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With the cold weather motivating us to stay inside and stay warm, this is the perfect time to take advantage of spending some romantic moments with your partner. While many people consider wine to be an aphrodisiac, many don’t realize red wine has health benefits as well.
Place all your spices into a cheese cloth or a tea infuser (so you can easily discard it later). Caviar is filled with zinc which boosts testosterone and can help you get in the mood all night all. Almonds have historically been a symbol of fertility and is believed to bring out the passion in women. Not only are figs delicious, but they were known for the aphrodisiac qualities by the Romans. Christmas is a time for tradition and The 12 Pubs of Christmas is one of those traditions enjoyed the world over. It's good practice to assign forfeits prior to embarking on the journey and to nominate an enforcer to ensure the forfeits are upheld and no arguments spoil the fun.
Christmas is around the corner and you have one thing hanging in the air, what do you get your husband?
Is there a place your husband retreats to for his “me time?” A perfect Christmas present idea would be decorations for his little getaway room.
It might sound boring for some, but getting him something he needs is a nice touch as well. Getting something for a husband who has everything doesn’t have to be an insufferable experience.
Chocolate, which contains phenylethylamine, a chemical that boosts feel good vibes (similar to the feeling when you fall in love with someone) has been touted as an aphrodisiac. This is another chocolate drink recipe to boost and enhance your love feelings for your partner, except this one is alcohol free. Bananas are already phallic in shape but did you know the potassium found in bananas are great to improve muscle strength? Vanilla stimulates the nerves which means any sort of sexual sensation will be heightened and even better.
Then the frenzy ensues and you are among the psychotic mob of people who have come to complete their last minute Christmas shopping or risk spending the new year divorced and alone.
It may not to the end all be all answer to your Christmas shopping, but it does help get rid of a large chunk of your shopping all at once. Usually the next day after Christmas, stores will have massive sales to get rid of their inventory.
If your family or friends want gift cards to their favourite stores or restaurants, get it for them. We all say that we’re not going to try and not overeat during Christmas but the next thing you know, your pants are fitting a bit too snug and your ugly sweaters a bit too tight. If you know that you’re going to be eating a big meal or dinner later on in the day, don’t starve yourself.
If the party you’re at as a buffet bar or platters of hors d’oeuvres, make yourself a small plate and then move away from the station. Then grab your favourite Christmas shirt and check out some of the best sun holidays money can buy. Your holiday doesn’t have to be expensive either. Another beautiful tropical destination, Punta Cana has all you want in their majestic and luxurious all-inclusive resorts. This island has weather similar to that of Mexico during the holiday season which makes it another ideal candidate for a holiday vacation. It may seem like an impossible dream, but you CAN survive Christmas with your better half's family. The last thing you want to do is fight with your partner in crime before you even get to your destination. Ever think you may be the one creating all the tension and stress because of your attitude?
Cooking for a family takes a lot of effort and time and frankly can be extremely exhausting.
If you have decorations from previous years you would love to use again, by all means do so!
You don’t want to overwhelm your home or guests with decorations so sometimes less is more. Do you have a beautiful bowl in the middle of your dining room table or on your coffee table? Instead of leaving all your Christmas cards in a pile, section off a part of your wall and hang the cards there. Sometimes you just need a little bit of rest and relaxation from all the holiday hustle and bustle. Often times, things do not go according to plan because no one communicates with each other. If you are involved in a Secret Santa gift giving event at work, you may be stumped as to what to get the person you are assigned. Sometimes the smallest gift and gesture commemorating a moment or past experience can be more touching than any other pricey gift.
If the person has everything they need or you are completely stumped, make a donation in their name to their favourite charity. You and your partner are now in the next chapter of your life and are celebrating your first Christmas together as newlyweds. Many trees cannot be recycled, so this means you will be adding to the planet’s waste when you decide you want a new one. Sometimes despite all the decorations, party invitations, and daily cards received in the mail, you may not be in the Christmas spirit. When Christmas is over, we always dread the thought of packing away our Christmas decorations. Universal Church of Freedom Acceptance and Love - Ken's ReverendismsIn the interest of trying to do things better I want to start a blog page. Sometimes you just need to set the mood for yourself before you can even think about having sex.
