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But what you have to do every time you want to reach out is ask yourself this question: What's your motive?
Dump him, not only from your Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram accounts, but also dump his parents and his friends that are not really your friends. Remember, when you approach that ex for closure, you are approaching him with an expectation. You may be desperate for resolution, but you have to accept that there won't always be resolutions in life.
Maryjane Fahey is the coauthor with Caryn Beth Rosenthal of DUMPED, a breakup bible for women to get off their asses and over their exes in record time.

I was even texting him from Morocco (we made plans to go there on holiday together, but when the date for our departure arrived, two weeks after he'd dumped me, I went with a gay pal instead). If it's because you're seeking some sort of reaction (and of course you are), then you know you're already dead in the water.
Although I dumped my ex after 10 years, he had dumped ME intermittently throughout the relationship. But you have to do this in order to move on, to not be bitter and to not get stuck in the past.
In order to move forward, you have to just sit in that void for a minute, get comfortable with yourself, and love yourself.
From here on out you're just gonna be 'love me love me, love me.'" I was furious with my pal and clearly I was terrified of being alone.
Like when you're happy, healthy, married, remarried, living in Paris and have forgotten his name. Don't spend your time following methods to scheme and manipulate the ex dumper back into your lair.

I will spend the rest of my life making up for this mistake." And really, if that ex came to you and said those things, would you really want them back?
And there was nothing I could do about that and nothing he could say to me to make it better. I had zero self-esteem and felt unattractive and insecure like you wouldn't believe -- and I'm a confident, good-lookin' chick! After another five years of this nonsense I finally dumped HIS ass and I told my friend that she had been right all along.

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