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Many people have no idea of who they want to be when they grow up, or have too many ideas and interests that beckon them like sirens and thus have a hard time choosing between the plethora of opportunities available to them. Wishing you could find the ONE overriding passion in your life that would help you decide what to do with the rest of your days. Finding ways to take all your passions, one at a time or a few together, and create the life you want. For most polymaths (scanners, sparklers, renaissance people), picking and choosing one thing to do is like drinking slow poison.
Leonardo da Vinci. While he gained fame for his paintings, he had talents and successes in many other fields. If he didn’t restrict himself to just being a painter and lived such a rich, varied life, what makes you think you can’t? I still have the fears, self-doubts, and limitations — but I’m going for it AND SUCCEEDING anyway! Hey Rachel, not sure who that image belongs to originally – I simply credited the site where I found it by linking the picture to it so just click on the link to visit that site.
Thank you so much for this blog I all ways thought that there was something wrong with me, cause I had so many passion and interests in my life. I started walking on the treadmill a little everyday and walking up and down the hallway to get back in shape slowly and it was slow and steady for sure, but I was doing well. In the 2nd week, with all the tubes out and slowly exercising each day, they found I had an infection in my incision.

On October 21, 2012 I received a double lung transplant in Montreal after four years of being on supplemental oxygen and being on the transplant waiting list for 22 months.
And you’ll be happy, successful, inspired, alive and awesometastical when you figure out how to do that . You are a multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-potentialed, multi-passionate person with a zillion interests and passions and the world truly is your oyster. Italian Renaissance man, polymath, painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, engineer, inventor, mathematician, geologist, botanist, writer (amongst a few more!), Da Vinci was gifted and BORN to do a zillion things. People might have told you that the only way was theirs, but as you can see, you truly can own your passions and live life YOUR way. 3 Myths That Get In The Way of Business Success.Choices by Revlon: The Dream That Came True UnconventionallyLooking for more? There was actually a hole in the incision where they had to pack it everyday and irrigate it. I still say it's a miracle and am trying to repay that miraculous gift everyday by paying it forward and telling my story to help other people waiting for organ transplants. I’ve since completed a couple feature-length screenplays, several shorts, had one of my scripts performed live at the community theatre, sold short stories online, opened up my own online business, started selling my own ebooks directly (including for the Kindle and Nook), and am now talking with voice actors about upcoming audio drama productions.
The more pitches you hit, the more small wins and successes start showing up, the more you get enthused, the more you try and momentum gets built up. Your story is hugely inspiring, you’re en feugo my friend and it’s fantastic to watch!

Our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of doing what they wanted, it was all about survival.
LOL It was funny, the nurse I had for this didn’t speak a word of English,  however we managed.
I was all ways compare to my siblings why are you not like them I knew that I was different from anyone, and I didn’t know if there was anyone like me out their.
Whatever you do, you’ll follow the call of your heart, being true to yourself, authentic all the way. Am so glad that am not a lone in this world that you can do many things in life and not feel like there is something wrong with you. MultiPassionate Cap'n of this Ship featuring inspiration & advice to grow your courage + confidence so you can sparkle from the inside out & live the life you want - not the life you "SHOULD". She even got my sister helping her irrigating my incision.  Heck, I translated and told my sister what to do and even, to go into the nurses pocket and pick out a syringe with saline solution.
Love that this movement is growing, of peeps following their North Stars and living the lives they want, not the lives they think the should.

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