Perhaps you know he’s always wanted you to be a literal present (meaning he wants to come home and find you with nothing on but a gift bow). Have fun and think of it as a way to relief some of that holiday stress you both have been dealing with. Red wine contains resveratrol, which is beneficial to the body since it does boost circulation. Yep, it's a thing. Just like shaving kits or cologne sets, there are naughty and extremely sexy kits available for your man. If your man has expressed an interested in roleplaying, why not try some holiday roleplaying? Maybe you are a little more creative and while you to give something sexual, you still want it to be as intimate and as personal as possible. When all else fails, purchase some sexy holiday themed lingerie (or if you prefer just a big ribbon bow to “wrap” yourself in), don your sexiest pair of heels, and be one of the best Christmas presents he’ll ever had.
If you know you’ll enjoy it in the bedroom, chances are he will be excited to try it as well. Your lovely lady has probably built up a lot of tension from holiday shopping, event planning, and bill paying. Some people may argue that any type of vibrator will do the job; however, you want to spoil your gal with something luxurious. This can sometimes be an already difficult question but when you have a guy who has everything he wants and needs, it just makes it ten times more difficult. Why not feed his passion for it by purchasing a membership to a local league or sports club?
Be warned, not only is this drink delicious, it’s rich and decadent and one shot may not be enough!
Here are some tips to stay ahead of the crowds and stress and be ahead of your Christmas shopping. Set a certain amount of money for each person you need to shop for and don’t go over that limit. Instead of giving something they really don’t need, want, or have a use for, get creative and make something for them. They will appreciate you listened to what they wanted and it’s definitely less of a headache for you. While the holiday season may be a great way to bond, socialise, and spread good cheer, it doesn’t leave us unscathed in the weight department. I know you love Grandma’s famous whipped potatoes but you should wait at least 20 minutes before deciding you want more.
We don’t realize how many calories we can consume through mindless nibbling from those little platters. And if you just want to get away for it, why not book a Christmas holiday and give yourself a little bit of rest and relaxation?
Often times the rates are lower to entice more people to come, especially during the holiday season.
Plus the beaches for these resorts are much more secluded and quieter since only resort members are allowed on sight.
The resorts are considered authentic and also very safe, making it ideal for families to go.
Montego Bay is not only beautiful, but it is also where the main airport is, which makes it a better option if you want to stay close.
Located along both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, you are bound to enjoy beautiful sunny weather even in later December or early January.
This is a great place to go if you want to snorkeling or spend long hours on the beautiful sandy beaches. Why not book a vacation with your family (or solo) and take a break from the norm and experience the festive season from a different cultural perspective? While being criticized or critiqued by your partner’s parents is not the way you want to spend the holidays, sometimes it’s required.
Remember that you are on the same team and if things get pushed too far, your spouse will stick up for you.
If you go into the visit with a negative mindset, negative things are most likely to occur.
It displays disinterest and that you are not having a good time (and you are supposed to be having an excellent time).
Sure you have to be little frugal with your choices but it also means you can be creative as well. All you need is a Styrofoam circle, hot glue gun, and a bunch of gift bows in different colors. Doing things such as stringing multi-colored lights around the room can make it feel festive.
Not only will it be a piece of art, it’s a great way to showcase the thoughtful messages from your family and friends.
It can take a little more planning, especially if you are trying to stick to a certain price threshold.
The obligations of seeing family and friends along with other tasks like shopping, card mailing, and cooking can send anyone into a tizzy.
We all think we can do it all but ultimately trying to do everything ourselves leaves us running on empty.
