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I know you miss her and you want to talk to them as much as possible, but maybe they’ve been busy lately.
Talk to your friend and tell them how you feel, I’m sure they would appreciate you being honest with them, maybe they don’t want to do those bad things, maybe they’re being forced, talk with them and tell them they can count on you. My boyfriend changes a lot, and his attitude is disrespectful and when we broke up he was super sweet.
And sometimes I get so mad I want to hit the girl that tried to take my friends away, what can I do? First, try talking to the girl that wants to take your friends, tell her that what she is doing is making you feel sad and alone, maybe she doesn’t realize what she is doing.
We promised we would call each other and keep in touch, but lately she hasn’t called or even texted.

Think about it, she moved to a whole different city, with different people, different schools, and different everything.
They’re not a bad person, it’s just certain things they do that makes me question their character. Let them know you’re there for them; make them realize the way they’re behaving isn’t right. When you were together he didn’t treat you right, and when you broke up he decided to treat you nice only for you to fall for his lies so you would get back together with him and so he could keep treating you with disrespect. Singer-actress Jolina Magdangal was referring, of course, to Bebong Munoz, who has been her man for 10 years until they broke up.
Don’t be afraid to speak up to them, and try approaching them carefully, calmly, and patiently in case they get anxious or hostile.

If he did it once, there is a slight chance he will do it again, don’t go back to him, find someone else, there are plenty of fish in the sea and you don’t want that mean fish. You can meet new people and make new friends, don’t get mad over things you have the capability of fixing, you can have better friends and be happier with them.
Give her some time, she will come around, it isn’t easy changing your life style from one day to the next. Be patient with her, I am sure that she will call or text you soon, if she doesn’t just send her a friendly text or call on how she is doing and why she lost touch with you.

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