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Toga parties are the quintessential Greek party, during which each sorostitute can demonstrate her own unique style while still dressing to match the overall theme. I’ve gone to a couple toga parties, and that picture is from my last one, at Lambda Chi my senior year at Michigan State.
While I couldn’t tell you exactly how to construct a toga (it’s different every time), I can give you some tips!
I hope that someday I get an excuse to partake in a toga party since I went to a school with no greek system.
You can do it alone, but usually it helps to have someone there to pin it in the back for you.

For the strapless yellow toga above, I just wrapped the fabric around me sort of like a towel, and then pinned it shut in the front, all the way down. It will probably be too long at first; you can just cut off the bottom and pin it up to hem it as the final step.
The yellow toga was my total fashionista toga, but you can see how the other girls represented their personalities with their togas.
I’m in a sorority and always avoided going to toga parties for the reason that I never knew how to do it. For my one-shoulder toga on Saturday, I started by tucking one corner into my bra band, then brought it over my shoulder, and started wrapping.

But lucky for me, this time I didn’t end up doing a Walk of Shame in a pretty-much-impossible-to-reassemble ball of fabric. I made a headband with gold leaves and made Eric a wreath for his head from silver leaves and two pipe cleaners. My guy friend and I always joke about it because our tipsy selves reacted so quickly, almost no one noticed!

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