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admin | Want My Ex Back | 20.11.2013
We’ve almost made it through another week…praise hand emojis all around, am I right? After a week of downing gallons of tomato soup and multiple medications, I’m back to feeling semi-normal. Simple, I know, but I find candlelight genuinely calming especially when it comes in the form of a great smelling candle such as White Barn’s Mahogany Teakwood.
Aside from the usual makeup and product I put on my face, being sick and out of it can really take it’s toll too. This is easier said than done sometimes but after I’ve went through all the steps above, I love nothing more than crawling into bed and listening to something calming but also useful. While all that soup and meds did my body good, my mental state was still a little fuzzy from the fever and coughing.

It smells like a ridiculously hot guy just walked into the room and wrapped you in his favorite warm jacket. For this particular relaxing bath, I grabbed my favorite macaron shaped bath bombs, lavender & eucalyptus essential oils (to relax and sooth my sinuses), and an ice cold Sprite then went to town with the bubbles.
That’s why I really take a whole step to focus on my face and get everything back to basics.
I love listening to Danielle and Jen break down the different perspectives of success over a cup of coffee. I firmly believe a little sparkle can enhance any situation and there's no better cure for the blues than a good puppy cuddle. That’s where Origins Modern Friction Gentle Dermabrasion and GlamGlow YouthCleanse Mud to Foam Cleanser come to play.

I talk about this all the time and for good reason, it’s a wonderful dark purple that checks all the boxes for me. Danielle seems to be so laid back while Jen speaks with such excitement in her voice that they compliment each other perfectly and make for easy listening…pun not intended. Well, maybe not all the boxes, it still takes a bit to dry but I’ve got that covered with Essence Express Dry Drops.

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