So make sure to segment some time where you can have some “me” time and do whatever you want…as long as it not more holiday chores! While Secret Santa’s are a great way for you to get into the spirit of the holidays, it can be stressful to find a gift for someone you don’t know that well.
Get something the person can use, whether it’s something in the office or a nifty gadget they can tinker with at home. A great gift idea is to get some memorabilia that has to do with their favorite television series or films. Often times we tend to not realize just how much traveling we do for the holidays to see everyone we care about.
You may have to travel to family events the day of Christmas, but it doesn’t mean you can’t spend the morning alone with each other. Maybe you love it as much as you love ugly Christmas jumpers and shirts. Maybe you even have an entire collection of them waiting to worn. If everyone you know is into social media and you know they are bound to check your invite, why not try this method instead?
You want to grab everyones attention with your ugly Christmas jumper and shirt themed party so make sure to decorate accordingly. Since all your guests will be arriving in ugly Christmas jumpers and shirts, why not create some friendly competition?
The majority of these trees are locally grown and are cut from sustainable sources. By purchasing a real tree, you help keep these farmers in business. Some of these pesticides should not be used indoors and have been known to cause harmful effects on the nervous systems.
Sometimes as we grow up, we tend to lose that childlike innocence that used to make Christmas wonderful. Yes, being an adult can take the magic away when it comes to the holidays but that doesn’t mean it should make you a grump.
If you’re feeling blue during the holiday season, why not get together with some friends and just hang out. You want to be able to see what you have at a glance so clear containers are the best way to go. Fabric pieces such as linens, stocking, or your tree skirts should be laundered before you put them away. Make a spreadsheet of all your decorations according to which container they are stored into. The last thing you want to be doing the next year is sitting on the floor with a mess of tangled lights.
So instead of adding more to this page where no one can respond to my opinions click on the link and read my blog. So take some time to relax, dim the lights so the room is only lit by your Christmas tree, take a bath, pamper your skin with a delicious smelling lotion, slip into something slinky, silky and sexy, and just relax. Having a full night dedicated to each other is a great way to reconnect physically and mentally. Below are five recipes for you to create and taste to help you get into a wonderfully romantic mood.
Often times, these kits are starter kits that can begin your collection or grow your repertoire of sex toys and accompaniments.
All you need is a sexy Santa outfit for him and a scantily clad elf outfit for yourself and let your imagination run wild! A great way to alleviate all this stress and tension is to pamper her with a personal massage. Take it a step further and purchase her a beautiful set of lingerie to wear under her outfit (which you can choose as well).
They have items such as role-playing cards which allow you to just focus on the fun rather than worrying about the costumes and the setup. Think about something he has but uses on a daily basis and add a personal touch by getting his initials engraved in them. It’s not always about what he needs or wants, it’s about what you think will put a smile on his face and make his Christmas morning memorable. You can easily perk your spirits, and libido, with these tasty and creative cocktails created with aphrodisiac ingredients.
Well stronger muscles mean better contractions and better contractions means better orgasms. Many websites offer free expedited shipping, discounts, and even exclusive items you may not be able to find in store. If you really want to get technical, you can even set aside a certain amount of money per paycheck for your Christmas shopping.
We know you don’t want to gain any unnecessary weight but we also know you want to enjoy yourself as well. Plus, I don’t know about you but I’m definitely not comfortable going to another place after I’m stuffed.

Not only will you be booking at a lower price, the trip itself will be financially reasonable since many resorts are usually all-inclusive. The weather is perfect during Christmas time and even chain hotels have reduced prices compared to peak times. It’s best to look for resort package deal early since they do sell fast because of low prices. Tamarindo is a great tourist place filled with culture and history in the Guanacaste province. All your friends will be green with envy from the great tan you got laying on those beautiful beaches. Instead of brooding, a great way to survive your pending Christmas trip is to come with a positive attitude and lesser expectations.
Don’t agitate the situation more by feeling you need to express how much you disagree with their political views. It may not be everything you want or expect but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or pleasant.
