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Once someone decides to get over it, they just do at that sec, they can do all above for years and never get over it. Identity is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine bringing you the latest and hottest trends in Egypt and worldwide! The whole world spreads together the feeling of celebration during the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s. World was facing too many hardships and it was said that birth of Jesus Christ was to remove all these hardships. There are so many stresses behind the birth of Jesus Christ and even the year of his birth is under controversy.
Somewhere the confusion that was there in the entire world which says that it was the birth day of Jesus Christ was removed. Cheap shisha (yet the best), kebda & sogo2 sandwiches, laughs & bolet el estimation 3la el Bostan fel Agouza till 4am, what break up?
Do not forget to have fun that you were planning for this pious day and yes do not forget the cake!

If you can’t afford going to Paris this Christmas, there are still a lot of amazing places you have to check inside Egypt that are crazy cheap. Also avoid watching The Fault in Our Stars because, and I’m getting off topic now, it’s the gayest movie ever. In case if you want to know the exact date or year or month then this information is lacking everywhere, even in the history. The birth of Christ indicates that the light f peace and trust which the world was carving for came to an end with his arrival. There are so many stories behind the reason why this day was selected only to be the pious one. If you want to pour your heart out, never bad mouth an ex, be respectful & keep what was meant to be private, well private. Four canonical gospels though mention about his birth but no specified date has been mentioned. Bible has too little t help in this topic but one thing is clear that it leads to the celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus.

The renowned Western Christian Church announced Christmas on the 25th of December which is even accepted by East. Though this festival `is especially designed for Christians but the numbers of non Christians following this festival are increasing day by day. Again if you can’t afford it, buy scented candles, put some chill out music on, close your eyes & take long showers. Santa Claus is one of the interesting name associated with Christmas and it s said that he brings gifts for all kids.
Always make sure to let your rebound know you aren’t ready for anything serious, be straightforward, the last thing you want to do is hurt someone.

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