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1) Accept what happenedThis can often be difficult, especially if your ex broke up with you when you were not expecting it. 2) Getting back together does not start with you calling your exAs I mentioned a short time ago, your initial impulse may indeed to get on the phonewith your ex to start working on getting them back. 3) Plan things to happen at the right timeOnce you have taken some time to collect your emotions and have given somethought as to what went wrong with things and you have a clear plan as to how youmay be able to start fresh again with your ex, you can start to plan the when andwhere to do so. Until then, I do have a few simple thoughts about how I might approach this, for what they’re worth to you. Consider letting him move back to his own apartment near you, or move in with a family member or roomate, and let him get a job first and establish himself a bit. Then you can “date” for a while to give the two of you time to get to know each other again. You want to be married to a man of integrity and a RECOVERING addict, not an addict with addiction-related behaviors. If you’ve been in this situation, I hope you’ll leave a comment and any helpful resources you can recommend!
A great book if you are feeling codependent on him is called Codependent No More by Melody Beattie. Hey ladies , thought it might be fair to mention that after a period of time the wife or husband of the addict becomes just as sick as their addicted partner.
Getting back together after breaking up is not an easy thing.In the movies, you see couples breaking up getting back together. You can’t fix a broken relationship by simply apologizing to your exboyfriend and showing him that you still love him. By this time you should also have a clear understanding of whether ornot you are still in love with them and even want to put forth the effort to work onthings with them.It is important at this point not to worry about who was at fault when things brokedown between you. Ifyou are REALLY serious about getting your ex back and want to find out exactly youneed to do, before you do anything else, you need to watch this video: Watch VideoNow.
I know you’ve been through hell with this, and I applaud you for taking the time to consider this carefully before you make a decision. There can be some very helpful information and support in these groups that you can get no other way. If you’re getting hurt, or suspect you might, you need to get out and protect your own safety and that of your children. That’s why I like the idea of letting him move back to a small apartment (or in with a family member or roommate) and dating for a while so that the two of you can make a fresh start without all the immediacy and intimacy of a live-in situation. The dynamics of dating or being married to a man in the grips of addiction or in early recovery are much different than any other. I think women in general fall often into the trap of mothering and taking care of men because we’re raised to be nurturers. I am 18 college freshman, he is 39 married with a friendly non sexual relationship with his wife.
Abby words alone help me to put things into perspective, and he also brought my wife back into my life, you are a great spell caster and I am blessed to have found you. You need to focus on the positives between your ex and yourself.Begin to go about things slowly and casually at first. We do talk about every month or two and when he does call its all about missing me and wanting to come home.

Because you love him and want to spend your life with this man and are willing to work through an incredibly difficult mess with him to get to the good stuff. Addiction recovery groups often have “Spouses Of” and “Children Of” groups they can refer you to. Marriage is about a connection between partners, not a “mommy” and a grown man who is behaving like a child. You are never alone in this and there is such specific help that will really make a difference. However, if you really want your ex back, it can be done and here are 3 steps that will help you rekindle things with them. However, if you really want your ex back, it can bedone and here are 3 steps that will help you rekindle things with them. You also do not want to lock yourself away in your house and cryuntil you cannot cry anymore.
This acceptance will help you to realize that you need to start a brand new relationship with your ex if you are to get back together with them again. Instead, you need to takesome time to analyze what happened to cause the break up to occur in the first place.You are going to need to know what to rectify what went wrong with your relationshipbefore you can correct things and start anew before you contact your ex to broach thesubject.
His articles are a must read for anyone who is looking to either salvage or further enhance their relationship. I know we love each other, I just asked him two weeks ago if he wanted a divorce and said no I want my wife back. Please learn to truly honor yourself and understand that you are a familiar comfort zone for him as he probably is for you too, but he really will need to work through this (and it will be uncomfortable for him) if he is ever to be his whole self for you! Now it was my choice but if you know anything about the program of AA , it clearly states we are powerless over the first drink in early recovery. If it is the boy who breaks up with the girl, the girl will find it very difficult to get his boyfriend back. Treatthem positively and patiently and your chances of getting your ex back will increasedramatically. I have some warnings, some tips, and some resources for you.Most of my regular readers know that in 2011 my husband told me he wanted a divorce.
Well after I started to function (keep a job and pay my own way) she did not know where she fit in my life at anymore because she was so use to taking care , nursing me back to health that she was lost with out that control . If you found me through a Google search, it may be helpful for you to go through some of my posts about our divorce, adultery, and remarriage. You need to examine what it would take to get back to the way things were when the relationship was at its best.
We were both in relationships, and he had even proposed, but because our divorce happened so quickly neither of us had healed from the pain. Every man she has had sense me she has picked addicts.So read the family afterwords in the AA book and it explains some of the struggles of rebuilding a relationship. We were both in relationships that were unfair to the people we were with because we were still stuck to each other. When two people come together and make a marriage covenant with God and each other, they become one. I don’t personally believe that when that marriage is broken either walk away as whole people. Lots of people argue this fact but in the forward of the AA book ,the first one hundred said they have seen 1000s RECOVER.

Its a spiritual program and the only purpose of the AA book is to get you in contact with God . You see, just the act of getting divorced along with any relationships after divorce are baggage that you bring back into the relationship. Warning is if they start making excuses to miss meetings they have already relapsed ,it happens in the mind before it happens in the body. Mix that with a lack of trust, and fear that your marriage will fail again, and you have a huge storm brewing. So look for these three signs and you can predict the future … Restless, irratible and discontentment. You will continue to fight about the things that you fought about before divorce, your parenting styles will still be different, and heaven forbid you, or they picked up a bad habit or two during your separation.This was very real for us. And I believe your husband will get well and stay well if he does these three things on a daily basis. Trust God , clean house (internal ) and help another addict , the obsession to use will never ever return. The joy and newness wore off, the doubts started creeping in, and I found myself questioning whether I had made a mistake by remarrying John in the first place. This isn’t unusual, as a matter of fact, you should probably go back into marriage expecting it to be painful and hard. If you are committed to doing everything in your power to create a healthy marriage why would you even try again?
So ask yourself, how committed am I?John and I have had some of the most amazing times together where we knew that the best thing that could have happened to us was to get divorced. Heck no, but I believe we are both more committed to making this work than we ever were before. The program is called Marriage Fitness, and it covers so many issues you will face when you return to your ex-spouse.
You will learn how to deal with all of the issues you never learned to deal with when you got married the first time.One of my favorite parts of Phase 1 is when Mort Fertel is answering a question about knowing if you married the right person. When I was falling in love with my husband I was willing to be the girlfriend he needed me to be and it was easy to love him.
The things he did that made me laugh and fall in love with him in the first place soon became the things I hated about him.
I believe that the lessons you will cover in Marriage Fitness will be very beneficial to you and your ex-spouse if you put the time in. You’ll learn to neutralize your problems and put into practice a system of relationship habits that will shift the momentum of your marriage. And the best news is—you don’t have to dig into your past, dredge up your problems, or practice communication techniques. That’s how much hope this program gives me that my husband and I can build more than a healthy marriage, but an amazing marriage!After doing some of the lessons together, I have learned more about my husband than I ever thought I would.

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