If the older decorations fit with the current theme you have, they would make a great addition and help you save a bit of money. You can do this with the current Christmas cards you have or with previous ones you just could not let go of. Just when you think you’ve had enough, another invitation comes in the mail or worse, you get a phone call from the in-laws that they are coming over a day early. If you feel bad for not attending every party, make sure to send a thank you note for the invitation. Or if you know the person is really into seeing the latest films, why not give them a gift certificate to the movies?
This will allow you to kick start the holiday season in great spirits and will also give you even more reason to cherish each other and your memories for years to come. Despite whatever theme you have the years after; these decorations will always have a special meaning to you. This doesn’t have to be the main family gathering everyone goes to every year but it could a holiday party for you and your close friends.
It could a recipe you’ve whipped up together or it could be one that was passed down to the both of you by a dear family member. Since this is your first holiday together as spouses, make sure to spend enough time with each other, even if that means taking a night off from social events to just some time in your home relaxing with Christmas movies. In fact, maybe you love them so much you want to host your own ugly Christmas jumper and shirt party. Use balls of yarn in various sizes places in glass jars or even make little ugly Christmas jumper and shirt candle holders.
Perhaps it’s an honorary ugly Christmas pin or maybe it’s a knitted bag filled with delicious candy.
Why not create your own drink like a “Santa's Festive Fizz” where you can make both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of it. You can have each person vote and participate in games such as the: Best Christmas Jumper, Best Christmas Shirt, Best Handmade Christmas Jumper, Best Handmade Christmas Shirt, Best Couple’s Christmas Jumper, Best Couples Christmas Shirt, the Ugliest Christmas Jumper, the Ugliest Christmas Shirt and of course a wooden spoon for the person who put the least effort in.
Even if everything doesn’t go according to plan, just have fun and enjoy the company of your close friends and family. Both have their pros and cons, but ultimately the decision is up to you as to which is your preference. So if you are going to buy a real tree, make sure to avoid those that have been treated with certain pesticides. Instead, we think about bills, dealing with in-laws, or how fat we’re going to get eating all those Christmas dinners. Remember, Christmas time isn’t about the stress or the materialistic things, it has and should always be about love, giving, and family. If you take the time and properly pack away your decorations, they will last you for years and years, and also save you a ton of money down the road. If you really want to get riled up before you see him, touch yourself and begin the stimulation yourself. You can create a romantic setting or just lounge around with each other (being naked during lounge time is completely optional, but highly recommended). The skin on skin contact, mixed with mutual attraction is a sure fire way to get each other in the mood.
Accidentally slip and touch his package while reaching for something, give each other a deep kiss while on the escalator. There are plenty of online sex stores selling these kits and will ship to your house discreetly so your neighbours will be none the wiser. Also, make sure to also set the mood by paying attention to the little details like only have your tree lights on, glasses of mulled wine or spiked eggnog, and a freshly made bed waiting to be ravaged. Often made with high quality materials like leather, these will feel like butter against her skin as opposed to the abrasive cold metal.
Whether it’s a concert to her favorite band or a five-course dinner at a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, make sure she doesn’t do any of the planning so everything is a surprise. You can even purchase a kit of some sort that will help you both try out new sex positions and explore your sexuality even more. If you’re completely stumped, you can even purchase him a nice personalized robe or a personal set of bath towels.
So pick one or two things that really interest you and then load your plate with veggies or some kind of lean protein that will help keep you fuller, longer. You also have volcanos and national parks you can visit as well to take in the entire beauty of the place.
Regardless of how small the chore is, your in-laws will take note you are helping them, which can earn you points in their favour. If you find yourself getting close to the limit, you’ll need to decide and eliminate any excess decorations you don’t need.
