned up my diet a long time ago, although THIS is the first time I’m trying to go grain-free and currently I am 3 weeks into the SCD diet. I think I suffer from GERD though my doctors are never quite clear on this…I have a lot of pain in my chest from heartburn rather than burning in the throat and it is particularly bad at the moment. My general health and energy levels have improved much, yet my dyspepsia symptoms are pretty much the same, burning that starts a few hours after each meal. So for those of you who are struggling as I did, with the psychological changes that go along with not eating like you’re used to, it will pass.
So stop listening to the charlatan who promise miracles with their diers yet they never promise a complete cure.
The issue seems to be that green veg makes me particularly windy – I really just don’t know what to eat and what to leave anymore! The symptoms are the same but treating it with acid reducers will not help, infact it will make it worse.

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