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A Woman's Way is an optimistic account of transformative growth which maps the journey from inner turmoil to confidence, joy and fulfillment. The sperm leave the man’s penis by ejaculation and are deposited in the vagina high up near the cervix (the opening to the womb). Sperm can survive for a few days in the female reproductive system – hence a sperm ejaculated during intercourse on a Monday could fertilise an egg ovulated on the Tuesday or Wednesday! The following day after fertilisation the embryo’s genetic material should double then halve forming 2 identical cells all still within the shell. At 8 cells the embryo continues to keep dividing to make more cells, but now the cells become very tightly bound and start to communicate with each other. All this time the embryo has been rolling down the Fallopian tube, but at the blastocyst stage the embryo enters the womb.

At this point the embryo is sending out chemicals into the mother’s blood stream, and from about 2 weeks from fertilisation the chemicals have reached a level which will be picked up by a pregnancy test.
The embryo must then continue to grow and develop the different types of cells and structures necessary to become a baby. The above demonstrates just some of the many complicated steps that must occur to become pregnant.
During the process of hatching, which occurs at around day 6 of development, the embryo emerges from the rigid shell in which it has been encased.
This is a spiritual journey that is offered to all in early to middle adulthood but in this instance, the wisdom of a group of twelve women has been tapped to illuminate the process. Having provided support for the egg during its growth in the follicle, this matrix must now be effectively penetrated by sperm for fertilisation to occur.

Through an economical sharing of their experiences, the features of this journey are brought to light and ideas for getting through it are recommended. Describing the path that they have trodden removes its mystique and diminishes any fear that other travelers may have of exploring this (inner) landscape. Although challenging, it is an exciting journey that enables women to find their true expression and live vigorously and vitally in the world.Many who tread this path report the arrival at their destination in the most glowing terms as the dysfunctional behaviors of the past are shed in favor of self-confidence and self-responsibility.

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