If they try to guilt you about being honest, talk to them about their emotions and explain why you want things a certain way. Not only will it include a bit of yourself, it will also be unique and a one of a kind gift that no one else will have. Not only will you be starting a tradition, you will also be creating lovely memories and strengthening your relationships with your friends. When you volunteer, not only will you be able to spend time with each other, you will also be able to give to those who are not as fortunate. If you are stumped on what to do, get inspiration from sites such as Pinterest, which will sure get your creative juices flowing. Add your own special touch by writing a personal note to everyone who came to your party and made it a success. As for food, you can bake gingerbread men and adorn them with cute ugly Christmas jumpers or shirts of their own.
If it is a hit, why not make it an annual thing to kick off the holiday season and get things started on the right foot?
Of course if you have no other choice (let’s say you’re allergic to pine) then by all means purchase a fake tree. You may have to do or deal with things you'd prefer not to, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the positive aspects of it. If you are at a loss as to how to efficiently pack away your Christmas decorations, here are some tips and tricks that will help you get a yearly packing routine down.
Well, if you have any stains or dirt on these items, it’ll be easier to get rid of them now than a year later. If you happened to toss the packaging, don’t stress, just use tissue paper or bubble wrap and carefully wrap each one. BlogOn the Photos page you will see the pictures I took at this years Fantasy Fest in Key West. Christmas time should be a great time for you and your partner to reconnect in the bedroom. Layer the smoked salmon on top and follow by spooning small portions of caviar onto the smoked salmon.
If this is the case for you, check out this list of steamy gift ideas to get you both riled up to have a very very naughty Christmas indeed! Some vibrators comes with various settings others can pulse with music, some can even remember the speed combination she prefers.
She’ll be so impressed she won’t be able to wait to show her appreciation when you both get home.
Get him an awesome new mug to bring to work along with some of his favorite brews of coffee. Not only will this get your creative juices flowing, it also expresses to the person how much they mean to you.
By the time you’re done with your first plate you’ll realize that you’re already pretty full. For example, there’s a difference between homemade fudge from your favorite cousin and store bought packaged sugar cookies filled with processed ingredients. If you find your Christmas spirit fading fast, we have some ways to help alleviate the Christmas burnout you may be experiencing. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, it’s time to sit and look over all the things you have to do and cross out the ones you don’t need or really want to do. Here’s all you need to know about how to host the best ugly Christmas jumper (or shirt) party.
For example, your outdoor decorations and lights should be together while your tree ornaments and lights should be separate.
Do this for each strand you have that way you dramatically decrease your chances of another tangled mess.
Don’t think of it as a chore; rather, think of it as a treat amidst all that chaos that normally comes with the Christmas holidays. Do you prefer full fledge romance with satin blindfolds or perhaps you wish to try to dabble in the bondage department a la “50 Shades of Grey” style? For example, create a voucher where you both must try a new sexual position or one where you must give him a “hands-free orgasm.” Be creative! You keep telling yourself you have time to get your shopping done until you it's Christmas eve and you've got nada, niets, zilch, zip, squadoosh! You can create your own on various printing websites or just create them yourself on your own computer. Your home, personal situation, and financial situation are all determining factors as to which tree would be best for you.
Once you have figured out and divvied everything up properly, label your containers accordingly. It can even be a small tree, just the fact you are partaking in a holiday tradition can help. I could not believe the courage that she had on display.After I took her picture I told her how my father was currently battling cancer and as she saw the tears well up in my eyes she offered me a hug and some words of encouragement. I was so moved I had to walk away to collect myself.I have no idea who this lady is or anything about herexcept that she is unbelievably brave. There were thousands of women in Key West and most of them were fully clothed because of their fear of exposing themselves.
I have put her on my list of life's heroes.They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
From now on when the greatest college football players of all time are being discussed his name will be brought up. In my opinion people that make a big deal out of their religion are trying to convince themselves andreally don't believe.
Tebow was ill but went ahead and played anyway, some people would say this proves how tough he is.
Tebow been thinking about the team and what was best for the team it never would have happened.
