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According to some men, finding a good woman isn’t as easy as we would like to believe. We look at the women around us who are just as beautiful, educated, and self-sufficient as ourselves and think men have it easy. Last week, self-proclaimed bad boy of radio, Michael Baisden raised this question to his female callers: would you date your girlfriends? In today’s society when most women are financially independent or at least on the path to becoming so, many men have become accustomed to beauty, education, financial independence, etc. So the next time you hear a man say that a good woman is hard to find, don’t be so quick to jump on the defensive end.
Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section. Most of the women out there really do stink today, and trying to meet one that isn’t so stuck up and high maintenance is the hard part.
It is very sad the amount of real stupid women that we have out there nowadays, especially the way that you women have Changed over the years which is certainly Not For The Good At All.
Due to our trustful and professional services, new genlemen & beauties are joining all the time and many are making connections every day.
Femininity, when plied properly, is much stronger than masculinity, and allows a woman to get a man to do her bidding much more efficiently and effectively than a masculine stare down or other like confrontation. As far as women needing to be submissive, I do feel that women need to think about this concept.
As a man I will tell you that guys really can dominate and consume so much of your time and energy -because you allow it. That said, for this black male I struggle between limiting one's options for dating and going all out. I might like the girl brown or pale cuz she's cool, on the same page, OR I might just want a one night stand. I don't have the answer, I wanted to share I feel black Americans have the hardest job of living PC at times. Woman (black woman) Strength, power and domination is to be used to serve a moral and noble purpose, not vanity, materialism and insecurity.
Yes, we all have baggage…You have to deal with mine just like I would have to deal with yours. We often hear complaints, from our girlfriends or even ourselves, about the lack of quality men in the choosing pool.
Instead think about your girlfriend who complains about everything under the sun or your friend who is lugging around baggage from a high school relationship that happened years ago.
It takes only a few minutes to submit a profile which, however, might change your whole life.

So many or my female freinds who are lovely and amazing have settled for guys that just did not appreciate their true beauty and kindness.
I think the problem with our generation (though Im only 25 and have not been in the game that long. I'm not trying to hate but I was underthe impression that this website was geared towards the diescerning black woman. It has made us unable to see the true value in each other and instead all we can see is a catalog of faults.
My answer to that question is, I would date only one of my friends (I have a total of five good friends). I know I shouldn't classify my friend like that, but it is the best way to describe her. We so busy writing articles and being on the internet that were not focusing enough on bettering ourselves and carrying out our morals.
One woman strongly emphasized that although she loved her friends, she wouldn’t date any of them. Instead, it has everything to do with emotional stability, domestic values, and simply knowing how to treat a man. Then evaluate those qualities that you need to work on, not only for a man, but for yourself. This article really made me think about the faults in myself that I need to change in order to find me a mate. However Ive been blessed to see true love in the form of my mom and dad who have been together for 37 yrs and still going strong and my grandparents who have been together for 52 years and also going strong) is that women think they are too independent to need a man, at least that is the impression men get. Please know that discerning means more than the desire and ability to read more than two paragraphs strung togther.
So yes, your college-educated, independent best friend is both attractive and on the market but what about those qualities that even you as a best friend can’t stand?
Stuck in the mind frame of their first love, how it was and how it should be.and all of you saying you would not date your girlfriends for whatever reasons, DO NOT EVEN DARE run back to the same girlfriends and comfort them when they are crying to you about failed relationships when you have not even told them the real reason as to why their relationship has failed. In the past I was so focused on my good qualities and why a man should be lucky to have me. Golden Standard, You make some pretty good points but you lack understanding of a principle. If u ask me we all need improvement on our communication skills with one another (men and women). However, I failed to acknowledge the fact that I can be so overly independent and mean that I definitely wouldn't want to put up with me. What you may think is valuable about yourself may not be valued by men seeking companions.That is why it is important for women to make an effort to truly understand men.

Im not saving women should assume a role inferior to their men, but even if you dont need a mans support financially, a man still needs to feel needed and wanted. An example used in an earlier comment was the woman constantly reminding her male partner to pickup his towel. This was a great article that put it out there to try to actually help women realize what they might need to adjust about themselves.
If it is neccessary take the time to get some help to truly recover from past hurts BEFORE moving on. If you give the impression, I got it all, I could do it all, I dont need a man, guess what your not going to get one, cuz a guy would think well she got it all she dont need me. He may be physically stronger than her, but she must understand MA-stery so that she can use his strength to protect her, not hurt her.
I think the goal here was to decrease the number of single, black, educated, indepedent women out here that see themselves as a trophy, but don't really look at that one fault that can be strong enough to push a man away. Men want to MEN, they are natural providers and protectors, if you dont let him do what he has been naturally created to do, then he cant be with you. For example, if you watch a kung fu movie or demo, the MA-ster may be attacked by 100 men flailing and kicking at him, but he can't be defeated even though he stands there and appears to do nothing.
When you open your legs for sex, that is submission, but you cannot turn around as an aggressor or arrogant corporate hoe or hoodrat and expect balance in your environment. I think us women and men really need to go back in history and determine what made relationships 10-20 yrs ago successful and apply those characterisitics.
I'm not saying anything is wrong with having a corporate job, but wisdom never dies, corporate america can die just like its doing right now, so then what do you have left?
It is amazing to come across women with advanced degrees in social science with under practical understanding about today's men.
Even those men and women who get married, alot of couples are getting divorced before 10 yrs of marriage.
In general I think the state of dating and union in the black population is the worst its ever been.
Alot of educated, beautiful, and successful women cannot seem to find a good man to settle with.

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