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When a bird looks for food there is an implicit assumption that he will find the worm and all will be okay.  He does not get up and start thinking “What if I can’t find food? To be in that state is to observe the precise timing in which all things fall into place and to simultaneously marvel at the exquisite manifestations of an ever-changing universe.  When we are fortunate enough to have an experience of this wholeness, we are filled with humility and compassion.
About Latest Posts Chandra AlexanderChandra Alexander is the author of Reality Works – Let It Happen(purchase the Reality Works Book or Ebook). I have also found that it is when I let go and when I release expectations that things start to progress.
Like you, I am very particular about my blog and where I post, so thank you for the opportunity to participate in your blog. While I can appreciate the idea that letting go is often the best way of dealing with things over which you have no control, and can give you some great adventures, sure, somehow this whole thing just doesn’t do it from me. And assuming that you’re right, would this mean that cosmic forces exist to send you messages about buying birdfeeders, thereby saving you from having to make another trip to the shops?

This inspired me because I’ve had the universe step in at just the right time, keeping me humming along nicely when my ego got out of the way.
Like for example, I was driving around doing errands one day and suddenly a thought barged its way in my mind. Either you KNOW that you are always in the right place at the right time or you don’t. If you like what you’ve read, you’re invited right now to join the thousands who receive Chandra’s FREE daily email “Cutting Through to THE REAL TRUTH” for a daily dose of clarity and truth. It does cause me to reflect about the many times when my intuition was calling and I was too busy to notice.
I, too, have experienced the magic that comes with letting go and trusting things will work out.
And often birds don’t find any food and starve, so I doubt following their mindset is really going to be helpful.

Finally I sat back, I could DO no more, and then, the unexpected happened and the process started flowing again.
I woke up one day and decided to quit the job I needed to support the family that I was trying to take care and make everything right in the world and in my situation.
Amazingly enough, I let go not knowing what was going to happen, but i did trust that it would be fine, I let go of the stress even though I didn’t know if I was going to have a roof over my head or my kids for that matter.
I felt this deep feeling of letting go to move forward and I was willing to deal with the consiquences if i needed to, but i trusted with all of my being and let go. Wonderful (meant for you at that moment) is the same way the Universe sends him away (not meant for you).

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