Tebow should not have been in the game but he was becuaseheis trying topad his stats so he can win another Hiesman Trophy and the Gators can win another national championship.If something is good enough to be the best no one has to make it look better than it is. Leaving your best players in a football game so the team can gain more yards and score more touchdowns might get more voters to notice you but it is short sighted. There is a reason some teamsalways stay on top and it is because they tkae the first team out during blow outs and give the second and third teams playing time. Tebow played when he was sick and stayed in the game after it was out of hand because he wanted personal recognition and his coach wants team recognition.If selfishness and greed are part of christianity is it really good enoughfor anyone to follow?This past week there has been a lot of attention brought to the civility of Americans.
West's interuption of Ms Swift's acceptance speech and of course Representative Wilson's "You Lie" moment during Pres. Obama's speech.Or the three of these I would give a pass to Ms Williams as she was on a field of competiton and let her emotions get the better of her. By her own admition she made a mistake and seems to be honestly remorseful.It is unclear if what Mr. If it was a stunt, well It was still in bad taste and if it was not a stunt then it was just plane rude.Certainly this man is entitled to his opinion and he should be allowed to voice that opinion.
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Our current system does nothing but benefit big healthcare companies at the expense of the American population.
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I cannot imagine what George Washington would say about being told to wear a seatbelt to protect himself or Thomas Jefferson being told he couldsexually harrasss his employees.We have some pretty good evidence that the founding fathers were pretty much drunk most of the time and probably smoked hemp as well. Yourmight not think that your vote will count but if you are not registered then you do not even have a voice.
You haveoptions other than Democrat and Republican, personally I am an Independent and I vote.
I e-mail myrepresentatives eventhough I am sure they do not actually read the e-mail, I send, I know someone does and if I write enough and I am eloquent enough my voice will be heard and my feelings will be passed up the chain, yours will also.Ain't none of us getting out of this world alive.
I never wish death upon anyone and would never rejoice at the death of another but I shall not lose a moments sleep ever this man's death. I do not know if he molested a child but I do know he did things that he should not have done.
He did things that harmed children.I do not now nor will I ever understand fans that act as though they just lost a family member when acelebrity dies.
Iremember being shocked when Elvis died and saddened when John Wayne died and when Dale Earnhardt died I was stunned but come on.
How can the death of a person that I never knew be equated to this?One person that I mourned deeply that was not a family memeber was one of my college professors, a great man named Dr. I played football in college so we were there before school started and in the first couple of days all of the freshman sort of made fun of Dr.
The upper classmen soon set us straight and made it known to us that this was a man to be honored.
I was surprised when he wished me good morning and called me by my name, we had never been introduced. As I learned later this man memorized the names and photo's of every incoming freshman and that is how he knew my name. This act touched my sole in a way that I never thought could happen and when I learned of Dr. Kenney's death I knew that this world would never be the same without him.As I write this I have tears streaming down my face as I remeber a man that so few people knew but he impacted this world more than all of the celebrities put together ever will. Being as I am a painter I work outside in all kinds of weather and I just cannot understand how others act in uncomfortable weather conditions.Yes it is hot and yes it is uncomfortable but some people act as though it is actually painful.
A couple of weeks ago when I went to my son's graduation I was one of the few men dressed appropriately in a sport jacket and tie. I saw people dressed in shorts and t-shirts that were sweating just as much as I was and looked just as uncomfortable as I was so what exactly was their point?In this record setting heat I have no air conditioner. It is only a $15.00 part and should only take a couple minutes to change, I just don't care enough about it to do it. I think most Americans are really becoming pussies.I don't like the cold weather but heat I get used to. I grew up in Ohio and I have shoveled snow in bitter cold with wind chills well below zero. Sure you can put on more layers of clothing but you can only put on so many pairs of socks and only one pair of gloves and your face is usually unprotected.
My family and friends tell me that these women are destroying my life and I need to leave them but it is not them, it is me.They do not destroy my life, I do. I will admit that my selection of women is not all that good but I cannot ever seem to make a relationship work. I work too hard and flirt too much and I am too strong willed,my relationships suffer.I have become happy with who I am eventhough I cannot seem to find a person that wants to share my life for very long.
