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Using layers, masks and gradients, move and mend the pieces together until you have a complete whole in Photoshop. In order to capture the entire piece, we’re going to have to turn it 90 degrees and scan it in twice, once capturing the top, the other capturing the bottom. Using the rectangular marquee or magic wand tool, select all your whitespace and delete it. Looking at these blending photos, it’s obvious that this second layer also has an unfocused edge.
Drag a gradient starting just after the blurry pixels, and going in a bit into the crisp pixels of the current layer. This entry was posted in Art Advice and tagged blend, digital, digitize, drawing, match, mend, photoshop, picture, resize, scan, scanner, size by Tahnee. True, I have had sketches where after scanning, a crease WILL occur somewhere near the middle, due to the edge of the scanner. Zendaya keeps it cool in shades while attending Children Mending Heart's 2015 Empathy Rocks Fundraiser on Sunday afternoon (June 14) in Malibu, Calif.

Open your scanner and hold your piece over it, matching orientation (portrait or landscape).
In this case, there’s a slight overlap seen at the bottom, or the left side of the piece. There’s still a little white space on the left side because the scan was at a slight angle (as often happens). With your layer’s opacity brought way down, (40% in this case) you can easily spot when the layers are matched, hence ready to blend. I tried to make it as detailed as possible… if you have any questions, please feel free to comment. Nice special effects with the commentary on your pictures hehe… *raises hand* I have a question what if your dealing with a very delicate art piece where if you put pressure on top of the scanner flap it could potentially damage the art itself, but you still don’t want to get any blurry edges?
He wasn’t too enthused about his job, and I could totally see him serving lobster sushi. If the scanner’s area is more than halfway as long and deep as your piece, this process will work.

Some scanners (such as mine) don’t scan in every nanometer of data, and sometimes leave a white edge.
Sometimes, putting one layer’s opacity down will allow you to better align your two pieces.
Testing out the scanner’s flap pressure on another paper the same as the first (sans artwork) will give you an idea of how safe it is to try it on your real artwork. It would most certainly be nice to get a full-detail version into Photoshop with 300dpi, though…. I *could* mend landscape, but matching it up will ultimately be more difficult in the end). I already know that the width of the piece will not change when I add my second piece; however, the height will.

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