From time to time I do get lonely but I do not mind being alone.This past week a small kitten showed up at my house. It does not want to be picked up but it is getting to be more comfortable with me, I can pet it when I feed it. My new cat is starting to trust me and this gives me hope.Some day I will get another chance.
Somewhere there is a person that be will becomfortable with me and learn to trust me eventhough I am who I am.Last week my niece graduated from high school and this week my son will as well.
I can recall that i had so much potential to make something of my life and make a difference in the world.I do not know if I will ever reach the potential I once had but I believe I am happy with my life. As far as making a difference, with the number of people that visit this site and read my thoughts, I must be touching someone.
As I have said so many times I am not trying to make anyone believe the things I believe, I just want people to honestly think about what they believe.For all of the young people graduating from high school and college around the country my best wishes go out to you all. He has been terrorized for years because he is one of few doctors in America that performs late term abortions. The radical right finally got rid of him.Why do anti abortionists call themselves "pro life"?
A person is not"pro life" when they are in favor of murder and killing as ways to solve problems. Only a person of very limited intelligence is unable to find another way of solving problems other than resorting to violence.It is a dream of mine that no woman ever need to abort her fetus, but I understandthat some times it is needed and all women should be able to have that option. I do understand that a society does need these options that are"anti life" but we need to do our best to limit the usage of these methods.I went to Hulover Beach for Memorial Day and a little something happened that reminded me why I started this website.
I was lying on the beach doing my crossword puzzle and minding my own business when all of a sudden some lady started yelling at me.Haulover's clothing optional section is clearly marked so if she was surprised that I was naked it was her own fault. She did have some small children with her so I can understand that she would not want these children to be playing close to naked people but all she had to do was move down the beach and the problem would have been solved. She insisted upon being belligerent and making a scene and calling us sick and perverts.I can handle being called a pervert by ignorant people but this kind of an attitude upsets me. Had she not said anything and just moved down the beach tthe children would have thought nothing of it. I guess there are a lot of people that think we should be ashamed of our bodies but these people have issues that they need to deal with.I am not as young as I once was and my once athletic figure is not as nice as it used to be but I am not ashamed of my body and neither should anyone else. Today too many drivers are under the immpression that they are the only ones that matter or the only ones on the road. I will never understand why people drive in the left hand lane of the freeway when they will not even come within 10 mph of the speed limit. They just continue straight ahead like a moving pylon oblivious to the hazards they cause.Cell phones are one thing that can cause some really bad driving and I don't know why. I have a cell phone and I talk on it while I drive but I make sure that the driving is the most important part of my life at that momment.
If a person can drive and talk to passengers in the vehicle than we should be able to talk to someone on the phone.I cannot understand why anyone would ever try to text while driving and yet I see this quite often. She had a bumper sticker that reminded people to not drink amd drive and she proceeded to drive off the side of the road and almost wrecked in front of me trying to get straightened out.
She turned down the same street I was turning on and she continued driving like a fool so I blew my horn at her. She used one finger to wave at me and then I noticed she also had a license plate that had "In God We Trust" on it.
If you do not love your mother, I hope the two of you can resolve your differences.I am not a big fan of doing something nice for someone just because it is a holiday. If the people in your life do not know that you love them based upon the things you do all year long, one or two days a year won't make a difference. I never make a big deal out of mothers day or birthdays or any other particular day, I try to show that I care every day.I have known people that make a big deal out of showing how much they love their families on special occassions.
I am pretty damned sure the people close to me know that I love them but that won't stop me from doing those little things that prove it. Was this minister more interested in his parishoners salvation or the amount of money collected in that plate?A few years later I was living in Alabama and I would go to church occasionally with my girlfriend and her mother.
One dayI overheard a discussion about how the minister wanted my girlfriends mother to contribute more money to the church. This old widow lady lived on a very small social security income and I got more than just a little upset.I told her that she has given enough to the church through the years and now it is her turn to receive. She made a comment about god providing and I brought up the fact that Ken provided her groceries the week before. Within a few weeks I moved back to Ohio.Recently I was at my parents house and I noticed an envelope on the counter. It had the name of my parents church on it and it had a place to fill in an amount and a place for their name.
If people want to give to a church that is fine but I believe it should be doneanonymously.What right does a church have to shame and intimidate people into donating money?
People will give what they can afford and what they feel is appropriate and anyone that needs to use strong arm tactics to force people to give more are no better than an extortionist.A few years back I was supposed to paint a house for a couple but about one week from the date they called me and told me that due to family problems they would have to cancel. When I first met the Smiths Mrs.Smith was an attractive woman with a very friendly personallity. I soon realized that though this vibrant lady was going through a battle for her life she lost her hair but not her friendly personallity.From time to time as I face troubles in my own life I call on my memories of the Smiths and how they dealt with problems far worse than anything I might have been going through. I was searching online for some information on a radio personality that I listen to and as Iread about this person I learned some things about another person on the same radio program.I have never metthis other person but on air she is a very bubbly person. Her on air persona is that of an "airhead" but from exchanging e-mails with her I came to find out sheis much smarter than she acts on air. As a matter of fact the other members of the show often discuss how she is always happy and upbeat.Some people in this world get dealt badcards and decide to fold their hand, some people play the hand they are dealt and winthe game. I have found a new source of inspirationand another reason to keep playing the game of life.Last week I heard sports storyabout NBA great Isiah Thomas taking a job at a Florida University and donating his salary back to the school.
Thomas is a very wealthy man and he is still being paid by the New York Knicks so it is not a monetary sacrifice butwith the amount of work requiredto be a college coach it is a lot of work to do for free.I heard Mr. Thomas make a statement that this is something he feels he needs to do because when he was young he took advantage of youthprogramsthat required charitable donations from others. Thomas has gotten a lot of bad press the last couple of years but thislittle bit of good sure helps make up for a whole lot of bad. It makes me wonder why more wealthy people cannot give more than just money as a form of charity. Thomas has a chance to touch lives and make a difference and he is asking nothing in return.Often times I have found myself in situations where I stop to help someone.
I am not a mechanic but I can help people with flat tires, dead batteries and simple things. Most of the time when I am done helping out the person offers me payment and I always say thesame thing, "One day awhile back someone gave me a favor and today I am giving that favor to you. The only thing Iask in return is that some day you give this favor to someone else that needs it."Wouldn't the World be a better place if people stopped thinking money is the most important thing?
Wouldn't it be nice if people just helped out because it was the right thing to do and not because there was something in it for them? I don't do nice things for people fopr money and I don't do nice things because I am trying to buy my way into Heaven. Greed is much like pornography in that it is hard to define but we all know it when we see it. Of course we all have different visions, don't we?It seems to me our greed is destroying us, The cause of the world's financial meltdown is none other than greed. Greed of Wall Street, Greed of Banks, Greed of Speculators, Greed from our Politiciansand the list goes on.
People at the helm once told the rest of us no, you cannot afford this but lately due to their own greed they started showing us how we could get it eventhough we cold not afford it.The collapse of the housing market was in a large part due to the Greed of Realators and Home Builders. For generations the industry stayed clear of Speculators because they knoew it would cause long term problems eventhough they would make short term profits.
Our Banking system has collapsed due toour elected officials taking money from banks toremove regulation from the finacial industry. Thelarge banks were the largest owners of oil in America and then when the banks went broke what happened to the price of oil? There is no way possible one man did this.This scam was so large there had to be many, many people involved. If investors had not been so driven by their desire to make money with no effort they would have asked questions and they would have seen the red flags.Desire to make money and have nice things is notGreed. Taking advantage of situations and people to achieve results that benefit a few while harming the masses is just wrong.

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